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  1. Yes, and IF it follows suit of most resent release times/dates it will be around 1-1:30am Eastern Time.
  2. Yeah I remember last June first major CV Testing Site in Mid-Michigan was using Retired Medical field and Dental Asst's but also 1st yr Medical Students from Colleges. Same place been doing Drive Threw Vaccines since XMAS inside a now closed 8 bay old Sears Auto. And now CV testing highest ever been in MI Friday they moved Vaccines inside the old Sears Building leaving the 8 Bay 2-3 Cars in each for Testing only. Busy Busy
  3. Other then am I Breast Feeding, Pregnant, Smoker and age nope and putting name on lists(in Dec/Jan) not much else, 3 County Health Offices in 3 different Counties, Hospitals, local pharmacies, one regional Grocery. Did get both shots same place. ID is funny thing, my DL Enhanced, they allowed me in Feb renew it online and without new Picture due to Covid. Guess will use same from 4yrs ago. Waiting on it & probably arrived in MI(I'm in AZ), going back June 1. Twice had Truck Tabs sent here by MI Secretary of State Office and were lost. So I have a Temp DL w/o picture I printed online, just
  4. Where I'm was the County was doing first, I went to Pharmacy. Sure they have my info, but besides Vaccine Name/Date for me all they have is Age/Name/Address I gave them.
  5. Yeah as said before my Vaccine Card didnt even have any my name/Info on it, just Vaccine Name and date of. Others on here said same. Sure I'm not only one, think Homeless and uninsured or those without a Primary Dr. I had now 15 different places call me get shot, was on 16 lists. I picked first place/date
  6. I remember seeing one these smaller States in News saying they are up 300%, when one week cases showing actual cases were 10 and next week 30. 300% is more sensational
  7. Sure. Repeat, not complaining, just stating Fact no Record like everything else been sent to my Dr's or threw my Insurance. They only have my name at place got Vaccine, never been there before, even have one address I stayed at, not even one I'm living now. Any time I've had Flu shot in one of half Dozen States info was sent to my Dr Office and shows on my Insurance, both in a different State. Covid Shots did not
  8. Only place has my name, name of Vaccine and dates of Shots is place gave them. They didnt ask SS#, Dr or Insurance Plan. Just checked again, no records of Vaccine on my Insurance Plan and none on my Primary Care Records.
  9. That the times now? Was Midnight for Free 20 years ago. But not surprised back then second seating Main Show didnt start until 10:30pm. Everything is so early on Royal now, some sailings Main Dining Room opens at 5 or 530pm and Second Seating goes to show before Dinner now
  10. You were Lucky. Rarely I didnt have issues, ship or shore Hotels where I'd spend many as 10+ months a year in. If not loud people slamming doors which is amplified by conx door, then the smoke I had blowing under the door into my room when they smoked on Balcony with the Balcony Door open. They paid for it, second call they were Fined for Smoking.
  11. Not counting the possible over 100% more that had Covid, didnt know had it and no Long Hauler
  12. Yes, on Deck Seven they are on inside of Fire Doors with Crew Stairs. My guess is at one time these might not have been Passenger Cabins but Crew/Entertainment might have used them. Noise, might be some but with Doors open all the time not as bad as on Aft end near Crew Stairs. . Me, rather do Deck up given the choice. But I travel alone, dont worry about extra space
  13. On Normal years multiple sailings/Ships released after the Official Schedule is complete. Multiple years I've Booked late May and into June on a Late release. This year, Covid, who knows when all will be done and where.
  14. Not sure they've said yet. Some they just cancel and on your own Booking new Cruise getting nothing. Others get some sort $$$ Benefit, partial rate freeze or FCC to transfer.
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