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  1. Agree, on many the other longer Radiance sailings Discounts also not showing
  2. Saw that on another thread posted earlier. Happen's. They did same with Brilliance/Independence 2 months ago. My 4th major change in 5yrs by Royal, half time no extra $$$ offered.
  3. Or another ship doing a nice Cruise around the South America route...
  4. Yup. Dozen Royal Refunds/FCC this Summer and all Refunds in less then 3 weeks. Most recent 3 couple weeks ago received in 10days...
  5. Haven't used TA in 30yrs. Used Royal Vacation Planned for 5yrs, all had do was email but he's not there anymore. So take care of Calls myself...
  6. Not me, check all the time. Had one received 8 reductions by time I sailed... Just this yr alone amount reduction received paid for 3 of my 9 Booked Cruises
  7. Problem is only some Sun goes threw the material. Still end up with Tan Lines...
  8. Yes, included with turn down service! Fresh Fruit all day even in cheapest/smallest Cabin. Not to mention 5 Course Meal, Midnite Buffet and Tea Time every day!
  9. Lowering overall Cruises has been going on since 1980-90's. Back then Room Attendant have 6-8 Cabins, work 16+ hrs a day and clean my room every time I left it. Use be Headliners were well known Entertainers, The Spinner's, Four Top's even had Monkees(-Davy) on one. One improvement WindJammer last 2 yrs Food and Choice is best it's been in 20 yrs...
  10. No problems here, search site every couple hrs 3-4 times a day. Been on there 3 times today
  11. Thought was waiting on just one of 10 refunds from Royal as didnt see in statement activity but amount was removed from ongoing Balance. Can see how some miss it. Use different 2 cards now, now always shows in activity and also receive text message anytime amounts go up/down
  12. Yeah, always back in odd Numbers from Royal, always broke up in multiple payments
  13. Agree. Fly 20+ times a yr with 8-10 times on Allegiant. Though were late only stating requiring Masks in mid July right from the start they haven't filled planes. Last 3 Flights in my usual Exit Window seat next rest was blocked with nobody else in my row. Except one time on a new Plane first day flying Passengers I've never seen them Clean as now
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