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  1. My three Nov 2020 Cruises from March-Memorial Day had been running at $39 a day. Soda was going at $7.50 which in 2021 goes up to $13.50! ...Luck
  2. Just did quick check price Ovation Sep 3 2021 and my Taxes would be $225.03
  3. Actually when I started Cruising Royal Wind Jammer had Food already on plates to PU, which is what do during outbreaks. Cafeteria Style Then during Waiters/Menus were used during Dinner Time, even had table clothes and candles then. Any more limited then that, Ships wont be Cruising. Many Rest around the Country that have recently opened are using Menus that are paper and disposable
  4. Not going happen. At min change be Servers putting food on your plate, at most Waiters at Tables with menus. Wind Jammer isnt going anywhere and any changes are temporary
  5. Did that and done now. Vision Class with open glass/Sea Views. Radiance Class was designed using some the best of Voyager and Vision(Glass). Many areas to sit with Sea Views on Radiance Class. Years later they put Cabins in some these areas on Vision. Actually good mix for now with Ship Classes, some having Centrum, some having those "Shopping Malls" and others for now with Sea Views. Choice... Radiance is my Favorite and only Class been on for yrs. In past all Cruise Ships looked alike, more differences over last 20yrs. But don't think you will get what you're talking about. Now, with economy and CV, what we have is going be it for yrs
  6. Agree. 10 Calls last 6 weeks. Longest took was 2 min PU, longest took was 15min and off. But this week can see why longer wait for some during peek times. Royal extending to Aug and now Canada announcing threw Oct... I almost always call after 5pm EST
  7. Agree, most time I call its after 5pm EST. Minutes of wait for PU. Longest Call of 10 last 2 months was 15min until was done Booking/Rebooking or getting reduction in price
  8. Old days Feb was one of the Cheapest months to Cruise, went 7 out of 8 yrs 1996-2003 for that reason. Plus got the extra Fed Holiday day off and my kids had Mid-Winter Break off school same week. Jewel and Brilliance has/had some really inexpensive Cruises Fall20-Fall21 though lot them have gone up last 3 weeks. Ended up with over $4000 in reductions last 2 months on Brilliance, Jewel, and 2 Vision Bookings for sailings Nov2020-Nov2021, Some the savings was Military/Veteran Discounts on multiple dates
  9. Great reports so far on development of Vaccine, but possible will never be one or an effective one. If so hope CV burns itself out like other similar outbreaks have last 2 Decades or even 1918 Flu. Either way see at least limited Cruises resuming, even without Vaccine... Cruise to nowhere might be worse as the thousands are more confined in same area
  10. Some going threw Summer 2021, starting go up as many switching to next yr
  11. Agree. Wasn't Private enough for me. Pictures above show what it's really like
  12. Still 6-10months before dates are released, doubt option will be available by then. I'd bet by next Spring there will be stops there...
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