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  1. Do you actually have to be off the ship by 9 AM? Vacating your cabin early helps your cabin steward, who has a lot of work to do that day, but I've seen airport transfers for late flights scheduled as late as 1.30 PM. I've seen 1 hour lines for Schengen exit at LIS, so that doesn't seem exceptionally early.
  2. Depends which terminal you'll be using and how many ships are there. It's entirely possible that the Port Authority is forecasting some chaotic conditions earlier in the day. The satellite terminals aren't very comfortable and traffic can be slow.If you have a later sailing it's worth considering a later arrival.
  3. barcelonacruiseterminal.com/schedule (A thank you to eugeniod1995.) Lots of information on the Spain Ports board, alserrod has been very helpful.
  4. If I recall correctly, even 6 years ago, it was close to $200. In all the time I've been travelling to FLL, I can't recall a $50 hotel room anywhere close to the airport except long-stay.
  5. fgbd said it only cost $50 for a room. When I costed it out, it was going to come to more like $300 (I was arriving several days early, so my situation wasn't exactly identical). Can somebody tell me where these $50 rooms are available?
  6. To explain the problem a bit further, assuming slow waltz, complete beginner, just enough to get around a Cunard dance floor: Box step and Progressive Closed Changes, (variation on the box step), are all you really need. I can show you how to move your feet in 1/2 hour. Add an amalgamation called “Basic 18” (variations on Closed Changes), and you have all a beginner can really use. The Basic 18 is also Type C Left and Right turns from American style, so it's valid for both International and American. Maybe a couple of hours, just to move your feet. BUT- you're dancing with a partner, to music. That makes it between one and two orders of magnitude more complex. I searched for basic waltz videos, everything I found had serious deficiencies at some point. Distance learning doesn't work until you know what to look for in the video. The two teacher organisations I'm familiar with are AIDA and Dance Vision, DVIDA. USA Dance chapters have social dances, but I'm only familiar with Florida, Tampa Bay area.
  7. Was on Sky Princess in February. Unhosted meeting scheduled every evening at 6.30 PM in one of the bars, which of course conflicted with early dinner. I missed the first, the second, I was on time, no one there, so I sat down with my e-reader. After a while, I noticed 6-8 old people sitting complaining how sick they were. Not worried, I expect to see others at the activities which interest me. But there were very few activities much better than sitting at home watching television. I won't be going back.
  8. Several of us have had Red Sea transit cruises cancelled, I presume the insurance companies have such high rates the ships are going to deadhead back. A number of us are curious about Africa and rerouting via Cape of Good Hope. The original cruise was 21 days Dubai-Genoa. Would it be feasible, something like 28 days Dubai to the Canaries, with a few port stops, maybe along the east coast, Capetown, Cape Verde? How would the cost structure compare? Do megaships have problems with sea-keeping because they are so high? Do LNG ships have the range for this?
  9. I was told by a travel agent a few months ago that Cunard said they were going to put two of something like dance hosts or a professional couple on board QM2. The details were a little bit questionable, I'm not sure what the reality will be. Unfortunately, I must agree with D&N. I've never seen anyone use the dance lessons in the evening unless they already knew the figures. But if you ask experienced dancers a simple question like "Can you help me find the right beat to start on?" you will find many of us quite helpful. Good point from Bell Boy about shoes.
  10. Just tried to book the return in March 2025; All the cabins showing as sold out, which sounds like they haven't cancelled but are planning to deadhead back. I'll take another look in October. I'd be interested in a reroute around the Cape of Good Hope if they offered it at a reasonable price.
  11. I can't out-think the algorithm but maybe I can out-think other people. I looked at a flight to DXB as soon as it opened, it was the same price I paid last year, I booked. I figure the algorithm knows people look but don't book, so it offers some cheap seats now to bring people back later. That does rely on having experience with that exact flight.
  12. Just got off Sky Princess. Unsatisfactory, not recommended.
  13. Just got off Sky Princess. Unhosted meeting posted every day for 6.30 PM. Missed the first one, the second was a bunch of old people sitting around complaining how sick they were. Not interested in meeting them. I always assume people I'm interested in meeting will be going to the same activities as me. I also liked the WFM. I do not use alcohol so I'm not interested in bar service, but I was usually able to order a cappuchino quickly.
  14. I can't recall ever seeing the term before. I'm assuming somebody used AI to do a machine translation.
  15. I've been on Holland America and the old Crystal. HAL I rate as a floating mausoleum compared to Costa. Crystal I remember thinking at 11 PM one night "Could I literally hear a pin drop?" If you like those ships, you probably won't like Costa. Cunard, maybe. Hard to predict the future, everybody is cutting back. My last trip on Costa there were cutbacks in entertainment, which is what I choose Costa for, although it was still far superior to HAL or Crystal. My next cruise was a re-positioing through the Red Sea, just got cancelled, so I won't have reccent experience.
  16. Scroll wheel, got it. Got review down to 150 words, had to leave out a lot of detail (especially to justify "poor" ratings), tips, and things I'd tell friends. But it stays highlighted as "Field Required", won't let me submit.
  17. Trying to write a review for Sky Princess using Firefox. No scroll bar on the Select Cruiseline, can't get past "A". With Edge, now can select ship, but 150 word limit on text. Any workarounds?
  18. Its MSP. Details matter when you' book on your own. Otherwise I agree. I found TAP to be quite acceptable, although ORD has been a nightmare for Intl Arrivals, DUB I believe has Pre-Clearamce.
  19. Is there some reason the entire party has to travel together? Are there adults who can look after themselves?
  20. Several years ago I saw some management bios that seemed to emphasise drink-til-you-drop bar experience. I have no idea what turnover has been since, but the philosophy doesn't seem to have changed. I see this thread is up to 5.6k views. Although I suspect that dancers of all kinds, don't add a whole lot of dollars to the bottom line.
  21. Most have been OK. Last trip YYZ-CDG, one hour delay, and I know some people (transit to ZAG) were on tight connections. Passport Control looked to be at least a one-hour line for all passports. US/Can are now being sent to automated gates. Except only one gate was working, and it was so finicky that an airport employee was posted there to actually handle the passports. Only about 40 people, and it still took over 1/2 hour. If this is how ETIAS/EES is going to work, it's going to be a shambles.
  22. On the Cunard board, Sdancer has posted that after getting information from experienced dancers, she has cancelled her 2024 bookings on Cunard.
  23. I describe myself as bronze in Standard, silver in Latin, ISTD syllabus. I use DVIDA for Rhythm, there is considerable overlap. I don't do Smooth for a number of reasons, especially floorcraft on a crowded floor (which Cunard can be). As a general rule, the more expensive the ship, the bigger the disappointment. Several ships have decent facilities but little interest from passengers, so not much is scheduled.. Organising your own group can get tricky, especially booking a room with an adequate floor. The ship can also get picky over music licensing issues.
  24. An even bigger laugh- Embassies are to governments, you're going to Mexico City, CDMX. Consular sections/consulates handle emergency travel documents and repatriation of remains. Good luck finding their service hours and getting an appointment this week- best be very, very polite to the port agent.
  25. Cunard would certainly be a better choice than a fully American cruise line. (It's disputed how authentically British Cunard is.) But for a dance cruise, don't get your hopes up. The Orchestras are mediocre at best, with a limited playlist (a lot of Quickstep). If you're used to an American dance studio, the floors are not large at all, Cunard stopped advertising that a decade ago. Strict tempo is a toss-up, sometimes not much scheduled and conflicting with meals. A few months ago somebody posted a picture of dancing on board. One couple seemed to be doing Argentine Tango- I've never heard AT on Cunard. The rest looked to be just stumbling around and drunken flailing. Pretty pathetic. Cunard's newest ship Queen Anne is still months away from sailing, but the speculation about dancing isn't hopeful.
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