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  1. Thank you! I subscribed but never did get an email. So I got the points via your link. Hopefully they see I'm participating and will send me the next one!
  2. SHIP NAME Reflection CABIN # 2128 DECK # (3-14) 12 CATEGORY: 7-12, 1A-1C, 2A-2D, A1-A2, C1-C3, CS, FV, PS, RF, RS, S1-S2, SG, SV S1 LOCATION ON SHIP: Port (left), Starboard (right), Bow (front), Stern (back) or Inside and Forward, Midship (between the forward and aft elevators), or Aft (For example: Port-Midship, Bow-Forward or Inside-Aft)
  3. Hi, We are going to Puerto Limon Costa Rica next month on the Celebrity Reflection. We are thinking of a private tour for 2 with a company I found on Trip Advisor Called Gecko Tico Tours. Just did a search here on CC and didnt see anything for this well established company. I am wondering if anyone has used them before in Costa Rica? We are going to do the Sloth Sanctuary and Puma Rescue, for about a 7 hour tour. Wondering if anyone has some feedback on this tour? Thank you!
  4. How was the cabin? We are staying in this cabin in June. How was the noise? Soot? Anything else I should know?
  5. We had 2196 on the Reflection in July. THE. WORST. NOISE. EVER. Highly advise not to book this suite, or even the one next to it, or in the same spot on the other side... We bring a sound machine, and still it was awful...
  6. Oh my gosh, I have no children, Im 52, LOVE turtles, and thought this was by far one of the coolest things we've ever done!. You get to hold as many turtles as you want... honestly. I sat in a pool full of them by myself, could pick them up and play with them. Then you can snorkel with them in a man made giant pool sort of thing, it was amazing. I had the time of my life. There was also a waterpark, my husband went there, but I couldnt drag myself from the turtles. I guess if you didnt love turtles it could be a tourist trap, but I enjoyed the heck out of it last Feb!
  7. We are actually going in May. Wondering if you can see northern lights then?
  8. I think pretty much all have a first night discount. You can check your cruise planner and even buy one now.
  9. I am a TA, and you cannot transfer at 90 days. No agent can. So if one tells you they can, then they are either not telling the truth, or they've found someone at Celebrity that is breaking the rules.
  10. I booked a guarantee suite and same day got my cabin number. The next time I booked one (last week) I called, got the guarantee then I kept logging into Celebrity to look at my account, and about 6 hours later I had the room on my Xpress pass. I to this minute havent been told by Celebrity what my cabin number is. So keep checking on your online account, where you do your online check in. If it still says something like "reprint GTY" then you dont have a cabin assigned yet.
  11. We stayed in 2196 last cruise, it was the best cabin ever, but the worst noise I've ever had. I'd never stay in it again. This cruise in Feb we're in 2182, farther away from under the cafe. If I were you, I'd try and go more forward and that should be less noisy.
  12. With all the $25 deposits, its likely sold out. They wont post it on the site if there are only just 1 or 2 cabins left. It can come and go from the site, sometimes even all in the same day! Give it time for folks to cancel, and it will be back. They will let you know if its been chartered, or your Travel agent.
  13. Agree with Alister 1000%. He'll customize a tour just for you like he did for us in July. It was fantastic.
  14. We are just back from Belfast 2 weeks ago. Had a private tour for 4, and it was FANTASTIC! I cant recommend it enough. We picked what we wanted to do, and Alister told us what was feasible or not. Here is the link, ask for Alister and tell him Tammy sent you. https://www.cityandcauseway.com/
  15. SHIP: Reflection CABIN #: Accessible 2196 DECK #: 12 CLASS: Sky Suite AREA: Right side (starboard I think thats it) BED NEAR: NA QUIET?: NOT EVEN FOR ONE SECOND! BALCONY VIEW: Unobstructed BALCONY SIZE: HUGE, at least 3 regular size ones together, with a ramp WIND A PROBLEM?: No SOOT A PROBLEM?: NO PROBLEMS/COMMENTS: This suite was huge, which was great. However, it was directly below ocean view cafe. In a spot where there is a lip on the floor, in between an in and an out crew to kitchen doors. There was NON stop noise 24/7. We always
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