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  1. 3 hours ago, kilotango said:

    Hi Wesport,


    every once in while you have to take a risk!

    The Veranda cabins of Odyssee, Sojourn and Quest on deck 5, 6, 7 and 8 are all practically the same size with the exception  of a few. See deckplans. On Legend and Ovation there are a few slightly smaller cabins up front.

    The price differences depend on the location and deck. But I don't think it  makes a lot of difference.


    We  cruised with Seabourn the first time in 2011 on deck 6, a very good location for a great sun deck up front . We loved it!

    In 2012 we booked our second cruise (deck 6) without stating if we would accept an upgrade.

    Soon we got a confirmation that we had been upgrated to a Penthouse Suite! What a Wonderful surprise.

    The day  before boarding we were informed that our cabin had been changed again, we felt quite disapointed.

    When we checked in it turned out that we had been changed to… (believe it or not) the Wintergarden Suite!!

    Look it up on the deck plan, then you will know what I am talking about.

    Needless to tell you more details.  What an experience! 

    Since then  we were cruising with Seabourn 12 times, including the greatest experience: Antarctica on Quest on her

    inaugural Antarctica cruise.

    Although we were hooked on Seabourn from the beginning,  this upgrade payed off for Seabourn obviously  too.

    I wish you a great cruise in every respect, be it on a upgrade cabin or not!!!














    I have a V4 for my Cuba cruise on 11/28.  Just checked with my travel agent, and changed it to accept a comp upgrade.  No chance of getting the funky balcony attached the the GR winter garden suite, as those are v4.   All v 5 and 6 are similar. Who knows. I was told you don't have a choice if they move you. 

  2. 1 minute ago, Wendy The Wanderer said:


    You mean an option that you click while booking online?  I booked with a TA, and as I said, no sign of this option anywhere on my invoice.  Our cabin was very nice, and nicely situated, and now I remember, definitely on deck 7, so easy access to Seabourn Square.

    I believe it's done by the TA or the individual on the seabourn site, whoever is booking. 

  3. 1 minute ago, Wendy The Wanderer said:

    Interesting.  We were moved last fall on Quest, from the V1 suite on 5 to a similar balcony suite a couple of decks up (probably 7 but perhaps 6.)  We in no way knew about this before we boarded, and I was somewhat disconcerted that they would do that without telling us. Even the check-in personnel were a bit perplexed.  No evidence of anything related to an upgrade, accepted or declined, on my invoice.


    Do they do this very often?

    During the reservation process, there is a button that gets clicked whether you want a complimentary upgrade or not. I noticed on the Quest, some higher balconies are smaller in square footage, and some have odd shaped balconies. Chances are you won't get those, but you never know. I figure I am on the side of the ship I want. If this particular cruise gets reduced, I can try and get a higher floor prior to final payment on the starboard side. I know HAL and Seabourn do this. 

  4. I just booked the 14 day 5/5/20 on the Quest. As it is one year out, I booked the V1 closest the middle of the ship to get the lowest price.  On my invoice, is states complimentary upgrade declined, which is fine. As I look around the ship, there are higher V categories with odd configurations that one might be put in. Being in the Med, Seabourn cruises are pretty full. Any thoughts. 

  5. From experience, if you see and exc tour that you really like, I would book it. You will get your whatever you spent as credit to your on board spend days. If there is one that your are not that passionate about, you could wait till you book on

    board. HAL also will have caution tags on certain tours. Limited capacity. 5 spaces left. etc. I had one that I waited too long for, and was waitlisted, and never got on. Its a personal decision. 

  6. On the koningsdam now. No singers and dancers . Now standard magicians, comedians, jugglers , and impressionistcs are the norm. Two shows are a little better. One step d@nce, and post modern jukebox. Saw the d@nce show last night. It was good, but music is piped in and paired with 6 dancers and a lighting show. Post modern jukebox was good, but not as good as the production shows. 

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