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  1. At a casino on the win they only pay you the win amount and take your free chip amount. Carnival lets you keep betting the fun play chip until you lose. I use mine at black jack as well.
  2. We had 10 -12 on our last cruise. I went down to the MDR at brunch and requested a table. They gave me a specific time to come eat and our table would be ready. We didn't have to reserve in the app. We did this on 2 of the nights.
  3. @Saint Greg Are you leaving work early today? Is it about an 8 hour drive?
  4. Love the Spirt class ships. Been on the Miracle 3 times. We are booked on the Spirit Alaska Cruise next year in May. Your website is real helpful.
  5. Can you get Joey or Chandler to pee on it?
  6. for some reason I didn't think he would. My DW would love it. I wouldn't.
  7. @MeganGC1983 Did Mr. Megan do the mud bath?
  8. @MeganGC1983 did you know ahead of time that Sir Richard was going to be on the ship, or was it just pure luck?
  9. funny you say that. On our Hawaii cruise last year, on one of the nights heading back to Long Beach about 5 am the ship we came flying up off our bed about a foot. First time I ever experienced an up and down movement like that. I jokingly said to my wife we hit a whale. We were on the Miracle.
  10. My experience was we had to wait until the casino opened for drinks everywhere to work the first day out of Galveston.
  11. Did you have any issues with people trying to sit in your loungers?
  12. I have found it is faster to just take a taxi out of long beach, because the Uber and Lyft times are so long. The price of the taxi is about the same as taking an Uber to the long beach airport. Thanks for the great review and pictures.
  13. I was blocked after the second time. I added money at the slot machine didn't spin the machine and added to my player bank and then got chips at the tables. After the second time my card was blocked and casino host scolded me.
  14. I would purchase a novella if you wrote one. I love your writing style.
  15. We have a safari drive through close to our house where you can feed the Giraffes. Our 2 1/2 year old grand daughter acted the same way as Ian. She just threw the carrots. Wouldn't get close. I love your review. Thank you
  16. Carnival has dogs you have to walk past when boarding the ships. I am not sure if dogs can smell edibles especially if you pack them with other vitamin gummies. I wouldn't put them in your carry on bag, like the lady that was banned did. Something set off the xray and when they searched her bag they found the CBD gummies. My thoughts are she went crazy and was belligerent to security, is why she received the life time ban.
  17. 15 limit for all passengers cheers or no cheers. sometimes they will allow you to go over if you are buying a round for friends. 5 minute wait between drinks on cheers.
  18. Thank you @sid_9169 for another great Live. I look forward to reading your books. Put me on the preorder list.
  19. Thank you @MeganGC1983 for another great review. Hopefully Mr Megan is now a fan of Liquid IV.
  20. @deladane My granddaughter is 2 1/2 so I understand your frustration with pictures.
  21. Has the Havana area been crowded? I am hesitant to book Havana on an Excel ship because it is on the side and small. We love Havana on Vista ships.
  22. Thanks for all the pictures of San Juan and St Thomas. We are doing this same itinerary plus St. Maarten in August on the Magic.
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