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  1. I was on the Sunrise, 9/12-16. For the 3 nights we ate in dinning room, wait was no longer than 10 minutes. Enjoy! we usually ate between 730-8pm. We used the app as well.
  2. Great review Sid! you have made be excited for my cruise next month on the Horizon and I sailed on her already, lol! Your pictures were awesome as well! Have a great time on your next cruise!
  3. So happy I found your review! I always love reading them. I have a lot of catching up to do but I did want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! hope you enjoyed yourself!!
  4. Hi - I was on the cruise 9/12-16th as well. Funny enough I was actually booked on the 9/16-22 but switched it a couple of months ago to accommodate my aunt who was traveling with us. The cruise was an 80th BD present for my mom, so I am glad we were actually able to go to Bermuda instead of getting a free cruise. Anyway to answer your question, I asked about the $70 or so credit. I was told that the port taxes were much less than anticipated, so it was a refund. I actually was pretty impressed with Carnival refunding us, they could have kept it and we wouldn't have known any different. Did it take you a long time to get off the ship? it took us an hour to get into the building, it was ridiculous. They kept on saying it was customs, but there was no line in customs and they had 6 agents working.
  5. I truly don't understand this, his beef should be with the airline who did nothing wrong and is honoring their agreement but not with NCL who cancelled the cruise, is not honoring their agreement and did not offer a refund? I mean that makes no sense whatsoever.
  6. HI Graphicguy- sorry about the cruise not working out but I think you got wrong info. Amex still has the Cruise program. I am going on a cruise this weekend and have it, also have it for my November cruise I just booked so that is strange. I book my travel thru an amex office and sometimes they offer bonus points when I book as well, so maybe that is what they are talking about? Right now If I book HAL, Cunard, Princess or Seabourn I would get 5 times the points. I would double check as that is a great benefit. Have a great cruise no matter what you book! Edit to add. You know what it might, Last time I used my platinum card to pay off my cruise, instead of receiving $100 credit to my card as I have received in the past, I got bonus membership rewards points. Maybe that is what she is confusing.
  7. It's truly sad that NCL employees or any employees are put in these type of situations, having to defend the actions of their company to upset customers. That looked pretty scary.
  8. oh maybe you can't see the numbers, I am a little blind lol and didn't really look that hard. Better to be safe than sorry.
  9. Hi- Really enjoying your review and can't wait to see what happens next-lol. I do want to say a couple pages back a wallet with a Citibank credit card is on the table, you can see some of the numbers. I think you should remove that for your security, just in case. I just had my info stolen and it is a pain in the butt. Carry on!
  10. Congrats ! Great deal. I have an Ultra cruise in November that I am looking forward to on the Horizon, hope to get Elite offers after that. Going on a bounce bank offer next week to Bermuda on the Sunrise that I got from my premier last year. I have been very happy with the casino offers I have received the last couple of years. Hope you have a great cruise. And btw- I have received VIFP days for all the cruises I have taken, even if I didn't upgrade. The only cruise I have never received credit for was for a 7 night on the glory a couple of years ago- I was at a charity event and bid on it. funny thing is I paid more for the bid then I would have if I used a casino rate. lol
  11. NCL did put people in harms way but telling them the 9/1 cruise was a go and for them to go to Miami, knowing they did not have authorization to leave the next day. They were hoping they would get it, they did not. They then told their guests to wait it out in the hurricane in Miami until 9/4 when the cruise will now leave. I think that's putting people in unnecessary danger, if you don't I don't know what to say. To blame the TA community as a whole for 1 or 2 people on here who commented about their agents is laughable IMO, especially since most that posted said they heard from their TA. My TA is open 6 days a week and has 24 hour service, I am sure they would send me the information IF they receive it from the cruise line. They can't send what they don't have. My agent has always told me to check with the airline, cruise lines, website for the most updated info, well according to those that have posted, NCL website was not updated. I get it you don't like TA's, that's fine but to blame them instead of NCL, the people who are making the decisions and are responsible for getting the information out to their guests just doesn't make sense to me. Saying they get paid (10-15%, maybe) and they should do their job but excuse NCL for not doing their job? again makes no sense to me. I work in customer service, I am a very right is right and wrong is wrong type of person. I think NCL handled this situation horribly. Obviously you disagree and that's fine. I wish you the best on your future cruises.
  12. I think so, NCL told thousands of people to get into Miami on or before September 1st so the cruise could board between 9 and 11 and leave right after, Knowing they had no authority to leave at that time. NCL was not cancelling the cruise. They were gambling they would get the authority and they didn't. So yes, there are people stuck in Miami right now unable to get out of the way of a hurricane. Then NCL for a brief time told passengers to stay in Miami until 9/4 to get on the cruise?? And I will add 1 more thing, insurance companies and NCL will pay reasonable expenses. For air changes maybe $200-$300, well what about the people who spent hundreds more changing their tickets every time NCL came up with a new plan? They will be out of pocket and that's not fair.
  13. So, NCL execs are not at fault for their decisions, putting guests in harms way and lack of communication. Port of Miami is at fault. Travel Agents are at fault for not keeping their clients updated even when there was no information coming from NCL? Captain and crew should be applauded. (although IMO NCL puts their crew in a horrible situation with lack of information to answer guests question and they receive the blunt of the guest's anger) Dorian is at fault (I agree with that one) Those that didn't purchase travel insurance are at fault even though most policies don't kick in unless a cruise is cancelled. Those that cruise at this time is at fault and this one always cracks me up- the Cruise lines offer cruises at this time, knowing there can be a hurricane, but they are not at fault, just the people cruising- lol- and this is All cruise lines not just NCL. I see a pattern, everyone is at fault but NCL. Most other lines made quick, tough decisions for the safety of their guests and crews. I don't think NCL did that. I agree with Graphicguy, NCL made decisions based on generating the most revenue possible. They gambled and lost. It was a business decision pure and simple and without their guests best interest in mind, what NCL doesn't seem to get without their guests they will have no business.
  14. .I think you should be able to eat at the bar, I believe I did it on the Breeze. My friend had a little too much to drink on the day we were going to the steakhouse. I went to her cabin, no answer then figured she went to the Steakhouse but she wasn't there either, tried calling and no answer. So I told the hostess and asked if I could eat at the bar instead and was told no problem- Enjoy your cruise!
  15. I understand that, I always book with a Travel Agency so I don't have to worry about any of this, 1 call to my agent and I am done, they will take care of everything.
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