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  1. I do not know about every cruise line however RC and Carnival are giving refunds if requested by the guest, for a cruise where they took the future cruise credit for the 1st cancelled cruise and the re-booked cruise was cancelled as well. So the refund going back to the original form of payment in this case doesn't seem to be true. I am curious when NCL added that policy. It was not there in the 1st couple rounds of cancellations. And really don't blame them, i mean who could have thought this could happen but to me , If the OP booked when it wasn't a "policy" NCL should honor that.
  2. I don't think NCL or the other cruise lines will cancel unless they are told to. I think Princess cancelled in an abundance of caution because of the bad press they got in March/April. They will play a wait and see game, see what is working and what is not and go from there. If they started sailing with everyone else and there was an outbreak on 1 of their ships or was stuck at sea like they were in April with no place to embark passengers, it would probably be the end of them. My 2 cents.
  3. I had 2 cruises cancelled- The one cruise I received the refund for, my TA got an email with refund details that she forwarded it to me. Good luck!
  4. They can't change the terms of the FCC after you have agreed/accepted the original terms? I would ask NCL to show you in writing where it states you must purchase the insurance when you accepted the FCC. They can't force you to purchase insurance or any item unless it said in writing and you agreed to it when booked or before you pay for it in full? (only exception was years ago when all the cruise lines were charging additional for fuel however you knew before you might have to pay extra for fuel up to the time of sailing) If you are paid in full and have a confirmation to that fact, they can't say now, oh you need to take out insurance and pay additional? it doesn't work that way. Insurance is not mandatory to travel. It is a money grab, pure and simple. I wonder are they self insuring these bookings? I wonder will most people not know any better and purchase the insurance? Just when you think you have seen it all, along comes a ploy like this. Definitely unethical and I would say illegal as well.
  5. It's funny to me how some think it unethical or dishonest that cruisers file a dispute with their credit card company however find nothing wrong when NCL basically lies in their 70 plus page reply and states the cruiser "chose" the FCC, so no refund is due. I have seen the cancellation email, you can choose a refund or FCC. OP picked cash refund. NCL knows this when they answered the dispute? but that is not dishonest?
  6. I have a similar offer, it is the EA4 and was seriously considering it but I don't think i can take that long of a flight. I am a great cruiser but a bad flyer- lol. I would suggest pricing out a suite. It was only a little over $30 per person, per night more and I think it is a great deal. Not sure if you realized though, the OBC and fun play is in Australian dollars not US. Enjoy your cruise!!
  7. Unless the agent sets it up to automatically charge the card on the final payment date. My agent does that for me. T
  8. HI Gerig- it is not with the Delta platinum card, just the regular platinum card and I think one of the business platinum cards. Another benefit that I like that amex offers for RC is the Family plan (not sure of exact name) however you get a free meal at Johnny Rockets for 4 and children under 17 get the soda package free. I combined both the Cruise Privileges and Family plan when I booked with Amex. Great savings.
  9. The 14 quarantine for those traveling to Hawaii is set to expire on June 30. Obviously could be extended however that is the latest info.
  10. My favorite is the mushroom soup in the dinning room, although it has changed in the last year, I still love it. I look at the menus for the week when I get on board and plan my specialty dinning so i can have the soup! 🤷‍♀️
  11. Every day people and companies are put in difficult situations, most times thru no fault of their own. It is how you handle the situation that sets you apart from others. Lying to your employees? especially about life and death situations is never the answer. Putting a cost over the well being of an employee is never the answer as well. As for IF the employees will come back? many will because they have no other choice and it is what is best for them and their family doesn't mean if they come back that how they were treated during the last couple of months was OK.
  12. I am glad to see you seem to be working toward a resolution. I didn't realize the TA wasn't working on it for you and they absolutely should be. Bottom line though, NCL is keeping money that is not theirs to keep and should be giving it back so I hope you receive the refund soon. Take care.
  13. I have been on many cruises and have cancelled some cruises as well and I have never heard of where a cruise line will not refund your port taxes? Why would the ports bill NCL for ports they did not go to? Makes no sense. Can they show you in writing where they have this policy? As for the gratuity/service charge it states in their guest contract that you can adjust it at your discretion, if you had sailed you would be able to adjust, I would tell them you still want that option and adjust it to 0. Good luck- $700 is a lost to lose.
  14. I wouldn't buy cheers because I always get DOU. I do order water and diet coke to my cabin before the cruise. I am not much of a day drinker so it works out for me. My friend I travel with is a day drinker, having maybe 2-3 but she still doesn't buy cheers. As it costs less to pay for the drinks then buy cheers. And we usually have OBC to cover the drinks we have to purchase. We usually meet in the casino before dinner, order a drink, play a little and request a table for dinner (thru the app) so we do have a drink for dinner.
  15. I actually have been impressed with RC and how they have handled the refund. I had 2 cruises booked, 1 with RC and the other with another cruise line. They were both cancelled with a day of each other. I received the RC refund in a month and still waiting on the other. (I was told 90 days). I did get an email from RC stating they are sorry for the delay and my credit should appear within a week and it did. Which I appreciated and it was obviously much different email than the one the OP received. 🙄
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