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  1. I would email the players club with your booking info and ask them. Rules could have changed in the last year but one of you could have earned enough from your last cruise to start this cruise with DOU card. Sorry I don't remember what the amounts were but they could tell you. Have a great cruise!
  2. lol really? I will be on the inaugural. Not sure if that is good or bad but we shall see!
  3. I have cruised a lot with my sister and her 3 kids. We usually had 2 connecting cabins however there were times when all we could get was 1 cabin and it was TIGHT. The family Harbor did not exist when we traveled together however I would have done it in a heartbeat for convenience alone. Although I don't know what the breakfast actually is (continental or regular buffet items) to grab breakfast there especially on port days instead of the lido with 4000k plus other people would be worth it to me. Plus snacks and drinks throughout the day. Also depending on the kids eat free at most specialty r
  4. I don't know who has the most FCC's out there. I would guess that the big 3 mass market cruise lines, NCL, RC and Carnival would be around the same amount. However, I do know some cruise lines, when offering the FCC option, the FCC was given on the cruise fare. People were refunded port taxes, shore excursions, drink/dinning packages etc. When NCL offered the FCC option it was on the whole amount that was paid, they kept money that was not technically theirs to keep. So I would think NCL would have a higher dollar amount of FCC's. Totally my opinion.
  5. I think you should have received a refund back to the original form of payment. I don't believe it is part of your cruise fare and I am sure you had to pay in full when booked. I would ask your travel agent to speak to NCL on your behalf. Good Luck!
  6. i believe so far, it is only for Air Travel. Nothing on cruises that depart from and return to the US. Yet.
  7. Thank you. It is the failing to mention explicitly the strings attached I have a problem with. I am good, I did not have any cruises booked with NCL but with 2 other cruise lines and received a refund on both. I do also have an open ticket or credit for non refundable airline tickets If I do not use them after the year I have left, I will be able to apply for a refund so I thought it was a good example lol take care,
  8. I am not trying to argue about or with anyone, especially with someone I do not know. I was giving my opinion and trying to be helpful to someone who might lose a lot of money. That is all. I am not sure how we got to cancellation penalties when we were talking about refunds but I will take your word on what the cruise contract says. Take care,
  9. I think if you are going to fall back on the cruise contract, that refunds are to go back to the original form of payment, then the only option from the beginning should have been refunds. But we know that is not the case. So if the cruise line can change and offer 2 options when it benefits them, they can also offer 2 options all the time. IMO. For the record, if I buy an airline ticket on a credit card and then exchange it several times, if it needed to be refunded, it is to the ORIGINAL form of payment, credit card, not vouchers or exchange tickets etc. Cruise Lines seem to ha
  10. by any chance do you have the original cancellation letter from NCL for your April cruise? I don't think that was part of the information given and you agreed to when you accepted the 1st FCC ( if your 2nd cruise was cancelled what would happen to a refund request). I do know after a couple of rounds of cancellation NCL added it. To me they would have to offer a refund if it was not stated when you accepted the FCC that you could never get a refund. Worth a try. Good luck.
  11. I do not know about every cruise line however RC and Carnival are giving refunds if requested by the guest, for a cruise where they took the future cruise credit for the 1st cancelled cruise and the re-booked cruise was cancelled as well. So the refund going back to the original form of payment in this case doesn't seem to be true. I am curious when NCL added that policy. It was not there in the 1st couple rounds of cancellations. And really don't blame them, i mean who could have thought this could happen but to me , If the OP booked when it wasn't a "policy" NCL should
  12. I don't think NCL or the other cruise lines will cancel unless they are told to. I think Princess cancelled in an abundance of caution because of the bad press they got in March/April. They will play a wait and see game, see what is working and what is not and go from there. If they started sailing with everyone else and there was an outbreak on 1 of their ships or was stuck at sea like they were in April with no place to embark passengers, it would probably be the end of them. My 2 cents.
  13. I had 2 cruises cancelled- The one cruise I received the refund for, my TA got an email with refund details that she forwarded it to me. Good luck!
  14. They can't change the terms of the FCC after you have agreed/accepted the original terms? I would ask NCL to show you in writing where it states you must purchase the insurance when you accepted the FCC. They can't force you to purchase insurance or any item unless it said in writing and you agreed to it when booked or before you pay for it in full? (only exception was years ago when all the cruise lines were charging additional for fuel however you knew before you might have to pay extra for fuel up to the time of sailing) If you are paid in full and have a confirmation to that f
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