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  1. I suspect they are still figuring out the schedule... or maybe a VIP travel company cruise? Only guessing.
  2. Has anyone worked out taking B2B or maybe even 3. I'm interested in doing 2 or 3 different ships: Encore, Escape and so on.
  3. Right?! I only learned about it from an email this morning announcing the announcement
  4. The remodeled Epic Haven uses these color tones and it looks really nice in photos.
  5. On ships without The Haven, is there a special menu for the Suite categories? NCL Star for example.
  6. Thanks for the information. Is your recommendation, if I want something from a different restaurant, ask my butler to arrange it, and not ask the staff in the Haven restaurant? Is that correct? One more thing, I know in the MDR they don't customize, will they do that in the Haven restaurant or with the butler? I know it's dumb, but for example, I hate cilantro and it seems to be the new parsley since most love it. (thanks, I know this is an old post - hoping to TA in 2022)
  7. That's what I was afraid of. Sorry. I'm usually a studio girl, however my next will be longer and in a suite that way, if we get quarantined, it won't be too terrible .
  8. Thanks for asking this question. Were you able to take the cruise(s)? Does it work the same when B2B different ships?
  9. I was in the middle of an email to my PCC to upgrade me from TA Mini to Suite and when I went back to get the quote, the price went up $3000 in less than 2 minutes, and the same 4 forward suites are still choices. Disappointed.
  10. I think I'd want a cruise New England/Canada or West coast, just in case so I'm closer to home. 🙂
  11. Hi, Looked around, found bits and pieces of info, but not much current. Thank you for responding. What is the difference between a Deluxe Owners/Family/Penthouse Suite and no Deluxe? What is the difference between Haven and Suites on ships like the Jade without a Haven restaurant/bar?
  12. I thought we had through today, for the cash, but it's gone. 20% is still on 🙂
  13. How cold does it get? When traveling, I prefer morning sun, afternoon shade.
  14. I asked when I cancelled my add-ons. She said I'll be able to use it on the next cruise (although it expired 2 years ago) so we'll see once I get cancelled tomorrow. <sigh>
  15. I just got refunded for my tips, prepaid, water package, internet package on a 14-day , somewhere around $711. I will call again on 3/10 to have my cruise cancelled (FCC)
  16. I read it as cruises between March 10 and Sept were eligible for a FULL refund in the form of a future cruise. That's why it is March 10, that gave anyone on the Mar 10 cruise the opportunity to cancel by today (48-hours)
  17. I would be disappointed if my cruise is cancelled. The fee, the perks, tax, tip, internet, and so on, I feel I am getting an amazing deal (for 1) and doubt this opportunity will come again for a similar cruise later in the year.
  18. Both look breathtaking but alas, can do one or the other. First time to this region besides Barcelona. Thanks!
  19. Hi! When bidding for an upgrade, I notice the amount doubles (for double occupancy). If I win, would I be charged for 2 or only 1? I'd like to bid higher for 1 person, but not pay double that for double occupancy. Thanks!
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