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  1. I got this survey - I will sail on SS for the first time next month. I did it whilst the first coffee was kicking in, so the results may be a bit skewed! The part that really got my goat was the various 'deals' from different providers - it ignored my previous preferences and offered deals from companies I have not sailed with. Offers with or without airfares included are totally meaningless without the cruise location being specified. Also, a minor point, but as a Brit, I work in pounds sterling not US dollars. I still hope that the on-board experience will be better than this poor attempt at a survey.
  2. There is a VERY old (Iron age?) ship that was excavated and is now on display (well worth a visit). I must also plug my regiment's Regimental museum which is in the keep of Dover castle.
  3. Princess now seems to have it set up that UK cruisers get their military OBC automatically applied to a new booking - no more applying each time.
  4. A slight added bonus is that loyalty points for Celebrity count towards Azamara loyalty as well.
  5. Just because you do not get off the ship does not usually obviate the need for a visa. Double and triple check with the cruise line. You do not want to be denied boarding or offloaded due to visa issues.
  6. We have just applied for and got Chinese visas for a mid-October trip (from the London centre). We got 2 year multi-entry visas (as did our travelling companions, one of whom is travelling on a Gibraltar passport but applied for her visa in London). That seems to be the default if there are no 'issues'. TOP TIP - make sure your paperwork. copies of docs. etc. are completely in order, and it was actually a comparatively painless (but expensive process) (unless you are a convicted axe murderer or some such). If your itinerary clearly shows when you will enter and leave China they will accomodate you WRT dates - they want your tourist Yuan after all. NB you cannot pay for the visa by credit card.
  7. Hey mate - just passing on our experiences from the same cruise 2 years ago. You've got 4 months to save up for your socks - I'm sure you have M&S up nooorth?
  8. Possibly too much information here but what the hell: I have at least 14 pairs of serviceable socks and undies on the go - thus anything less than a 12 day cruise is covered. BTW I do not wear sandals so that the 'sock issue' is moot. I don't usually do shorts either - the world is just not ready for my legs! BTW I am also a pensioner - I can manage the odd cruise and a pair of socks or two and shreddies on my pittance.
  9. England in January you may want several layers - Amazon in January definitely not! This is one of the challenges of this cruise - you will need both warm and cold weather clothing. Beware the Magellan cough as well - it is endemic to the ship and is a real b*st*rd to shift. Bring plenty of strong cough/cold/chest medication (whisky/brandy worked quite well for me BTW).
  10. 42 days = 6 weeks - that's 3 pairs worn inside out for the second fourth and sixth weeks Now, how many pairs of socks do you need to wear with your sandals?😷
  11. Just found some more info from a letter we sent post-cruise: "£1 to wash a pair of socks. Also £1 to wash 1 piece of underwear, tights/hosiery. Believe it not £1.50 to wash a scarf. They did do a few ‘stuff the bag for £15’ offers however".
  12. Not a chance JB! We did this exact same cruise in 2018 and we spent over £100 on laundry. We washed smalls ourselves. I think there were some stuff-a-bag offers at maybe £15 a time.
  13. I recall seeing some programme on the TV a while back where they dyed the water in a toilet and then flushed it with the lid up. The aerosol spray went everywhere (including onto toothbrushes!) I can only imagine what the aerosol effect would be with a ship's toilet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EG_PnRCLe9A Since that day, I ALWAYS ensure that the lid is down before flushing.
  14. We are on Silver Muse 21 to 28 Oct 2019 (Japan to China). This cruise seems to have been mostly sold as a 14 day (only shows as 14 day on SS website), but it seems they have sold it as 2 x 7 days as well (maybe via Travel Agents (ours is part of a pre and post tours package).
  15. I've had problems using the onboard ATMs (I'm from UK). I would most definitely take dollars with you - do not rely on the ATM.
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