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  1. Isn't the Star Princess supposed to be exiting the fleet at the end of 2021 as planned - transferring across to P&O Australia?
  2. just to bump up the thread especially as the is a lot more cruising out of Adelaide this winter - with the Sapphire Princess, Budget car rental will bring the car to you, We just booked ours for October. Cruising into the Outer Harbour Cruise Terminal in Adelaide? And need a car to explore the city and beyond? Book at Adelaide City (using discount code D965125) and we will bring the car to you at the terminal! There’s no need to catch a Taxi, an Uber or Ola to get to your car when we can bring it to you! Get onto your land adventure with ease. Book on this page and t
  3. clearly it was a busy day for Princess Precious Sapphire PRINCESS Cruises has seen a record booking day for the line, with tickets going on sale yesterday for Sapphire Princess’ redeployment to Australia (CW 19 Feb). https://issues.cruiseweekly.com.au/2020/Feb20/cw280220.pdf
  4. just come off the Majestic Princess this morning and they had the Balloon drop last night. Was advised balloon drop would still be there for our New Year cruise - but they have dispensed them in using them for celebrations on the doors / camp discovery. Has there been anything official from Princess.
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