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  1. That's interesting. We have a 17 day Freedom cruise in Sept. and it has not been cancelled (yet).
  2. In case you didn't know...so do you!
  3. We're OK. We both had separate accidents (not car) last year that we are still recovering from. We both had our first shot last week. How are you? My e-mail is still the same if you want to write.
  4. We got nothing when we did the last European cruise then the TA on the Vista.
  5. How long after the 2nd shot did she get symptoms? I had my 1st shot a few days ago. Just had a sore arm, hoping that I don't have bad ones after the 2nd.
  6. Was a great day of bird watching in our yard. A few that I saw: Cedar Waxwings Blue Birds Yellow-rumped Warbler Cedar Waxwings
  7. Tiny Ruby-crowned Kinglet. You can see the smallest ruby crown on this last photo.
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