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  1. Not a good sight to see. Lantern flies on our tree. They are pretty but an invasive and destructive species.
  2. I mailed ours yesterday and sent it Priority mail.
  3. Did everyone just mail the renewal in normal mail or some type of certified or registered mail. We are not doing expedited service.
  4. The Aug. cruise became available around 1 PM on Thursday.
  5. Are you talking about the Sept. or Aug. 2023 cruise? I haven't been able to access the Sept. cruise for days.
  6. We stayed at the one on Dorsey a few years ago. Totally safe, nice place. We 're planning to stay there again when we cruise from Baltimore in a couple years.
  7. Through a fogged lens I thought this was a bird. After the lens cleared I saw that it was a common nighthawk. After the lens cleared. The next day it moved to the other side of the driveway on our willow tree. It stayed there for several hours. The space between the two small branches is about a foot. Common Nighthawk enjoying the day.
  8. I’ve been seeing the common night hawk flying several days over the past couple weeks. The small photo is the original, the larger photo I’ve enlarged it in the camera and played with it on my iPad. Do you think topaz can make this any better? It’s been really exciting to see them several days there were multiple ones flying over.
  9. We will be flying from Wash. Dulles to London Heathrow and would appreciate any help on picking the best airline for economy. American and British Airlines are the same price. Aer Lingus (operated by British Air) is a little more expensive and Lufthansa (operated by United Airlines) a little more. Times for all flights are almost exactly the same. Are there any advantages picking one over the other (like service better on one airline, any perks)?
  10. What shuttle company did you use that didn't show up?
  11. I want to make note of this evil step for our future cruise. Is there another one people have been falling on?
  12. We're booked for May. I hope you come back and let us know how you liked it.
  13. Thanks, we do omelets a lot (also enjoy Blue Iguana and Seaday brunch)! We will be trying out the new breakfast places (Shaq and Guys). Is Cucina the same menu as MDR and smokehouse a smaller version of Lido?
  14. Do you know how many omelet stations they have and where they are?
  15. Does the fireplace actually emit warmth or is it just for ambience?
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