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  1. I have to chime in on the pool towels. Ours looked like the kind at home you save to wash your dog with! It was embarrassing. They were so worn and ugly - a faded peach. We would have been better to grab a couple from the pool area! As for our steward, not too good. This was our first Celebrity cruise, and we have had much better service from our steward on Carnival. When we got on board, our sink and mirror was dirty. He said the sink was dirty because of glue and he needed a razor blade to clean it. Um no, just a little elbow grease and we got it cleaned, We waited a couple of days and it was never done, so we did it. We were in a concierge balcony and asked for a pillow menu. He had no idea there was such a thing. My brother and wife had put candy in a bowl for their cabin crawl and it disappeared. He tried to blame them and said maybe they put it on the food tray by accident..... I hope my next room steward experience is better!
  2. Sorry it took me so long to answer. They had one Basic Ballet Barre Class which you had to sign up at the Guest Relations Desk on Thursday our sea day at 10AM, then a Q&A session at 2PM. There was another Q&A session on Friday at 10AM. I did not attend any of these. Good luck getting into the class!
  3. We are back and yes, we did love it!
  4. Yes they did, and it was quite a mad house! It was located inside the shop - which was very clostophobic. Very long line to check out, so I gave up. The people who got there first had armloads of stuff - purses, scarves, hats, shawls, coverups, etc. If you got there late, slim pickings.
  5. We had the Bigelow products in a Concierge Balcony. I brought my own so didn't use them. Hubby did, but he is not particular, so I can't comment on the quality.
  6. Yes. We were a table of 4. The chairs were horrible. First of all, so heavy to move and I felt bad for our servers trying to push us in. They said when the chairs arrived, they had to unpack and move them. Not only are they heavy, but NOT comfortable at all. They are so deep, you have to sit forward. For people like me with bad backs, it was a back breaker. They do have 1 pillow, and my server got me another! Still not enough and on a couple of nights, I brought a small pillow I use on the plane, too. I can't even say form over function because they are not even nice looking.
  7. Yes, we very much enjoyed the cruise! To answer your questions - no footstools. Yes, there was a nightstand on each side of the bed. Facing the bed on the left side, the nightstand had a lamp on it with many outlets/ports build into the lamp base. On the right side, the lamp was on the wall and the nightstand had the phone on it. The Oceanview Cafe had many different stations and a map on the wall. I liked the way it was spread out as it helped with the flow. When I get home this evening, I will post a picture of the map.
  8. And sodas as well. Anything in there is chargeable even with a drink package.
  9. Do some Googling - your ship and the sail date and see what comes up.
  10. No coffee table and a small couch. No footstools on balcony. Just one low round wooden table. Others have posted pictures of an inflatable footstools they bought on Amazon.
  11. I just got off the Summit on Concierge balcony. Facing the bed, the lamp on the left has a couple plugs and also plug ins for chargers. The one on the right is wall mounted and no outlet, I believe.
  12. Hi Deb. We were on the 3/25 sailing as well. We loved it. I thought the entertainment was stellar. I have mostly cruised with Carnival and a couple on Royal, though not the bigger ships. This was our first Celebrity and I think it won't be our last. We cruised with my brother and his wife who mostly do the big Royal ships. They thought activities were lacking and would have liked more choices. My husband and I were satisfied. A piano bar, though, would be a great addition!
  13. Just off the 3/25 Summit Concierge Balcony. In our bathroom, same issue. No soap dish - guess they feel you will be using their soap/conditioner/body wash which is provided. Also no place to put your own products. I had them in travel size bottles, so put them on the shower faucet bar. It was annoying as they dropped a couple of times every shower.
  14. Just off the 3/24 Summit. The ballet - and I am not a fan - was amazing! 2 dancers and they did 2 numbers. The first was White Swan from Swan Lake. That was followed by an AMAZING violinist - can't remember her name but I will look it up and she deserves recognition. She was a Lindsey Sterling type. After her came the 2nd ballet - a modern one. So, so good. I am glad I saw this. However, they only have plans for 8 or 9 more performances this year fleet-wide. So we were lucky to be at one of them. The captain had to slow the ship down during the performance.
  15. Just off the 3/24 Summit, and yes. We fit 4 rather large pieces with no issues.
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