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  1. Labadee is NOT an island. It is a peninsula of Haiti. I have no bigotry or xenophobia about calling in Haiti. But political unrest is another issue altogether.
  2. We have a 10:50 am Southwest flight! The next flight at 1:30pm would put us home 7 1/2 hours later. My son & wife are travelling with us and have 2 dogs at different homes plus a son to retrieve when they get home. So that later flight would be an issue for them. I am just hoping for the best.
  3. Oops - I honestly forgot Labadee was on Haiti. With that in consideration, I suspect a sea day would be better.
  4. Key West has now overturned that limit on cruise ship size July 1st. So I am pretty sure that port is a go.
  5. Our itinerary in November on the Reflection includes Grand Cayman. If ships are not allowed on that island, do you think Labadee would be an option? Has Celebrity ever gone to Labadee? The other islands are key West, Cozumel and Jamaica. If not Labadee, Costa Maya??? What do you think?
  6. I hope she will resume in November. We are first cruise up on the 6th!
  7. Looks like a celebratory spray! https://www.ftlauderdalewebcam.com/
  8. Now you're scaring me, lol. I have had this cruise booked since last October & it is special one as it is also a wedding gift to my son & new wife. You think some of the ships will not be sailing at all and Reflection will be one of them? What makes you think The Summit would be a safer bet?
  9. So will Reflection be doing the Caribbean instead of the Med and staying there? We have a Nov 6th out of FLL. We are going with my son and his then new wife as a wedding gift. I really hope it is a go!
  10. Since Smoothies are not included in the Classic Pkg, does anyone know how much they cost?
  11. Good idea. Club soda with a twist.
  12. Hello all. I will be sailing on the Reflection in November and have a couple of questions about the included Classic Package. We will be traveling with a relative who is a recovering alcoholic, so looking at options for all non-alcoholic drinks. The list is pretty small on the Classic Pkg. Are smoothies included? If so, where would one go to get them? How about frozen virgin drinks such as Pina Coladas - are these available at all bars? No sparkling waters such as Seltzer type - Pellegrino are included. Do you think it would be possible to get Celebrity to switch the drink package to t
  13. In Rhode island, the positivity rate for fully vaccinated people is .13 percent. Yes, that is correct. So your statement of no more than 95% efficacy rate is inacurate. We are at 99.87%.
  14. Keels - thank you for sharing this! It makes me feel more optimistic we will be cruising safely in November.
  15. I sincerely wish Celebrity keeps their vaccine requirement. Is there someone we can contact to tell them that? Has anyone started a petition that you know of which asks that?
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