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  1. Captain Alan's - search to get the website. Best snorkeling ever.
  2. We had a concierge cabin on the Summit in March. We did not receive a couple of the perks we were supposed to and didn't realize it until after the cruise. We didn't get a bottle of wine or a pillow menu. We did get the daily hors d'oeuvres which sometimes were interesting and sometimes horrible. Next time I would just ask for a cheese and cracker platter.
  3. Hotels are much cheaper and some have free shuttle to cruise port. I also LOVE the Kennedy Space Center which is also in this area. You would need to fly into Orlando and take a shuttle to Cocoa Beach. We used Cocoa Beach Shuttle.
  4. I do recall an Estee Lauder, an Innovations which had Apple products, a TagHeuer shop for watches. Take a look through these photos. https://www.cruisecritic.com/photos/ships/celebrity-summit-251/shops-392770/
  5. One thing worth noting...on the Summit in March, anytime we would get water at a bar, etc. the bottle was always warm, never refrigerated. So we would get it whenever we passed a bar and put in our refrigerator to drink cold later.
  6. Glitter - bad for the environment. They contain microplastics which get into the ocean and the animals living there. https://www.insider.com/why-glitter-is-bad-for-the-environment-2019-3
  7. https://royalpalmscayman.com/ A short cab ride and you can rent beach chairs & umbrella for $15. $4 entrance fee. There is also an adult only pool area that might be a good option for you.
  8. We have gone to this club - The Royal Palms Beach Club. $4 entrance fee, plus $15 for umbrella and 2 chairs. They have a pool, but no children allowed in the pool. The beach is fabulous. They will take orders and serve you drinks and food on the beach. https://royalpalmscayman.com/
  9. If you are a non-smoker, yes, it does affect you while you are on your balcony. The wind carries the smoke - it doesn't stay in place on the rule breakers balcony. Not pleasant if you detest the smell of smoke or have asthma as I do. One big whiff can send me into an asthma attack. Also, the smoke can come into your cabin when you open the door. It does affect others, and thinking that it doesn't is absurd. I have paid good money to enjoy my balcony experience. I should not be subject to the smoke of others, period.
  10. Yes, I go to public places. I avoid the cosmetic areas in the stores and get myself away quickly from anyone bathed in cologne. I do carry an epipen and Benadryl is my best friend. Usually a children's chewable can sometimes nip a reaction in the bud. I have often moved seats in cinemas....You learn to cope.
  11. If you don't mind to answer, how much more person was this? I am thinking of doing the same for our Equinox cruise next year and just trying to figure out about how much that would be. Thanks!
  12. Not true. I am highly allergic to fragrance. The allergist said it was the worse he has seen. It is the ingredient Balsam of Peru which though not on the label is in everything with a scent and even unscented. I have to use Fragrance Free. If someone with perfume or even scented lotion is near me, my face breaks out in a rash. If I come in contact with it, hives and difficulty breathing.
  13. On the first day, first few minutes on our balcony on the Summit in March I smelled cigarette smoke. I loudly said, "Honey, I think I am smelling cigarette smoke. If it continues, I am going to call security." First and last time I smelled any smoke. 😄
  14. We went on the Summit the first cruise after the refurb. We absolutely loved it. The solarium pool is great - it has bubbling pipes which you lay on that massage your whole body. The entertainment was great, and we were lucky to have a sailing which had the National Ballet. I would recommend this ship to anyone. We will be trying the Equinox next October!
  15. This is great, thanks! I got near the bathroom, room 12556. Just what I was hoping for. Facing the bed, I sleep on the right. I am up a few times during the night and this gives me plenty of space to navigate. 😄
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