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  1. UPDATE: My invoice was incorrect as they added gratuities but didn't subtract them (as they are included in the new pricing). Thus they had the lower price in their system already. I asked for a new invoice.
  2. I booked a cruise last Tuesday for November 2021. That cruise today is $200 less. Going to call Celebrity the minute I get home and hope it doesn't go back up! No Veterans Day sales and I am thinking no Black Friday sales either.
  3. Update - I booked the cruise last evening with 2 perks - WIFI & Tips. I went back in this morning under the new program - same price but with drink package also included. Guess I will call later and rebook under the new program. It looks like they had changed their pricing yesterday mid morning already to the new pricing! He will drink his weight in specialty coffee!
  4. They have been living together for quite a while. The wedding is in January, this cruise is in November. Funny how people are weighing in on what I didn't ask opinions on. Also we will be doing different excursions. They are free to eat by themselves if they want. Their room is 8 away from ours. What is the issue???
  5. He has been sober for over 2 years - will be 3 at the time of the cruise. His fiancee does not drink. He will be accompanying my husband and I and no, he will not be getting a drink package. He does love to cruise. Are you saying recovering alcoholics should not ever cruise? Celebrity is probably the line that pushes drinks the least, IMHO. Thanks for the not asked for advice. I did give him a choice, by the way. He has worked hard and has not had a vacation in years.
  6. The prices already went up since this morning. I will check again this evening...
  7. Hello all. My DH and I are booked on the Reflection for next November. We got an amazing price and we had an FCC to use. Fast forward to my son who has decided to get married this January (if possible with the current Covid situation). I offered him that they could join us on our cruise and that would be our wedding gift. The cruise is now $900 more than ours for a balcony. My son is a recovering alcoholic, so the new pricing with all-inclusive would probably not benefit him too much. So my question is should I book now at the existing structure price and then if the price is less, rebo
  8. Oh, I do hope so! I am retiring in December and looking to book my dream Med cruise for 2022. A girl can dream, right?
  9. I suspect a 10 night cruise for January will be cancelled. I think you are right to make final payment and see if they cancel....odds are they will, and 125% FCC or a full refund is a good deal.
  10. I always purchase travel insurance. The first time I used it was due to a stress fracture on my foot. Got all my money back save for the cost of insurance. The second time, I fell and broke my arm and shattered my elbow 2 months before we were to cruise. Thankfully again, all my money was returned. Both claims very easy - just a matter of having the doctor's office fill out some paperwork. Even if you are young, accidents can happen. Also, if there is an unexpected death in your family, that cancellation is also covered. Always, use travel insurance.
  11. Snowing in RI, too. That is very unusual before Halloween. The Farmer's Almanac says we're in for a snowy winter in New England. I hope not!
  12. Add "The Deck" and "The Basement".
  13. I feel your pain. DH is already retired and I am retiring in December. We were looking forward to cruising next year, but have already cancelled our May cruise. Hoping November is a go. Cruising is our vacation of choice. We are not lay on the beach all day or around a pool at an all inclusive. If we cannot cruise safely, I am not sure what our future vacations will be.
  14. Actually your death rate % is incorrect. In the US, 7,950,000 cases and 217,000 deaths. That makes a death rate of 2.7%.
  15. And it is so hard to watch.
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