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  1. Though I prefer QM2 to the sisters, one must think of where you will dock in foreign ports...due to her size, QM2 is often relegated to the more industrial parts of the port that can be farther from town.
  2. This is for Hambagahle, absolute reply fail lol Alaska from SJC is pretty painless...nice choice of local restaurants in the concourse. I have always had good luck out of there. One caveat. smaller town and airport than some of the international giants, but it can get busy at peak times so security can get behind. Other than that, easy access car wise, and the terminal is close to curb, no long walk out to the gates like LAX or something.
  3. During Inaugural Season of Majesty, I remember leaving at full speed due to Andrew hitting shore a few hours after departure. Was eerie seeing the difference to Miami just a week later when we returned. Captain even made mention of the added vibration as he was going all out to get away...I remember going to the front on the promenade and was amazed at the speed.... Also remember pulling up to Cozumel next to an old Celebrity ship and cheersing folks on that ship from Viking Crown. What they must have thought of this behemoth...
  4. I would like to recommend Reyka Vodka...it is grain based, but is made from glacial water in Iceland and is exceptionally smooth. Used to be a Titos man, but this is now preferred.
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