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  1. Yes it was but it didn't make the place crowded. I would say that we never found them an issue at all.
  2. Overall we were very happy with all our surroundings in the suite.
  3. We were very lucky. We left the Silhouette on the 8th March. The following cruise had to return to Miami several times for health issues. We stayed in a hotel for 2 nights before coming home. As we were checking out of the hotel we met a person in the lift who asked us if our cruise had been cancelled too. He had been due on the Regal (it think) Princess which should have been in Fort Lauderdale that day . It wasn't. They wouldn't let it dock because two new crew members were showing Covid signs and the cruise was cancelled that morning. It turned out the crew members did not have the virus but by then the cruise was done. The piano has definitely gone. I had a good look at some of the new coverings in the cabin and also in a Celebrity Suite which your friends were in and it was probably more apparent that most of the changes on walls etc were done using an adhesive covering. You wouldn't be able to tell in the Penthouse but you could see the odd bit in the CS that was not quite as well finished. The CS bathroom has not been touched Which is what I suspect happened in the PH.
  4. It seems only yesterday that we left the ship but Cornavirus has taken over the world and there always seemed too many other things needing done. I finally for a few minutes to upload these pictures. It looks like many of the changes in looks on the walls are some sort of almost plastic adhesive covering. I suspect the bathrooms and the dressing room have not been touched. While the sunbeds are comfortable, I would not like to use them without a towel between me and the bed as the covering is some sort of created plastic which is a bit tacky to the touch. On the Sundeck there are plenty of loungers but, other than the shade that was there before, not much new shading. There is a bar and they do serve food there but unlike the Edge, All the dishes come with crisis rather than fries. If it is windy, which it often is, the crisps fly off the plates. After a day of practice you become quite versed at holding the cover of the dish in place while eating the crisps first. There is a bar and a large jacuzzi but no pool. Most days if the ship was moving it was too windy to use the pool. The pool is on deck 15 at the front of the ship. On the Edge the dishes are prepared in the Luminae kitchen which is only a couple of decks below but I have no idea where the plates are prepared on the Silhouette.We did suggest that they could pick up some fries at the mast bar but that suggestion was ignored!
  5. Thanks Libby. We are currently at our hotel waiting for our room. We don’t travel until Sunday.
  6. Chemmo it was certainly not what we were expecting but we didn’t make a big thing about it at the time we were happy our daughter made it on her own from Miami. We are very disappointed about it but decided not to make a big thing about it early on the cruise. We spoke with the Retreat concierge yesterday when he finally asked how it was when we boarded. He was shocked but whether the shock is enough to make a difference to check in is doubtful if the shoreside remains so poor. i have pictures of your room which I will upload over the next few days.
  7. We have the hdmi cables but had too many good friends on the cruise to spend the time in our cabin.
  8. This has changed on the Revolutionised Silhouette, where the system Has changed to be the same as the Edge but on both the Edge and the Silhouette there is an option on the TV menu to stream from your device although that may not give you 4K streaming. I have been on both ships over the past 3 weeks but gave yet to find the inclination to try it out.
  9. We boarded as you disembarked and our experience was by far the worst embarkation that we have ever experienced with Celebrity so I am not surprised at your experience. We left the Edge at Terminal 25 and were promised that there would be transport provided to cross the road to 21. As usual it didn’t appear. We walked the few hundred yards. We have been in a PH and were among the first at terminal 21. We were supposed to find a large sign outside the terminal saying priority boarding. It didn’t exist. The porter’s said to leave the luggage but I resisted for a spell but as mire and more people were moving in front of us I decided to leave our bags with the porters. We then joined the queue which was going nowhere as they were still disembarking the previous cruise. Eventually the doors opened and a huge queue formed snaking about waiting for security to open. We asked where the suite queue was to be told that there was not one. There was an area at the right hand side and we and another couple who were also in a suite and who were also on the Edge waited in this area for ages. There is no comparison between terminals 25 and 21. 21 is poor from the start to the end although when we were in the suite area waiting to board, we were met by the suite manager Joanna and things started to feel normal and she and the 2 concierges, Joao and Diego were everywhere we were on the ship. Eventually they decided that there was a priority suite queue where we were standing but the lack of information and assistance was astounding throughout the whole process. Our daughter was joining us in the PH and she was made to queue with everyone else when she arrived from Miami and then when in the terminal was told to sit down and wait for the Concierge class to board. Eventually she found someone who would listen to her who got her on the ship and to the Retreat. Our friends who were in a CS experienced the same treatment and it was only when someone from the photo department took pity on holiday them on board that they received some attention. For our first and probably last PH it was a most disappointing start to the cruise. Over the years we have found that the ship staff are only interested in you until you are off the ship despite what suite you are in. After that it is everyone for themselves. The shoreside and transport staff are terrible and continually let Celebrity down. What ever you have been promised disappears when you are off the ship. This is not a one off. We have many b2bs on different ships at different ports and the shoreside staff continue to let customers down. You are left to stand somewhere, told someone who knows what is going on will arrive, but really you are left in Limbo for a protracted period with no one helping you.
  10. We do have the drink package for the cruise.
  11. You don’t need the credit card, just the express pass and your passport.
  12. You seem to forget that they put what looks like very comfortable seating and lounging areas on the two lawn areas at the sides of the chimney stacks which more than replaces the Solstice deck area or the area at the front of deck 15.
  13. I read a post moaning about the retreat sundeck last week about wind. It was equally windy on the Edge on Saturday but there were still some hardy souls out there. The difference is that the Edge deck was open where the Silhouette was closed. They do need to extend some of the wind breaks on the Silhouette. What is there just now is the same as on the old Solstice deck. These need to be extended so that there are overlaps in them to stop the wind rushing through. A little bit more screening and it will radically improve the deck.
  14. Been on the Retreat sun deck on the Edge last week and have just returned to our cabin from the Retreat sun deck on the Silhouette and have been charged for neither food nor drink. They take your cabin number but that is it. The Silhouette deck is less protected than the Edge from the wind caused by the movement of the ship but we have had drinks there earlier today, returned after applying Sun Screen for a light lunch (with more drinks). The food choices are the same as the Edge with the sole difference being that they use crisps rather than fries which is OK if it is perfectly still but they tend to fly off the plates. I know the reason for the crisps - the Luminae galley is 12 decks below but fries are more likely to stay on your plate and Luminae fries are very good. It is early days but today the staff were continually moping up and sweeping up flying crisps. we like the additional choice of Luminae food on deck.
  15. Especially if you are in a suite at terminal 25 in Fort Lauderdale
  16. We are on the Edge at the moment travelling back to FLL and I can attest that the seating at the Edge sunset bar is the worst I have experienced on any ship.
  17. From what I recall, you can bring on what you can carry.
  18. You need to add the photos. I did that first.
  19. The app automatically takes a scan but it is only looking for the bottom 2 lines of data. You should see a white box on the screen. If you fit those two lines into that box it should do an automatic scan and then exit the check process for that person. If you check the express pass to see if it has worked. I found every time I got the 2 lines in the box the scan worked well. we are on the Edge just now but I don’t think I noticed a huge difference in the process. I suspect it was because we are in a suite.
  20. As long as you have scanned your passport. If not it does not show on your express pass.
  21. The wording on the express pass is Expedited Arrival
  22. It is on the Port Everglades app. It gives you the terminal assignments 30 days out And we were also advised by the on shore concierge. Terminal 21 is on the other side of the road from terminal 25. You will have to turn left and the cross the road. This is a fairly typical experience of moving from one cruise to another with Celebrity. They promise the world be once you are off you are not the ships responsibility. You are down to finding the correct person shoreside who knows you are coming but does nothing to let anybody know who they are. We have had many a good cruise messed up by this. The shoreside people are terrible unless you are going to an airport. Even the I struggle to trust them to get me on the correct bus.
  23. We are doing the same. The silhouette is at terminal 21, across the road from terminal 25. we have done this quite a bit over the years and Celebrity have moved us from Miami to Port Everglades and vice versa. They usually-it us and the few others doing the same thing on one of their airport shuttles which went to the airport and then to the cruise terminal. The hard bit is to find the correct person when you leave the terminal.
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