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  1. Spoke to VV today, I asked about November/December 2020 voyages out of Miami, they mentioned that there would be an announcement in the next week or two about them....
  2. are you just speculating or have you heard that?
  3. yea, I said original form of payment, if you used a FCC, my understanding is you can no longer get a cash refund.
  4. I agree, I just don't trust them with my cash right now.
  5. I would think it will be a similar offer to what others were offered due to cancellation between April 2020 and now, refund to original form of payment + 25% future voyage credit or 200% future voyage credit. My understanding is if you take the 200% credit, you forfeit any opportunity to ever receive a refund to original form of payment, I took the refund + 25%.
  6. that's the point.....trying to get my Sept. 2021 deposit back in cash (I'm past the initial 7 day cancel policy).
  7. The difference in my question is that I'm referring to a September 2021 cruise that has not been cancelled by VV. Your April 2020 cruise was cancelled by VV so they have to give you options. I have a feeling if I proactively move to a November 2020 cruise by transferring my deposit, they will only want to give me a voucher and not a cash refund.
  8. I have a cruise booked next September in Europe with deposit paid. If I moved that to say a November 2020 cruise and that cruise happens to get cancelled, does anyone think I'd be eligible for a cash refund?
  9. has anyone had success in getting a refund of their deposit (to original payment) due to these changes in suite perks? I booked a trip in Sept. 2021, which I imagine are at the lowest/original rates, and have not been provided any discount. I only booked the suite due to the transfers being included, etc. Between the changes in perks and COVID, I have no interest in taking this or another cruise with VV in the next several years. Thanks
  10. these are some lame changes, I didn't have a Mega RockStar booked, but getting rid of the rider seems to gut their whole vibe.
  11. I also think after the quarantine is over, people will be looking to get away from their kids, they've been stuck with them 24/7 for two months straight.
  12. The Virgin voyages website is currently down for maintenance, should be interesting to see if they have any changes.
  13. probably a glitch. I'm still seeing voyages from Aug. 7th for sale.
  14. It appears that Virgin has stopped selling Richard's Birthday voyage as of yesterday or today. Haven't heard anything from them yet on it being cancelled, but will post when I hear something (we are booked and paid in full on this trip).
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