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  1. For those presently on Eclipse: please keep posting about your trip. We are following you back home and are very interested in your experiences. On cruise mapper we see you are moving at great speed. Wish you all the best !
  2. Godspeed to all of you returning to friendly shores 👍👍
  3. Beautiful gesture for a well deserving crew. btw you might reach more fellow passengers if you post on Eclipse Roll call of 15 March, there is some activity of present passengers. best of luck and safe travels home !
  4. Good for the crew. They deserve any break they can get 👍
  5. Yes please, we couldn’t make this one and we are interested in your experience.
  6. Had same problem on phone and PC. now tried different approach : google CC roll calls, open one cruise, then click on top right where also messages show and select forums. Like this I get in everywhere without doubling
  7. We are from Europe, our experience : when we book cruise thru US agency, we could and have booked flights thru Choice Air (Royal Caribbean flight booking vehicle) via website or by calling directly there. The one-way intercontinental flights were cheaper, European not really, but rerouting was done with no hassle or cost when Istanbul departure of cruise was changed to Athens a couple of years ago. Once when I booked Med cruise thru European agency, we could not book Choice Air directly online nor by calling - the booking ref was blocked for that. We could book choice air thru European
  8. Sometimes X has reduced prices for singles on their excited deals if they have difficulties filling ship. I booked cabin for me alone on Black Sea cruise in 2014 for only 100 pct of price per person - due to Ukranian troubles some ports were changed and lots of Americans apparently cancelled. Even upgraded to Aqua before sailing for Usd 50 in total. Was surprised afterwards when I still received double Captain‘ s Club points.
  9. Will this sip and save package be available on all ships, all cruises or just select cruises and certain dates ?
  10. It is really irrelevant if you can t imagine a concierge telling anyone to go away ! The concierge located in the library on deck 10 told me to go to guest services with any questions or issues if I was not Concierge Class. And none of your opinions can change this fact.
  11. I had question on our last cruise and happen to pass the Concierge desk on Deck 10, where she was waiting for customers. Without even trying to find out what my question was she sent me away, saying she is only there for Concierge passengers (I was Aqua).
  12. Most of ports no lounge for Aqua, but In some ports like Civitavecchia Rome there is a part of check in zone partitioned off and set aside as dedicated embarkation lounge where they serve coffee, cold drinks and cookies during wait before boarding. We were in Aqua at that time, maybe 5 years or so ago, but think lounge was also used for concierge maybe suites. Other times we could go straight to ship after check in and did not notice if the lounge was set up again.
  13. I know, just playing devil’s advocate here.
  14. I am from Europe and not able to book with Celebrity USA directly (online or phone booking not possible without US address). However have been able to book with a USA agency for last 10 years.
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