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  1. Also sometimes this happens in the Dining Room. I went to the Schooner after dinner and they said I had 2 drinks left and I said I had already had 2 drinks, one in the Dining Room at dinner and they said that often the Dining Room didn't show up until much later in the evening, so just try to keep track yourself....
  2. Orville, did you actually READ my posts? YES, I have ALWAYS been able to get the print pass screen on my computer!!! I now can't get it. I'm saying, maybe this is what RCL is going to do going forward, or maybe it is just Baltimore. Anyway, Wineaux told me to take a screen shot of my app boarding pass and send it to my printer, so I'm good!
  3. Thank you, Wineaux...this worked. HAHA, I had tried e-mailing it to myself but couldn't open it on my regular computer. I had to look up how to take a screenshot on my iphone (something I had never done)...and now I have both my husband's and my passes printed from my phone. Thank you!
  4. Orville, I have been doing this for years...what I'm saying is that I no longer get this option to print this page. For my October cruise it says they have gone digital and if you do not have a cell phone, you have the option to print a sheet that simply has your name and reservation # on it with no other info and it tells you that you will have to take just that information to check in and be prepared to stand in line. Maybe they are just trying this in Baltimore? We are on Vision October 26th.
  5. OK, so I am a person who ALWAYS prints out my boarding pass...but on my upcoming Vision cruise (October 26) I am not able to access the Set Sail Pass on my computer.. I keep getting this: CHECK IN NOW! We’ve gone mobile! Check in on the app Scan your passport, view your boarding pass, and save time on your sail day. Won't have a mobile boarding pass? View check-in procedures I did go ahead and check in on the app and I have the boarding pass in my "wallet" but I really, really want a "hard copy" boarding pass in my hand. We are on a b2b so I also tried on that leg and I'm still not able to print my beloved hard copy boarding pass. When I sailed this past May, I was still able to print a hard copy so I'm very frustrated and it looks like I'm the only one who is having an issue with this.
  6. On some rccl ships if you are in a suite they do not scan your seapass card when you take out towels, so maybe that is why you saw towels around on the ship. On Celebrity everyone just takes towels but then people just leave them all over with no accountability so you don't know if the lounger is free or not...that's why I actually like Royal's holding you accountable for your towels...way less towels left on loungers that are not in use.
  7. I usually get 4 (2 for my husband and 2 for me) but I don't think there is a limit.
  8. Yes, check back later and they often open up earlier times.
  9. Since Covid, Baltimore always checks...a bus load (30) of us arrived at the Port of Baltimore for a cruise at the end of May and those that hadn't gotten early check in times were made to wait.
  10. WOW, just unbelievable. We've always left our things on our chairs at Coco Cay with no problems! I'm shocked that this happened to you on Labadee. It just makes me sad.
  11. I'm curious. How long ago was this? In the past when D+ were allowed in the suite lounge, they were still "charged" for their drinks, while the Suite passengers got free drinks. Now that things have changed and only Pinnacles are allowed in the Suite Lounge (along w/Suite passengers), I think Pinns get 6 free vouchers, but would still be charged even if they are in the Suite Lounge. When I'm in the Suite Lounge as a Suite passenger I've never been charged for drinks.
  12. We went to Chill Beach but, as you, we got a late start with two ships there. We just kept walking until we found shade. You WILL find shade, but it may take a bit more walking than you expected.
  13. Alamana, I have two questions. Were you My Time dining or were you main early or late? I've found that my experience food-wise was vastly different when I had My Time as opposed to a regular seating in the main dining room. Our last Enchantment with My Time was really stressful and not great food, but our recent Vision (May 25-June 3) with a main seating in the dining room was a lovely surprise food-wise. We found it so good that we didn't bother with Chops this time. There were 30 people in our group and the worst criticism I heard was one woman who said that there were a couple of dishes that "she would not have asked the chef for the recipe". Our group consisted of pretty well-traveled passengers on land and sea. As for sea, a few Cunard, lots of main stream lines like Holland, Princess, Carnival, Celebrity and a couple of Windstar. Our group is from Alexandria, so right next door to you in Falls Church...so you know that many people in this group are pretty food savy. My other question is whether or not you actually requested a "hard copy" of the Compass on your cruise? Everyone in our group that requested it, received the Compass. I asked them because I had heard that Royal was cutting back on the hard copies hoping that passengers would use the app. Anyway, I'm just sorry that your Vision cruise was such a disappointment. My only complaint was the over-the-top volume of the entertainment in the Centrum and Schooner, but everything else was good for us.
  14. Baron, if you liked Grandeur, don't worry, you'll be happy with Vision! The port time in Bermuda was unfortunate...that changed for our May 25th cruise after we booked so I felt bad for the cruisers that had never been there before because instead of being there for 24 hours, it was cut to 3 pm arrival and then you had to be back on board at 12:30 pm the next day. Neither of those days has enough time to really enjoy an excursion or the beach, in my opinion. So far our next cruise on Vision in October is still arriving at 1 pm (not 3 pm), so it really gives you the entire afternoon. The entertainment was fine, I thought. The lead singers on our cruise did not have strong voices, but the dancers were great. The "outside" entertainment was fine...equal to what you would have experienced on Grandeur. Having read a lot of negative comments about the new dinner menus, I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed pretty much everything and if you weren't sure about something/couldn't decide, the waiter brought two separate meals, so you could try both. No, it is not a new ship...none of the Vision Class ships are, but as I said earlier, if you liked Grandeur, you will be happy with Vision. We have four more cruises booked on her.
  15. Loved Vision. We were on from May 25 until June 3. Very well maintained and, having read some questionable reviews, I thought the dining room food was really very good. One night (can't remember which one) we weren't thrilled with the menu options (on the app) so we booked/went to Chef's Table, which we absolutely loved. We did not eat in the Windjammer. Park Cafe was pretty good except for their pizza which is the worst I've ever had on any ship (or on land, for that matter!) Service was fabulous, everyone was pleasant and went out of their way to make sure their guests were happy. My only complaint, which is standard on all of the Vision class ships over the past few years, is that every entertainment venue is so loud that I cannot enjoy being there. Centrum and Schooner both have great entertainment, but the volume hurts my ears so much that we can't enjoy those venues at all. It is very frustrating that the ship feels they have to dial the volume up so loud that it blasts us out of the venue. Seriously, my husband turns his hearing aids totally off and the volume is still too loud, even for him...
  16. Was on Vision at the end of May/early June - asked in Park Cafe and told "no chips".
  17. Gail, you have gotten some very good info here. I, like you, got very frustrated when I was searching for current info on the Suite perks for Vision class ships. Unfortunately, the perks for Vision class are very different/limited compared to other class ships. We live near Baltimore, so Vision class is what I was interested in. The link to the perks for Royal Suites is sadly lacking in info for Vision class, but well-meaning people don't realize there is a difference so they provide the regular link. I have been in a GS on both Enchantment and recently Vision of the Seas out of Baltimore. Cliftoncruiser's info was spot on. The only thing(s) I would add are (1) I couldn't get my Voom to work (never had an issue in the past, but they changed how it was done and I'm too "technically challenged" to figure it out) so I went to the Concierge who had it working in 30 seconds, and (2) on the Vision they didn't have Suite guests swipe our Seapass cards for the pool towels. I thought that was a very nice perk. (3) if you have ANY issues at all (on Enchantment I got charged a couple of times for room service) the Suite concierge will take care of it with no problems! Enjoy your suite!!! Joanne
  18. Oh, good idea, thanks...why didn't I think of that! 😝
  19. It isn't for music or movies. With his new hearing aids you do all of your regular "hearing" adjustments with the hearing aid "app" that is downloaded to your phone. You can direct which way the sound comes from and if you are in a very noisy environment you can turn the sound for your hearing aids down; all adjustments are made through the app. I think, but am not sure, that if the bluetooth isn't connected he can't hear, but that may be incorrect. Anyway, it is when I told them about needing the phone in airplane mode that they started to worry because they haven't travelled with these hearing aids. Anyway, thanks. You just confirmed my thought, that they do NOT require internet for bluetooth.
  20. Thank you, firefly333. I was actually going to post the question, but then, haha, when Cigar King said that these boards were "easily searchable" I felt like an idiot for rarely being successful when I try to search for something. Anyway, I think I may actually just post the bluetooth/hearing aid question. ☺️
  21. OK, so I can't make this work. I told my friend who has never cruised that she and her husband need to keep their phones in airplane mode while the ship is sailing so as not to incur roaming charges. She asked if bluetooth is separate from internet and cell service charges. Her husband has his hearing aids connected to his phone via bluetooth. I told her I didn't think they needed an internet package and I didn't think it would go against any cell phone service, BUT I wanted to confirm this. I have tried to search using both of the above methods but I am still getting all sorts of other info that uses one of the words but not what I am asking. I can't find an answer to this. Biker and Cigar King, can you help me? I'm sorry to be so lame... ☹️
  22. I will give both of these a try! Thank you!!!
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