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  1. Every morning on The Vista , I went to the drink station to the right of the big screen (outside) for coffee and juice ,, Nice place to sit watch the sun come up drink your coffee and still be outside
  2. We are late 50's ,Tried them once ,Funeral home at sea ,, Boring , stuffy crowd compared to Carnival ,,Love Boat was shown everyday on the big screen for several hours at a time ,9:30 to 10 PM No one in sight in main public areas I got pictures of the lobby , 3 floors no one in the pictures at all , I joked to my wife , Time for the crew to roll up the carpets for the night ,, and announce bed time for everyone ,, They do offer milk and warm cookies every afternoon
  3. After Diamonds ,Platinum's Faster to the Fun and Early flights , They will call by floor number when self assist come down
  4. News out today https://www.khou.com/article/travel/carnival-cruise-line-to-add-fourth-ship-in-galveston/285-4fad127f-7e85-45ec-b768-9b72f7aae239
  5. Ben Gentry the piano bar player ,,and The shows in the main theater , The dancers/singers are the ones singing ,not canned music like most ships , Live band to ,, The group od singers/dancers were just voted #1 in the Carnival fleet in a poll a few weeks back by John Hearld .
  6. Lanyards on The Dream last week , tried to give them away ,,no takers , put them in the trash can
  7. We were on The Dream last week , The back buffet / 1 side was open late every night , pre made sandwich's , pasta ,potato salad , cole slaw ,cookies , soup ,salad ,ect This was on starboard side ,rear buffet , Port side rear was closed though ,,
  8. This was our second time on The Dream , Had a spa cabin ,, The Dream is in need of paint on the outside , We had 2 ports Cozumel and Progresso , , 1st time to Progresso , we booked a tour , Went to The Reef Yucktan (sp) a New all inclusive , the hotel was not open. So only 2 busload's of Carnival Dream cruisers were there, We had all we wanted to eat and drink , good food Beach and pools to use ,, Great excursion ,, We like Progresso ! Went to the MDR 1 night ,food was bland , did not care for the choice's ,, Ate in the Lido ,, The day we went to Cozumel and Progresso ,, and the following nights , The lido looked like boarding day ! PACKED full , They were running the buffet on both sides , I did hear 1 lido employee on her radio , asking for more help on lido bussing tables ect , Looked inside the MDR's as we passed them , very empty ,, even at 6;30 PM , waiters just standing looking around ,empty tables ,, The shows were great ,No canned music , The dancers were the ones singing , Live bands on stage Seen Flick , America Rocks and The 80's Pop to the Max ,, Had Ben Gentry in the piano bar he is great , Cruise director Gary is also a good one ,, This was our 14th cruise , The food on Carnival has really gone downhill ,, The lido did have some of what was offered in MDR , Prime rib , BBQ ribs , Lamb ,, Lido deserts are better than MDR though
  9. Best time to cruise ,kids are in school , cheaper rates , weather is fine ,
  10. We cruise in the winter months , Last 2 years we have gotten the insulated cup and blankets , We just became Platinum ,,2 years ago
  11. Been on 14 Carnival ships ,,Breeze hands down no contest ,The best of the fleet
  12. same menu ,nothing has changed in the last almost 2 years
  13. I wear new jeans and a polo shirt for formal night ,, 14 cruises never a problem , most others dressed similar
  14. Diamonds and Platinums board before FTTF
  15. 14 cruises ,I wear t-shirts and shorts every casual night ,never a problem Most do the same
  16. Same way when we were on The Vista , Best ever system , and they enforced the late arrivers ,go to the end of the line
  17. Been on 14 different Carnival ships ,Breeze tops them all
  18. Breeze is a lot nicer than The Magic , Carnival used a different designer for it ,No gaudy colors , Everything is pastels , more of a beach feel than a Vegas style .. Our favorite ship , Been on 14 !
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