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  1. The Breeze ,,been on 10 of Carnival's ships The Breeze is the best
  2. The Breeze is the best of Carnival ,,, we stay on Deck 11 spa cabin , Deck 11 is very quite , close to the lido on 10 and it includes use of the spa all week ,We have been on the Breeze 3 times in our 13 cruises
  3. Had a crying baby next door to us 1 cruise ,day and night , We called security , people on the other side of them called ,people across the hall called , Security was at their door several times on that cruise ,, Carnival gave us 30% off our next cruise Security said the baby was teething ,but told the parents to keep it quite
  4. Carnival WANTS you to put the dirty dishes outside your door ,The room steward has enough to do all ready ,, A different person picks up the dishes in the hallways ,,not the steward ,, I have seen the stewards sit them on the floor outside the rooms while cleaning the room
  5. Remember to ,that the walls are thin ,no insulation between cabins ,Kids get loud ,crying ect , The passengers on either side of you will be disturbed to ,,
  6. 13 cruises here got $50 to $100 onboard credit on price drops ,,nothing else
  7. Only on the older ships Dream ,Magic ,Breeze ,Vista ,Horizon are all sitting down ,in the A/C
  8. Same here in Arkansas ,,Do you want a Coke ? yes... What kind do you want? Coke ,Dr Pepper ,Pepsi ? ect
  9. You can put cash on account at the same time you check in ,at boarding in the cruise terminal ,, Also go to GS late night ,early mornings ,no line , We close our account the afternoon before debarking the next morning .. once you know you want to buy nothing else on the ship
  10. Same here for elegant night , shorts and t-shirts on non elegant nights , 13 cruises never had a problem
  11. Yes they cost a little more ,but it also includes access to the spa all week , for 2 people in the cabin
  12. Been on both ,Breeze is nicer than The Magic ,, Breeze is the best of Carnival
  13. Been on 11 different ships ,The Breeze is the best of Carnival,,,
  14. You could wear that on elegant night ,to Carnival no longer calls it formal night
  15. You can find it in the spa area
  16. Newer ships Dream ,Magic ,Breeze ,Vista and Horizon , everyone sit's inside ,theater ,clubs ,MDR's for muster ,,
  17. Panama and Costa Rica has been our favorite cruises
  18. Been on 12 different Carnival ships ,The Breeze is the best of Carnival ,, Décor is completely different than the other ships , Calming pastel color's , beach feel to it
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