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  1. You may not get your door key (card) at check in ,They now put them in mail box around 1:30 when cabin is ready ,,So you could not open your door if you did get thru the big doors
  2. You can request a new mattress ,and they will bring you one ,,They did for us
  3. with kids no ,The kids would not be allowed to use the spa anyway ,
  4. Same here ,, shorts and t-shirts non elegant nights , nice jeans and a polo elegant nights
  5. Same here there is no insulation in the walls between cabins ,, Carnival did give us 30% off our next cruise ,because of the crying next door ,, Us and the people on the other side of crying baby ,, Security did go to there room and let them know they needed to do something about the crying
  6. close to sailing date ,, most book up to a year out
  7. Most taxi's in any island country including Mexico ,you won't find seat belts ,, There are no seat belt laws .. You may see 3-4 people on a motorcycle there also , 4 wheelers are a form of transporation on the roads to
  8. You have to get a check in time ,,That is the time you are allowed to enter the cruise terminal ,,, and they enforce it
  9. That is only on the older ships , All new ships you are in A/C in Mdr's , theater , clubs ,Dream , Magic , Breeze , Vista , Horizon are all done inside , Not out on the decks
  10. We book thru Carnival , usually do 250-500 down ,Pay what ever ,when ever we want as long as you are paid in full by the deadline date
  11. shorts and t-shirts are fine in MDR except elegant night ..
  12. Only the older ,smaller boats ,do you still stand outside ,, The 5 newest ships ,you sit down inside , MDR's theater , clubs ect for muster drill
  13. Been on 12 Carnival ships ,,Both The Magic and The Breeze ..The Breeze is the best of Carnival ,,The others don't compare ... Magic is nicer than The Dream ..The Breeze blows them both away
  14. Havana Cabins on the Vista has them
  15. It's free at breakfast in the MDR , you can get the soda card , With that it can be gotten at all bars ,24/7
  16. No microwave's on a ship for public use ,,,
  17. Steel drums play everyday , on The Breeze ..no lack of them ,,,
  18. No they are in your mailbox outside the cabin , 1;30 PM if you are not a Diamond ,Plat ,or FTTF
  19. Galveston will let you sit outside the terminal and get fresh air and hopefully sunshine until it is your check in time !
  20. Been awhile since you cruised ,The boing machine is gone , all cards are now scanned
  21. Breeze is the best of Carnival ,, Been on 12 Carnival ships ,Breeze was the best
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