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  1. Three of us took a taxi from the port to Tarquinia. The Etruscan tombs were amazing as was the museum in Tarquinia.
  2. Glad to hear you're making these changes! It would be awful to be trapped. Enjoy Dubai and Jewel 😊
  3. Still waiting for January 2022 Caribbean 5/9 itineraries. What's the latest prognostication on ships available for the route? Thanks!
  4. I just found this chart and it says the family suite being discussed does receive gold card benefits. Too bad I didn't have that when I was reserving for my family - not happy with the agent at Next Cruise 😕 https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/what-are-the-benefits-of-the-suites-program
  5. I'm taking my family on a Baltics cruise this summer and planned to put them in this cabin so they would have suite benefits since I was reading posts to that effect. However the booking agent at Next Cruise checked several times (at my insistence) and said it was considered like a junior suite and did not receive a gold card, no matter what others said. Rather than promise something they might not get, I booked connecting balconies for the family.
  6. I'm one of many frequent cruisers who are fans of Radiance class and favor it over Vision class. I personally fail to see the wisdom of putting Radiance class on 4/5 day itins. For years they've had R ships on 10/11 day winter itineraries from Ft. Lauderdale but beginning in 2021 and again for 2022 they've put Vision and prices are staying lower than what I've been used to seeing for R class. I have to assume they're not selling as well with Vision on the route.
  7. They're going to be short on time to fill Jewel for winter 2020-21. I'm really curious about what they're going to do.
  8. Freedom also seems high for seven day Jan/Feb 2022 itineraries from San Juan.
  9. Anyone know if the C&A single supplement is generally available for GGG prices? Thanks.
  10. Besides the scheduling factor they burn less fuel at slower speeds - two years away and hard to know their thinking. I'm most interested in Jewel's TA following her 10 and 12 day October 2021 itins, but I have a Harmony cabin booked "just in case". They haven't released the JOS TA yet.
  11. Your photos are extraordinary!!! Shooting in raw, you must spend a lot of time perfecting them. Do you also play with HDR? Thank you for your comprehensive review!
  12. That sounds soothing. I felt a sore throat developing on my last cruise and decided to try a remedy I'd heard about, Starbucks Medicine Ball. It helped, but I'm sure my problem was a lot milder than Laura's.
  13. Thank you to all who search out port bookings and share the information here. I try to book as soon as cruises are released for price and cabin location advantages so this is my go to place for a preview of future ship locations and itineraries.
  14. Totally agree. Wish they would swap Brilliance and Vision. I'm disappointed with the abundance of 3/4/5 day itineraries, especially those using Radiance, Voyager and Freedom class ships.
  15. I will also be disappointed without Radiance class for 10/11 itineraries for winter 2021. Others have confirmed that Serenade and Radiance will be in the Pacific and Jewel is still in the Med in Nov. 2020 and speculation is she will go to Dubai. That leaves only Brilliance and she's in Tampa. The agent I spoke with this morning said Brilliance is scheduled for 3/4 day cruises from Tampa
  16. Vision is taking over those. Haven't seen them on website but confirmed by phone.
  17. Wonder where Serenade will show up for October 2020 then...transpacific???
  18. So far I get the impression Europe Phase 1 is Independence and Anthem. Was hoping for more since I bought two future bookings last week hoping to switch them to b2b with a 2020 WB TA. My free change expires 12/17
  19. That should be a good one! I probably won't book for May 2020 because I'm spending 24 days on Voyager in Australia from April into May. I look forward to cruising with you again!
  20. And you decided on Radiance rather than Ovation? I"m going to see the Next Cruise people today.
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