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  1. I just found this chart and it says the family suite being discussed does receive gold card benefits. Too bad I didn't have that when I was reserving for my family - not happy with the agent at Next Cruise 😕 https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/what-are-the-benefits-of-the-suites-program
  2. I'm taking my family on a Baltics cruise this summer and planned to put them in this cabin so they would have suite benefits since I was reading posts to that effect. However the booking agent at Next Cruise checked several times (at my insistence) and said it was considered like a junior suite and did not receive a gold card, no matter what others said. Rather than promise something they might not get, I booked connecting balconies for the family.
  3. I'm one of many frequent cruisers who are fans of Radiance class and favor it over Vision class. I personally fail to see the wisdom of putting Radiance class on 4/5 day itins. For years they've had R ships on 10/11 day winter itineraries from Ft. Lauderdale but beginning in 2021 and again for 2022 they've put Vision and prices are staying lower than what I've been used to seeing for R class. I have to assume they're not selling as well with Vision on the route.
  4. They're going to be short on time to fill Jewel for winter 2020-21. I'm really curious about what they're going to do.
  5. Freedom also seems high for seven day Jan/Feb 2022 itineraries from San Juan.
  6. Anyone know if the C&A single supplement is generally available for GGG prices? Thanks.
  7. Besides the scheduling factor they burn less fuel at slower speeds - two years away and hard to know their thinking. I'm most interested in Jewel's TA following her 10 and 12 day October 2021 itins, but I have a Harmony cabin booked "just in case". They haven't released the JOS TA yet.
  8. Your photos are extraordinary!!! Shooting in raw, you must spend a lot of time perfecting them. Do you also play with HDR? Thank you for your comprehensive review!
  9. That sounds soothing. I felt a sore throat developing on my last cruise and decided to try a remedy I'd heard about, Starbucks Medicine Ball. It helped, but I'm sure my problem was a lot milder than Laura's.
  10. Thank you to all who search out port bookings and share the information here. I try to book as soon as cruises are released for price and cabin location advantages so this is my go to place for a preview of future ship locations and itineraries.
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