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  1. Thank you. Reassuring . Just hope we don’t fail. Would be extremely disappointed to miss cruise after waiting so long. 🙏🤞🛳🍾
  2. For those using EUROFINS for their pre cruise PCR test. How quickly did you get the results and how easy was it to access them. Thank you in anticipation.
  3. Had an email 8th August for 28th sailing. Asking for bids on all suites. Already in Sky and I found this strange as there hasn’t been any availability Suites for a few months. It is normally 21 days ahead of cruise.
  4. TBH I find this unacceptable. Suite passengers pay a premium for extended service including early embarkation WITH Priority lines. Looking at the queues there appears to be no organisation and no celebrity staff available to sort it out. If guests are not sticking to their allocated embarkation times and turning up as early as they can. This will contribute to the chaos. Celebrity need to address this problem or they will lose loyal customers. Sorry rant over.
  5. Departure details from app. Elite and Elite + Guests Tuscan Grille from 7am to 9:45. Suite and Zenith Guests The Retreat Lounge from 7am to 9:45 am Concierge Guests Grand Cuvee from 7am to 9:30.
  6. Has anyone who has completed their cruise, received the Double captains club points award yet? Think it applied to Silhouette sailings from 23 July to 18 September?
  7. We received email on Sunday (8th) for our 28th Aug cruise. Our local Eurofins test centre was not listed and the closest was over 50 miles away. Called Eurofins customer service who I have to say we’re absolutely brilliant and they were able to book me and other half in at the local site (3 miles) for 25th August. If not sure give them a ring or email. Very helpful.
  8. I have received move up offer email exactly 21 days until cruise. I have the opportunity to bid on all suites above (I’m in Sky) however the retreat on my cruise is fully booked when trying a new booking with no availability. Am I wasting my time bidding?
  9. Hope you don’t mind me sharing IGHTEN. Just thought might be useful for who may find it difficult to access.
  10. That’s great news…Celebrity UK website hasn’t been updated yet but hopefully will be soon.
  11. Royal Suite on 28th August sailing became available yesterday for a short while.
  12. Do you think the 50% capacity will be by cabin type for example 50% suites, 50% aqua, concierge, verandah etc to allow some sort of social distancing due to location or will Celebrity operate first come first served and once 1443 passengers has been reached stop selling. Just noticed most of the Retreat suites for staycations are ‘sold out’.
  13. Just popped to local ASDA for petrol and a EUROFINS Portacabin was being set up in the car park. When I enquired about testing was advised it was invitation only Cruise passengers. Hopefully this is one of many being set up across the UK and passengers will not have to travel too far.
  14. Can you advise where the Eurofins test centre was in Bristol please? Thanks
  15. Thank you to all very helpful. $9 pppd plus tax? No discount for Captains Club membership irrelevant of status? Last question..how do you book and can you use OBC. Thank you.
  16. It’s seems to be extremely difficult to find this information on the Celebrity Website or in the cruise planner of the booking, which only shows the full cost of the packages, not the upgrade specifically to your booking, which isn’t ideal. I suspect it might mean we will have to speak to customer services if we can get through.
  17. Firstly apologies if this topic has featured before unfortunately cannot trace answer. We have Premium Drinks Package included with our Suite. We also have Captains Club status which I understand gives a discount on Drinks Packages and any upgrades. Can anyone please offer any advice on what the upgrade daily cost per passenger would be from premium drinks package to ‘drinks and more’ package and if any Captains club discount can be applied. Thank you. Regards
  18. Sorry JPH814. Today 3rd June 2020.
  19. Good news guys. Refund received.
  20. Brilliant news. Congratulations. I’m at Day 76 since cancellation so should I dare to hope my refund will arrive this week?
  21. My sentiments exactly. We are in the same boat, pardon the pun. Same cruise date although looks like you filed your claim a couple of days before. I think yes we should be shouting louder but will we be heard.
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