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  1. I have a cruise in January 2022 that was booked before September 30th 2021 to take advantage of the double points promotion. I originally booked a refundable rate and since then it has lowered in price and I could save a few hundred dollars by calling Royal and repricing it and changing to a non-refundable rate. Will my reservation booking date remain the same and will I still get my double points, or with the booking date change and thus make me ineligible for double points?
  2. A somewhat unrelated question .. Is it possible to RoyalUp to a JS? And if you do, do you get the double C&A points, or just single points since you only "booked" a regular room?
  3. Just got an email from Michael Bayley about the return of loyalty benefits. In there he mentioned a new expansion to CocoCay called Hideaway Beach. Any ideas or more details about this?
  4. I just checked in for the Symphony Nov 20th sailing. 1pm was the earliest time available for me.
  5. You can't control who does and does not get off the ship. What if there is an emergency and someone who isn't cleared to get off needs to get off. These rules are almost always all-encompassing. All or nothing, to cover unknown scenarios.
  6. I've said it before, I'll say it again. This all ends with a consolidation of rules. Doesn't matter where you are going, what ship you are on, or what state or port you depart from....all US sailings are going to have the same requirements. Vaccines, Masks, whatever they are. Same rules, regardless of sailings. Then there is no more confusion and ambiguity. Today's announcements just bring us closer to this. And if you think this won't get extended by the Bahamas before it expires on November 1st, then you are watching a different pandemic than I am.
  7. Yes, but they have cruises sailing already, and one leaving 9/3 for their private island in the Bahamas...that is 15 days away. They can't afford to drag their feet too much.
  8. Not sure how long this message was up but saw this on Royals Vaccine FAQ page: Some cruises departing Florida will require proof of full vaccination for guests 12 and up at time of boarding. In these instances, it is not a requirement of the State of Florida, but of the governments of one or more destinations on the ship’s itinerary. These governments may, at any time, implement a vaccine requirement of all eligible guests and crew onboard a ship in order for that ship to enter and dock at the country, for the health of their local community. See ports of call that are currently requiring proof of vaccination.  If you click the link, so far it only lists USVI. I expect to see Bahamas there "soon"
  9. Amazing that MSC reacted so quickly. I don't see Royal doing anything before tomorrow. And Disney will take a week to do anything.
  10. Agree. I think this increases the number of people willing to sail, not decreases. My parents are among them...they won't even consider a cruise unless the whole ship is vaccinated.
  11. So now every cruise that goes to Coco Cay must be fully vaccinated for 12+ I see Royal and many other cruise lines either ignoring FL law or just formally joining NCLs lawsuit any day now.
  12. Well, even "permanent" changes are only permanent until they decide to change them...but I do hope you are right. We are really looking forward to hitting Diamond this year for these perks.
  13. Yes, but I can get a Refreshment Package for less than half of the alcohol one if I think I will also get juices, coffee's, and waters each day on top of the 4 alcoholic drinks that already come with being Diamond.
  14. My understanding is that you need to pay the amount over $13 per drink regardless if it is a Drink Package, or the Diamond Drink Vouchers. is that right? For me, the diamond vouchers are more than enough. We are not big drinkers...got a drink package once on a cruise and I had to work at it to get my money's worth. I will get a beer or 2 during the day by the pool, maybe one cocktail, and a glass of wine with dinner. Even if I got 1-2 more each day above that, no way I would drink enough to warrant a drink package.
  15. Thanks everyone. Was trying to decide if a Drink package was worth it. This helps a lot!
  16. I've read some conflicting things on this, hoping someone here can help clarify. My wife and I are both Emerald now, but with the double-points perks we will both be Diamond by the end of this year. We have a 7-day cruise on the Oasis booked for March 2022. While on that cruise, will each of us get 4 Drink Vouchers each day (so 28 total per person)? I read on this forum that it was 4 for Diamond, but on Royal's site I read it was 3 per day. Also, can they still be used at any time during the day, or must they be used during a specific time window? And each one expires at the end of each day, so no rollover, right? I realize perks can change before then, just curious what it says as of now. Thanks!
  17. Wow, even faster than mine. Did you happen to put a travel date on your application and was it close?
  18. Has FL actually filed the appeal yet, or just their intent to appeal?
  19. I don't think you can use a 14th amendment claim against an injunction, if you could then the CDC would have used that claim against the injunction FL won on their lawsuit as it would have equally violated equal protection. As for this injunction, technically yes the only one's to currently benefit from it are NCL, Oceania and Regent. Will be interesting to see if any other cruise lines either join the case, or attempt to require vaccines anyway citing this injunction as precedent. I think everyone is just dancing on eggshells right now trying to figure out where all the chips fall.
  20. I believe they not only need 14 days with no passengers, but then after the 14 days they need either a test sailing or a 95% vaccinated conditional sail certificate. These cruises lines are going to need to cancel more than just 14 days of sailings.
  21. I've lost the ability to tell which posts are being sarcastic
  22. I think this is where relying on 3rd party companies helps. Doesn't matter how many ships you have, you contract the work out and it's the 3rd party that has to ramp up the resources. As for what they are verifying...no idea. Pretty sure when I created the account I had to agree to their terms of service and gave them authority on my behalf to obtain whatever info necessary to clear me to sail.
  23. Adding my children to the Safe Passage site was super easy. Yes it is an extra step and you are right it should be automated to create the sub account. Learning pains as with all new systems.
  24. Just to clarify, for Disney Cruise Lines, EVERYONE must create an account on the Inspire site. You then either choose to upload vaccine card, or upload your PCR test result taken 5 days before the cruise. You must have one of those to be clear to sail. This also let's Disney off the hook from validating the PCR test results, those are handled by the 3rd party as well. For all the talk about faking CDC cards, I'm surprised no one even thought if people are faking their PCR test results too. Would be so much easier than faking the card.
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