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  1. Thanks Jiffymom, We decided to rent a car. It will allow us to drive out to Land's End out at the end of Bailey's Island and a couple of other places which we like to visit during our time around Portland. Appreciate your assistance!
  2. Howdy Jiffymom, From where are you renting a car in Portland? We might want to do our own sightseeing tour. Thanks ddaz GBY
  3. Howdy KEN31VA, Which rental car company did you utilize? I am having troubles even locating a rental company. Thanks ddaz GBY
  4. Howdy Everyone, We just returned from our cruise with a stop in Grenada. We had a wonderful time on our private tour with Glenroy of Gifted Tours. Our tour included some additional non-standard stops and Glenroy was able to accommodate our requests with no problems and best of all, no extra costs. If you don't have anything planned, I would recommend that you consider contacting him as a possible option (glenroy@giftedtaxiservices.com).
  5. Lindseylu8 --- GREAT photos! --- Thanks for posting them. --- I am so looking forward to this stop. Thanks ddaz GBY
  6. Howdy, Does anybody have a preference between Carlisle Bay and Paynes Bay for snorkeling with the turtles? I understand that there are numerous beach clubs along Carlisle Bay which offer turtle tours, but I am concerned that this area may be overcrowded with us cruise ship passenger's. Thanks ddaz GBY
  7. Howdy Everyone, The reviews on this tour sound awesome and we are considering it, but have a quick question. Is this a tour with ample amounts of getting out of the tour bus and experiencing the island (sounds like it)? Or is there a lot of driving around in the bus with the guide pointing out, there's a tree, there's a bird, etc (I would suspect not)? Lastly, how many people were in the van? Lindseylu8 --- Love your photos --- If you have more, I would love to see them! Thanks ddaz GBY
  8. Howdy Ginny --- Can you post more on the specifics of your tour and the cost? Thanks ddaz GBY
  9. Howdy JohninDC, I really appreciated your response. GREAT answer! GREAT information! However, I would like to annoy you with another question. After doing a bit of research, I think I have reduced my options down to either the BoatYard or Harbor Lights. Do you have a recommendation on either of these options? Opinions on either option? Thanks for your earlier response. It made searching simple and quick. ddaz GBY
  10. Yes - Since these are national parks, your pass will work.
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