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  1. Hi Amazonracer A number of months ago, I had thought that a vacation (not a cruise) to the Caribbean next spring would be possible (I wasn't willing to book anything at the time), but now for myself, I think the Nov./Dec. 2021 time frame might be more realistic. Again, not a cruise, a land vacation at a resort would be more likely my first choice. I believe there will be a major shakeup in the cruise industry and it would be best to stand clear and see who is still operating.
  2. Hi Yes. No question, our surge is our surge. The reality is that even with the "surge" in this country, if you compare new cases with most EU countries (taking population into consideration) we are at only a fraction of the cases they are getting now. Pretty much the only reasons Canadians are travelling abroad is because they have to. The town I live in (granted, doesn't have a large population) still hasn't had a confirmed case, and we have a fairly large nursing home/retirement residence in town as well. I'd say I feel pretty safe here, it's only when I go somewhere else that risk rises. As far as EU, they aren't allowed to enter this country without restrictions. Nobody can.
  3. Hi While I might like going places and doing things, the short answer to the OP's questions is "No". Considering the larger picture, it doesn't even rate. I am happy, I am relatively safe, things are opening slowly here (with some back steps in the larger centers), but otherwise, if there was a better way, I think we would be doing it. It is hard for many, but it was hard for many even before the pandemic. We are in the middle of a pandemic, there is no normal, a cruise in my view is still laughable at this time. stay safe everyone
  4. Hi I find the results interesting. Seeing that there are over 30000 responses, I was curious (since this seems like a lot of clients for a TA) is this a large national company, or what. More to the point, would these responses be all from your region, or more diverse? If only your region, it would be good to also here from others in different areas of the country as well as what might be seen/felt in other countries. Obviously these attitudes change quickly over time, just as personal situations will continually change, without even considering the changes within the cruise industry as well as the greater travel industry.
  5. Hi there I see it and I understand, but it is not much different than the multiple threads that were always happening in the past on any other given subject. I guess it's the thrill of starting a new thread, or the fear that someone's concerns might be buried on some other longer thread that make people feel that starting a new thread is the way to go. I think more often it's just a case that people can't be bothered reading what others have had to say in the past. I believe the moderators here have done a great job, allowing a lot of flexibility and when seen fit, combining threads that are just repeating what has already been said. keep up the good work 😃
  6. Hi Carolyn Hate to point this out, but if it weren't for those posts, all umpteenth of them, there wouldn't have been a lot to dwell on for the last number of months. After all, this site is called Cruise Critic, and without cruises, this site didn't shut down mainly because that was/is the main concern for most and remains the only thing that is relevant (at least in North America) for those that have cruises booked at this time.
  7. ... but then she might not want to take him on the cruise.
  8. Hi I am sorry to say that I believe you are out of luck. I would say that generally, even with poor connections your wife will be able to use the social media sites. The issue has always been for the person that absolutely needs the speed and reliability that can only be had on land.
  9. Hi So, because your friend's restrictions do not prevent travel out of your country, the only concern would be for the countries that you enter. The best way to properly inform yourself, would be to contact the consulate or embassy of each country that you would possibly visit. Whatever a cruise line or someone on this forum would tell you really is of little importance if they give you the wrong information. Very often on this site you will see advice such as, "don't tell anyone and you likely won't get caught". Just as an example of information that may work, but also might not. hope this helps
  10. Hi True, but they do need to quarantine. How long, where, etc., responses to these issues are going to be determined by each country involved. Infected crew members can't just be sent home, any more than the passengers. That is one of the major problems with large crowds and asymptomatic individuals carrying the virus.
  11. Hi That's the whole point. Nobody, including you, even knows if cruises will start before Feb. If you look back a few months on this site, you will see many posters who were very confident that their Aug. (as well as Jul., Sep., Oct.) cruises would sail. Are you as confident as they were? People were making lots of money buying and selling the company shares during those months as well. The bottom line... if they don't start, they can go broke. When they do start again, whoever is still standing will possibly have a viable business model. There will be a reassessment of the industry, once it restarts, not before. Not only do we not know when they might start up, but we also don't know anything about what extra costs will be involved (without even looking at debt). We don't know how the customers will respond. We don't know what type of competition the cruise lines will face. Land based vacation packages are happening now. If the price isn't just right and customers don't like the way restrictions affect the cruise experience, even if they are able to operate, they may not be competitive any more. You said it, "get cruises going without issue and you will see them hit 30 by Feb." Please explain to me how the situation has improved since Mar., to indicated that this could actually happen, sometime in the near future. This will take years to play out, just like all the other potential bankruptcies forecast around the world.
  12. Hi Are you thinking that because a given company's share price is going up today it can't go broke tomorrow? As long as you understand that a company (any company) needs to make a profit to stay in business. All these companies are not only not making a profit but are losing money every day, and have been for quite a while now. Given the fact that people are still asking questions on sites like this "will my Dec. cruise be cancelled?", indicates nobody really know when they might start operating again. The question has always been how long can they survive. You do understand, if these companies fail (seek creditor protection) it isn't the end of cruising. It just means they will restructure, most of the people they owe money to will receive little, as well as shareholders, and in time they will restart operations. The problem for us gung ho cruisers is that, we don't know when that will be. Most other companies that were losing a billion $'s a month, now down to 1/2B a month would have shut their doors a long time ago. It is just that with so much at stake many people are willing to take the risk. The risk has always been and still is, that if this virus isn't under control and people can't safely travel internationally, cruising won't restart.
  13. Hi Clo A lot of people are doing exactly that. Many have even said, on this site, that if they lose their money, that it is no big deal.
  14. I believe this number might be high.
  15. Hi Without seeming too negative, I think that at this time, they would dedicate few resources on things that may or may not be required in the future. First you would have to suppose that individual/s who normally work on projects like these are still employed.
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