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  1. Hi Why would you not want to protect yourself? Hep A & B vaccines are recommended if you are travelling just about anywhere, nowadays. Do you never want to travel again? It really can't be the price. How much is this trip costing you?
  2. Hi Pictures have been shown on this site that on certain ships (unsure if it would be any specific company wide) of lists of people who have opted out of the regular daily gratuities charges. These pictures were taken of items on bulletin boards while passengers were on "behind the scenes" tours. This is why many of those people who do not want to pay the gratuities as the cruise lines request are more often waiting till the last night before they go to guest services to ask that the charges be removed. For me this would clearly indicate concern of some retaliation. No matter how much people insist they are not planning on stiffing the staff, doing it this way suggest otherwise. After all, they only made the changes to the way gratuities were given out because too many people were more than willing to take advantage of the staff in this way. Some cruise lines are making an effort to make it more difficult to opt out. Eventually the companies will figure out the best way, but in the meantime, those who are willing to make this the way they control their vacation spending will continue to do so. For the OP, if you leave the prepaid gratuities in place and you give those staff members who have given you service that you feel warrants any additional amount, give it in cash while thanking them. That way you can be sure that they know it was from you. Welcome to Cruise Critic. hope this helps
  3. Hi Somehow, it always gets back to the cost. That's why the typical questions on this forum is "Is Cheers worth it?". How many times have your read that? In this situation, even responsible people say "it started to feel like an obligation to try and get our money's worth". Even though they knew enough to slow down, they more than likely drank more than they normally would have. Alcohol is a poison, the more you drink, the more it hurts the body and yet these cruise lines promote these drink packages because it's makes more money for them. They sell these bundled products to increase their revenue, even when the product they are selling can hurt their customers.
  4. Hi You would think the numbers would be enough, but you have to remember, NCL has an unlimited drinks package. 🍻πŸ₯‚πŸΈπŸ· πŸ˜‚ For some, just finding the right deck can be challenging.
  5. Hi Definitely the price would have been much cheaper for a direct flight to Toronto and hotel in Niagara falls compared to a flight and hotel stays in New York.
  6. Hi Babs I would agree. While the Falls are a wonderful sight any time of the year, 3 days in Niagara without available transportation (car), would limit your potential enjoyment of the area. I also agree that being in Toronto itself, with perhaps a day trip to Niagara falls would have been preferable. You could always ask if they would allow this as an option for you. That being said, if you were in Niagara Ontario as opposed to Niagara New York (would be important to understand), you could rent a car and travel around the Niagara area, or simply do a day trip to Toronto, or both. You could do that with either a bus or train. I would not choose to drive in Toronto. If however your hotel were on the New York side this would not be an option and I would not suggest this portion of the trip worthwhile.
  7. Hi Babs Could you be a little more clear. You mention Niagara Falls in your title. In your post you mention Toronto, then you say 3 nights in Niagara (region?). You are talking about a large area. Without thinking too hard, there would be people who live in Toronto who have never been to Niagara falls. Could you be more specific in what you are looking at as far as your itinerary in the area and what specifically your concerns are. Also please talk more of the cruise itself, my (limited) understanding was that the ships that went to Toronto were mostly Great Lakes cruises.
  8. Hi If this really were the case (of course I don't actually know), then which cabin would have a restricted passenger # would be arbitrary. They could just as easily restrict the number of people in any other cabin within your muster group (one that hasn't been booked yet). That's their only limiting requirement... the spaces available in the lifeboat. You could ask for clarification on this point. Good luck to your husband. I do think he should press them to "correct" their problem. Remind him it's not worth getting angry, you are still going to have a great cruise. Also Mr. Heald is quite responsive and you can present your dilemma on his FB page.
  9. Hi I agree, but the same could be said of many cruise line excursions...too little time to see what is there. In the situation where a cruise ends in a city where you will be flying out, the more obvious idea would be to stay in either Montreal or Quebec city or both for that matter, and fly out a day or two later. Of course, if you don't have time or can't do it for any other reason, a few hours in Old Montreal is better than nothing.
  10. Hi I agree that is a bummer. I was wondering, because the few times I have had a balcony cabin, there was always a sofa in the cabin, which could convert to a day bed.
  11. Hi So, what they are saying is that the complaints they get when they try to do something is more of an inconvenience to them than if they do nothing. This would suggest that until the complaints about them doing nothing are more overwhelming than them enforcing their rules nothing will be done. They can say anything they want, this is not a new issue. If they really wanted to address the issue they could have long ago. This would be the same for all cruise lines. The only recourse for us (as I see it) would be to take one of two avenues. Complain each and every time. Direct it to staff on deck and then to guest services, as well as any managers that you can pin down. The other choice which I would not normally suggest would likely solve the problem for individuals more immediately. I have been up early and have seen these dastardly "chogs" in action. If they can do it, and it seems the companies are tacitly condoning it, then it would be an option for everybody. Perhaps once the cruise lines see all their deck chairs "occupied" with nobody actually sitting in them they would be more compelled to do something. What would you have to lose, you would have a chair "reserved" for the day and the most you would have to lose would be an old pair of flip flops and a book. People would actually "pay" more to be able to reserve a chair in their preferred location. Hopefully that doesn't become the final solution. They have gone that way in a lot of instances with their exclusive ship/deck areas. It could be another cash cow for many cruise lines.
  12. Hi As you said, Carnival is a big company that could afford to fund their own library if they chose to. Of course, if you finish a book on the ship and don't want to carry it home, leave it in the library. Perhaps look for a local charity that might be able to sell them at some fundraiser.
  13. Hi Clearly, as you said one person's opinion. To suggest that the steaks, or the seafood dishes could be prepared and held for 3-4 hours is funny. That would mean you couldn't get a "rare" steak much past 6 p.m. πŸ˜ƒ Perhaps the soup. It sounds more like a comment from someone who would have a hard time preparing something beyond a boiled egg. That would have to be a "hard boiled" egg. You wound just have to look at the trays at the buffet to understand.
  14. Hi beshears The way you do this is simply to go to the Carnival site and look up the price of your cabin category, for your given cruise. Make sure you are looking at exactly the same cabin class and the price with all the taxes and port fees included. You will notice that when you get to the cabin selection, there will be an choice of "let us pick your cabin or pick your own". Look at "all" your choices. On the "pick your own" side there is an additional "show all options". This will show you the prices that anyone who has never cruised with Carnival before can book that cruise. To see if you will get any extra discount using your VIFP#, simply do the same thing except "log in" to the Carnival site. You may or may not see more (perhaps lower) options when you get to choosing your cabin. When you book, make sure you note your "booking rate" (that's the super saver, past guest, early saver...etc.). Make sure you understand any restrictions for that particular rate. When you do log in to the Carnival site, you can also click on your name (it's on the top right). You will see a drop down menu, one of the choices is "my offers". Click that, you might get a good surprise. This is a "mock booking". I gather you booked the "early saver" rate. With that rate you would be entitled to benefit from any price drop up till 2 days before your cruise sail date. It is up to you to monitor this. You would need to do these mock bookings to determine if you are entitled to any rebates. Your PVP will not do this for you. If you see a price drop, call them immediately and they will process it for you. You have to make sure you are looking at the same "cabin class" to determine if you qualify for a price drop. They will allow you to upgrade (if prices have fallen and you choose a better cabin class). They will not allow you to downgrade, without penalty. Other booking rates may allow for price protection, but generally it is only until "final payment". hope this helps have a great cruise
  15. Hi Yes, absolutely, for some it is a booze cruise... especially over a weekend. The good thing is that you don't need to be part of the party any more than you want to. enjoy
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