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  1. Hi Thanks Capt.BJ, that's good to know. I didn't realize the changes that were made. That would make a big difference.
  2. Hi Without checking into all the details, I think the two ships will be docked next to each other. It is a relatively small port. If you have ordinary mobility, you should be able to walk it with your luggage. If you need help with your luggage you could pay one of the porters to walk the luggage with you. If you cannot walk it you could take a taxi, but as I said, I believe we are talking about several hundred yards at most.
  3. yes, and that is how the virus can continue to spread. At this point, more often to those who are not vaccinated. Until enough people are protected sufficiently the cycle continues.
  4. Hi There is also one in Jamaica and I am sure others as well. best bet is to go to the "port of calls" section of this site and look up the country you will be sailing to. You will find lots of valuable information there.
  5. Hi There you go, an easy fix would be to get some shirts or shorts with a slightly larger pocket. We are only talking about a card the size of a credit card. Just to be clear... we are talking about your room key.
  6. This isn't complicated. It has already been stated that it is sold as a powder. Just add water, and ready to go. Easy to carry, and no question about whether it would be allowed on board.
  7. Hi I had taken one of the excursions that went with a smaller boat as a partial transit through a few locks and I found it to be a long and tiring day. Might even go as far as to say, boring. My thought on this subject was that being able to see the operation of the locks from outside the canal was much more interesting. I had done this at the Miraflores locks, where I was able to see everything about the operations as well as the history. It was much more fun for me watching these large ships passing through the locks up close rather than going through it in a relati
  8. Hi It would seem you are hoping for a Carnival price tag with accompanying amenities for something that is currently being offered at 5-6 times the cost without the amenities. I agree with what has already been pointed out, that if it was feasible, it would have already been done. If you just want to see the U.S. port towns (or Canadian cities for that matter), a road trip would be more reasonable.
  9. Hi Lax You could book the entire ship if you chose. You haven't explained your particular "booking problem". It might not be as complicated as you feel.
  10. Hi I would imagine that they would all be ready to start up their cruise business again. You could always call or email them. They are all very nice people to deal with.
  11. Hi Ice Berg Ahead I am not quite certain why you feel the need for a roll call type opportunity for a group tour. Considering the roll call is in place to help introduce people to each other who otherwise might not get together. That is not the case on your typical bus tour, for instance. You will see and have the opportunity to speak and interact with the same people every day during your tour. Rather than understanding who you may want to spend more time with, my experience would be that it was more important knowing who you would prefer to stay away from. If you get along with o
  12. Hi Of course I have now idea of your likes or dislikes. I would suggest that it is something that you will need to determine for yourself. In other words try it, you may like it. After all, some people still call Carnival the Walmart of cruise lines. It doesn't confuse me, I shop there as well, when the price is right. I have sailed on the Sunshine and enjoyed myself, but then again I can't say that I have ever been on a cruise where I didn't enjoy myself. If there are more specific things that you are looking for, please be specific. The "mass market cruise lines" are
  13. Hi They are accepted on Carnival ships. That is what the OP is sailing on. This can be found on Carnival's FAQ pages under "Sail & Sign onboard Account" rules. hope this helps
  14. Hi Boozin If you can get travelers checks from your bank without fees, get them. The cruise ships are probably one of the few places you can cash them without problems. Get large denominations and that "bulge" in your wallet will be manageable. The casino will be happy to cash them for you and give you whatever denominations you want. have a great cruise
  15. Hi I would just pick the cruise you would prefer, then the land part just comes with it. I don't know your kids tastes but a few days or a week at Florida's theme parks, Everglades, beaches, sounds like fun to me. ... but I am an old man. 😀 You could spend more than a day at the Kennedy Space Center all by itself. have a great cruise
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