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  1. Hi Yes that is all well and good, but you do have to at least acknowledge that there were cruises scheduled to sail in May, June, and July. The people who booked those would have been happy to sail as well. While you may very well be correct that Los Angeles cruises will begin in September, you don't have a crystal ball, just as I don't. These are scheduled, just like the ones that were scheduled for May, June, and July.
  2. Hi You could see how the cruise lines are basically going to do anything that is required of them, by law or whatever other governing body they are going to respect. With that being said, they at this time would look on the situation as being fluid. Good or bad for the industry, it won't be because the companies involved would not do things in regards to health and safety that were not instructions. In regards to your concern, I would think that since the cruise lines see the unfolding of events possibly changing each day. Why would they allow you to cancel at this time, as others noted, you may cancel yourself. They could be hoping (since everybody is hoping) that early sailings went off without issue and rules could be relaxed some more. The very worse for the cruise line, of course, would be if things didn't go off well, and in fact your cruise ended up being cancelled. In that event, they would be in possession of your money. Either way, they have no motivation to ask you to rebook. Perhaps, try to get a PVP. Talk to the person a bit over a some of time, and ask if they could help you.
  3. Hi Yes, but when you just state numbers like that, it's obviously just relative. For instance, take the numbers you mention... is that good? The town I live near hasn't had any cases, even in the seniors residences and there are two in town. Granted, it's a small community, but it says one main thing. If someone in town were to get the virus now, it would have to come from someone outside the community. At this time there are only a few ways to try and prevent this. Social distancing and wearing a mask, oh yes, don't forget to wash your hands before you stick your fingers in your mouth. So, should we outlaw strangers from town? I don't think so. However, if people are asked to give more room or to wear a mask. Please show some respect. It's not a challenge of peoples' freedoms, it's just asking for some help, while trying to find a safe path to our future. Nobody (really, nobody) has the answers yet, but there are many smart people working on them. Don't let the flotsam confuse you.
  4. Hi Since this is just a guessing game, why would you imagine there would be no long lines. Did you consider if there were half capacity, there could just as easily be half the crew. After all, if the cruise line is trying to make it safer, they are the one in the most at risk position. Just look at their quarters. Now, if that is where you started your thought process, you could consider that there may be fewer venues entirely, with controlled entry. So, they could just as easily hand out beepers, to let you know when you can go in the pool. I could throw out some other ideas, but now that I have mentioned it, I am sure you could think of them yourself. If I was going on the cruise, I would be hoping that everything was well thought out too , but, you can't always count on it. truly hope you have a great cruise 🛳️
  5. Hi Sorry, if you don't understand, I can't help you. At the same time, if it plays out even close to what you are suggesting, then you should book a cruise sooner than later, because there won't be an industry for long if there are issues on board. Of course this is projection and only my opinion, and I have been wrong at least once before. 😃
  6. Hi Those aren't "safety" issues, that are likely government mandated, with the possibility of an industry failing if there are problems. It's a no brainer for the company. Either follow the rules or get of the ship, and as I mentioned before, if the circumstance rises to what may be considered a criminal act wherever you may be, they will be calling the police as well. At least for now, it's not hard to understand, things will be different.
  7. Hi "Are they going to toss people off the ship." The answer to your question is "yes". You are not only refusing to comply with a directive from ship's crew, (just to add again, this is already a requirement stated in the contract. no change in the wording is required) you would be refusing to comply with what would be considered a safety regulation. Do you not have those at work? Do you not comply there? Where I used to work, that would be grounds for dismissal. We live with all kinds of rules. If you only obey the ones that are to your liking, eventually are going to get in trouble.
  8. Hi Yes. I am more specifically speaking to those that have been offered more than generous pricing and additional OBC (after cancelled cruises) that are now hopeful that it may happen this August. We are all hoping these cruises go off without incident, because if it doesn't, I am sure you realize that it might be the end for an industry. So, I am curious, you haven't been able to take advantage of the almost free cruises being offered and you never had the opportunity to cancel before final payment? That doesn't sound right? Just wondering, because I have given it some thought and decided I wouldn't sail anytime this year. I felt this decision would allow me to see what happens. I am not losing out by not going on a free cruise.
  9. Hi I think you are missing one large aspect of the situation. The bookings were made in an environment where everyone knew that everything has "fundamentally changed". The main point of this situation is that nobody actually knows what "will be". There were significant concessions made by the cruise lines to try to keep things going. The cruise lines have enticed passengers to continue booking by offering almost free cruises. You (everyone who books) are going into this with your eyes wide open. They are not going to go over every line item with each customer to make sure you are satisfied. I would liken it to buying an "as is" item. Nobody will have any avenue for complaint if something doesn't go to your liking. Of course, just my opinion. All the companies will do everything they are "required" to do to continue operations. Whatever they do, won't be just to make you feel more comfortable. It will be because governments have made it a requirement. They will be trying to protect and restart their industry. Think about that and then tell me you really don't think a "mask policy is enforceable". Once security is called, if you don't comply with requests made, you will be failing to comply with the general contract that you made by booking. That contract allows them to confine you or have you put off the ship for not following directions made by the crew. Once on the ship, you may be the customer, but they are in charge. If you happen to be in a port where this type of action would be considered against the law, you could also find yourself arguing in a court of law. Is that the type of vacation you are looking for?
  10. Hi tap_out, So, the cruise line has done it's job. Look at yourself, with all your concerns, you are willing to consider booking a trip, it would seem, mostly because they have made you feel that "this deal is almost too good to pass up". As you say, if you book, and all those things that you say you don't want to do, or would take away from your enjoyment are in place, you would just have to, as they say, just suck it up. Don't forget, on the ship, you won't be able to get away with not doing anything they say is "required", just because you don't like it. After all, this will be a new "start" for them, and nobody will want to screw it up. You wouldn't be able to complain to anybody, because you knew there was a possibility going in. If we all knew what the future held in store for us there would be no mystery in life. You didn't even mention, that one other possibility was that the cruise could be cancelled. Anything is possible. If the option to do something else is there, that you feel more comfortable about, why would you even hesitate? The money you feel you are "saving" can't really justify your anxiety over this, can it? Don't forget, there are a whole bunch of us, who are not going on this cruise, who are hoping it works out. Yes, I could book an almost free cruise too. The difference is that I have already made my decision. I understand, it's enticing.
  11. Hi Considering people Covid (aka BC) many people were making every effort possible to wipe down every surface they may touch, including a deep clean of their cabins, why wouldn't it be reasonable to do the same on the machine just before you play. After all, you only are going to be touching a very few square inches of the machine surface. That is unless you are one of those that feel it necessary to be very touchy with the screen. Again, as has been mentioned often enough, If someone is not going to be comfortable with the precautions that can be taken within reason, they won't go on a cruise. If the prevalence of the virus is still great, at any given time in any given place, there just won't be cruises. Nobody will take the risk. You won't be able to buy affordable insurance that will cover you. Remember, every time people talk about a return to this or that, they are talking about doing it safely. If it is not seen as safe, there won't be cruises.
  12. Hi George Short answer. No. Your question isn't quite complete. If the question was would I go on a cruise like that last year, the answer might have been yes. If the question was, would I go on a cruise like that next year, again, the answer would be maybe. If the question was, would you consider this cruising, the answer would be No. One more time, if the question were would I go on a cruise like that anytime between now and many months after cruises had started up again without incident, then the answer would be "No". The way you are phrasing this, makes it seem like you are just so desperate. I love the ocean as much as anyone. There are other options, such as a private yacht. In time we will all see, if there is a viable cruising industry and it is safe for us to travel that way, you can go on the cruise to nowhere, I'll go somewhere I would like to visit.
  13. Hi Why should I take offence, if you don't want to hear from me, after all, I know nothing about you. I wouldn't hold it against you. Some of those people who may not have the answer that you are looking for, may have ideas that could help you. I do agree with BlueRiband that you have to be specific about the situation otherwise how would one know if it was a similar circumstance. I don't know if you have already read your contract, but they are very specific about what you are covered for as well as what you are not covered for. There is nothing we can say that will change what is written in your contract, and I would imagine that you understand that they are all different. sorry if this doesn't help
  14. Hi Just wondering... if you have concerns, why are you considering booking. I have to admit I looked at all the offers that I was/am getting from CCL and they look like an almost free cruise. So it came down to this for me. With the concerns I had (and I did have more than what you have mentioned), I thought about it somewhat (I do seem to have lots of time to think these days) and I realized the only reason I would book anything (not just one of these almost free cruises), would be to save some money. I have for most of my life been frugal and proud of it. Even with that background, and a love of cruising, after weighing the pros and cons it was obvious that the most I would stand to gain by trying to be one of the first to cruise again would be some money. By waiting I would lose nothing. When I cruise again it will be because the price is right, the itinerary is right, the time of year is right, and I am not "nervous about pulling the trigger". (your words) Once again. What do you have to gain?
  15. Hi Possibly things could seem manageable in your environment. You take your precautions (everything you can, or feel you need, only natural). If someone gets sick, they go to the hospital. Hopefully they get better. That is not the case (at this time) for cruise lines. Imagine, cruises are available, people book. Imagine again, governments have opened their ports and are welcoming tourists. The cruise lines take all the precautions they feel are prudent (they even might have government directives as to what is required). Now, finally imagine, someone gets sick on board (even just one). What do you think will happen? You can't buy insurance that will cover this. Unless major changes happen and all countries feel that they have a vested interest in a successful cruise industry, that would likely be the end of cruising as we know it.
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