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  1. Nic6318

    Alaska Shore Excursion booking

    Hi Welcome to cruise critic. An excellent question. Of course the answer is, it depends on how great your fear of "missing the boat" is. As mentioned, the tour providers in ports around the world, make their living, getting you back on time. There always can be a mechanical failure that could be a problem. But, this wouldn't be any greater a likelihood, of a flight delay not getting you to the ship on time initially, or even an accident on the road. For all these unexpected and unfortunate reasons, you need to have insurance so it won't totally ruin your vacation. This site has an excellent "port of calls" thread, as well as "North American" homeport threads. If you look down the "main forum" page you will find links to both of these. You will be able to get many more ideas about things that might appeal to you at each of your stops, as well as other people's recent experiences with the tour operators involved. The homeports threads will give you information on the departure city and return city (if different), such as hotels, transportation, airport info., as well as things to do and restaurants. Consider making your excursion decisions as soon as possible, since in Alaska the operators are limited, and as you realize, they are also catering to the cruise ships. hope this helps you get started on this site have a great cruise
  2. Nic6318

    Flight Time on Departure FLL

    Hi It's one of those easy answers. Of course you can make it, unless there is a problem. Those darn problems, you never know. If there is a delay, you could miss your flight. hope this helps
  3. Nic6318

    Taking water and/or soda on board

    Hi You need to bring it on board with you as a carry on. The same if you are bringing any bottles of wine. have a great cruise
  4. Nic6318

    Cheers cost analysis

    Hi There is also included milkshakes, juices, smoothies, and sports drinks as well. Pretty much anything you might want to drink. You also get discounts for things that might not be included, such as bottles of wine.
  5. Nic6318

    Long beach luggage porters

    Hi Please remember that while some feel hostility or pressure to tip more, it isn't the normal experience. This thread was "dead" for nine years. Now if you look, the same person who dug this thread up managed to find an open again another similar thread that was originally opened in 2005, just to say the same thing. He/she has even thought the need to quote him/herself??? This person joined this site on Monday. We have seen this formula before, you have to take these entries with the grain of salt they deserve. This site wasn't designed to specifically air one's complaints. If you have a real issue, direct it to the company, they are the only ones that can correct it.
  6. Nic6318

    Question about beds for 3rd person

    Hi Sorry, I but what specifically said was "I don't know anything about different classes of ships". Then I went on to state my (specific) experiences, not a statement of fact. I did make a mistake, you are not Mr. Perfect, at first I was in awe. Please get off your high horse.
  7. Nic6318

    Question about beds for 3rd person

    Hi Wow...excuse me. I suppose you have never been wrong before. It's nice to know there is at least one perfect person in this world. Personally I have been wrong before and will likely will be wrong again. It would be best for you to ignore my future comments. Oh, I forgot, Mr. Perfect will want to correct me. Thanks in advance. So, I don't have to worry about being in error.
  8. Hi Yes...Rent a car. You have many options for the day. If you haven't been before I would suggest the Kennedy Space Center, you can spend the whole day there, and it is quite close to the port. have a great cruise
  9. Nic6318

    Question about beds for 3rd person

    Hi I don't know anything about different classes of ships, but I have been on many Carnival cruises and if you book an OV or balcony cabin, they all have a couch that would be a good option for sleeping. hope this helps
  10. Nic6318

    Skagway car rental

    Hi I think you are thinking of Juneau, you were probably at the Mendenhall glacier. From Skagway you can drive into Canada, through British Columbia and into the Yukon. It is quite a scenic drive.
  11. Hi At this stage in my life, I would love to find a cruise buddy, but if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. If I am going on a vacation, no matter where, I am going to have fun. Even if I am alone. You have to remember, the other people on the ship didn't book the cruise to meet you. While not being closed to what is happening around you, it would be best to appreciate that if you did meet someone who you were able to get along with, it would be an amazing fortunate coincidence, not necessarily something to be expected. If you do continue to go on cruises, you need to learn from the past. Apart from the fact that a 3 day cruise is more trouble than it's worth (in terms of seeing new places), as others have pointed out, they are "booze cruises", and you don't drink. Also, just wanted to through this out, in social settings where people are drinking, it isn't unheard of to drink beverages that don't contain alcohol. Now back to the 3 day cruise...even if you were to meet somebody, great, the next day the cruise is over. As I said, for myself, I would be looking to have fun. Where were these 3 day cruise going to, and what were your plans to have fun. A big thing about cruises is getting to see new places and doing new things. Do some research on where you can go, and what you might be able to do that would interest you, even if you are alone. If it means you need more time to save up for a longer cruise, it might well be worth it. Last comment...there are cruise sites that will pair up single cruisers. This isn't meant as any sort of dating site, it is only to help reduce the cost for single cruisers. The singles booked with this site would naturally get to meet each other. That could work as an icebreaker to meeting people, but it is not necessarily an answer for you. We are not allowed on this site to name names of other travel agents, but if you go online and search for information on solo cruising, you will likely find what I am referring to. hope this helps have a great cruise if you go again
  12. Nic6318

    Safe in room and Zip-lining

    Hi Welcome to cruise critic. You can pay for an excursion when you are on shore with cash. This would be to a 3rd. party (not cruise line) excursion. So, you are going to a port (presumably you have never been to before), you get off the ship and you don't know what you will be doing. You see a taxi driver, they offer to bring you around the island, maybe there is a bus loading up offering a tour. Are you going to get on? How are you going to decide what is a fair price? How do you even know there will be tour vendors available at the port? If not, will you be happy just wandering around. Some ports there is literally little or nothing at the port. It would be good to know this before you get there. You come to a web site like this to do some research. There are threads on this site dedicated to all the "port of calls". You can find them on the main forums page if you scroll down. You want to have an idea of what you might want to do at each port before you get there. You could purchase a cruise line excursion the day before you arrive at port, so you can be more certain that you are feeling well. On the ships, they have people who will talk about the ports themselves. They might suggest things you would be interested in. On the ship, all purchases are typically charged to your account. You can pay that account at any time with cash, but most people will allow it to be charged to their credit card, just for the simplicity. There are no surprise charges. You know what you have purchased while on the ship. You can check daily/hourly your account, in fact you should check occasionally to make sure there are no mistaken charges. The only time you would need/use cash on the ship is if you choose to give someone an additional tip, or if you are using cash in the casino. Make sure you also go to the thread dedicated to the cruise line you are sailing with. That's also found on the main forums page. You can ask questions specific to that cruise line. Just reading questions from others will usually bring up other questions yo may ask. Ask all the questions before you go on the cruise. Usually I would suggest you ask the questions before you actually spend any money. The reason people are often disappointed while on a cruise is because of things they did not know or understand. hope this helps have a great cruise
  13. Nic6318

    specialty dining free lunch

    Hi I understand it might be minor, but there is no such thing as a free lunch. You have paid for it. Enjoy. 😀
  14. Nic6318

    Park West art auctions?

    Hi It isn't a real auction. There is no real bidding. They tell you what the price is, that's where the "bidding" starts. That's where it ends normally. They have hundreds more of the same pieces that they will sell next week for the same price. They aren't real paintings. Mostly, lithographs, serigraphs, reproduction prints, "embellishments". I believe they make most of their money from frames and delivery charges. Like anything else on the ships, understand what you are buying. If it is something you like, then go ahead, make the purchase. These aren't original works of art. That's why they can have them lying around on chairs, hanging without glass protection, where anyone can touch them with their grimy hands. In the past, what I have noticed is that once they "sell" what I gather is their needed quota, they will give away any given number of prints. At that point, all they want is you to pay for the delivery and framing.
  15. Hi Why on earth would you feel the bartender would not like you. That's really not part of their job. It's really not important to be liked by a bartender. You are already supporting them in their employment, and you are additionally giving what is mandated as a sufficient "tip". Once you have done this, you have done your part. Enjoy your vacation. For those that think there is some conspiracy in these cruise lines finding was to increase their revenue rather than add to the pay of their employee, have you considered that they could just raise the price of the cruise itself by just a few dollars for everybody and make much more money, with nobody recognizing the case. Cruising is as cheap as it gets for vacation choices. Those that pay more do so as a choice.