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  1. Considering the weather, which month is better - February or March. Thank you.
  2. Would like to book Patagonia and Argentina. Considering the weather is February better than March? Thank you.
  3. Could you please tell me what cabin this is? Thank you.
  4. Check the ship class, that probably has a lot to do with it. You can always call customer service.
  5. Unless they moved it, It is on deck 10 and even there it is not that much of an issue. We will take deck 10 if it is the only one corner left. But, prefer 8 or 9.
  6. We are thinking about taking a Celebrity cruise out of Port Canaveral. Since we are about an hour driving distance to the port, we would like to give it a try. The cruise terminal in Fort Lauderdale is so easy to navigate. Can someone tell me about your experience with Port Canaveral. Is it easy to get to, is there plenty of parking and transportation? Thank you for your help.
  7. I remembered from years ago there was a website that listed some of the ships that were booked for large groups. Took me awhile, but I found one. There are only a few charters listed for Celebrity ships. I think there is another website I will keep looking. See this website https://www.cruisetimetables.com/full-cruise-ship-charters.html
  8. VMax1700 Would you please tell me where I can get the information for Charters? Thank you
  9. High On The Seas How do you research whether there is a large group on your sailing? Thank you.
  10. Could you please post the email address for Laura, or tell me where I can find it. Thank you
  11. hardbal92 Were you able to get your go green points. I am still working on it.
  12. Absolutely having a problem, not just with the go green, but also with getting points for the past web-bar (December activity) and recent questionnaire. Have been working on this for a long time. It is important to me because it will put us into the Elite Plus Category. I have faith in the representative I spoke with today. Here is hoping it gets resolved soon. Just an FYI, I was asked if I took a screenshot of my completed email signing up for going green to prove I actually did! Next time I definitely will.
  13. Thank you. Buying the water is fine, I just don’t like the cans. We will be on a southern Caribbean cruise next week.
  14. Does Celebrity still provide a bottle of water (plastic) when you are leaving on a shore excursion? Have they switched to cans? thank you.
  15. Just wondering, if items are not on the menu - do they give you a paper menu in the restaurant, or does the waiter tell you additional items without your asking? Thank you.
  16. Thank you both. I am going to make a reservation now for September. So glad, I asked about this early. Two weeks ago we flew out of Jacksonville and luckily we did a dry run to the airport a few days before our flight and all the parking areas were full. Having to make a parking reservation in advance is new to us. Luckily we were able to do a park and fly at the Doubletree and it was very reasonable.
  17. Looking for advice on where to park and leave car for 14 days. Thank you
  18. bdd123 I did bring a heating pad and put it on the very top of my clothes in the suitcase. It went through security with no problem. I did use it and left it out (unplugged of course 😁) where the room attendant would see it. There were no issues with my having a heating pad in the room. We were on the ship for 3 weeks, so there was plenty of time for the room attendant to confiscate it, if it were an issue. I have a travel size pad. It is about 12” by 12” I bought on Amazon. The iron is definitely not allowed. I don’t use a curling iron, but I believe they are allowed. Happy cruising.
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