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  1. So I am doing a 7 day cruise to Norway from Southampton next July and I'm seriously thinking that as long as I'm in Europe I should try to stay a little longer and mark off something on my bucket list. I am thinking about Scotland as I just watched Outlander and I'm reading the books (I know I'm late to the party). There are a lot of land tour companies out there and in the past I have been on three of them so I know what to expect. You might want to look at Gate 1 as they are very economical and they are always running specials.
  2. Yes you can use with the Social Media Package. I did this on my TA cruise in April and it was so cool. I texted and even talked to my friend that was touring Paris from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. You can google on how this app works which is what I did as this was the first time I had used it.
  3. I went through this several months ago for a 15 day TA. I was in a balcony and the mini-suite was priced $600 less than what I paid for my balcony. Since this was after final payment I called my guy at NCL and asked about either moving me to a mini-suite or giving me OBC. He said he had to call his supervisor and when he got back to me he said that they would move me to the mini-suite for free but they would pick the cabin. I got to keep my perks and the cabin that I got was in a great location. I'm not understanding why they won't do anything for you but like several other posters have said you are at the mercy of your travel agent as NCL won't talk to you at all. This is one of the reasons I always use someone at the cruise line as I want to go to bat for myself and not relay on someone else.
  4. I always bring a couple of bags of trail mix along with popped popcorn and chips. I like to have these when I'm relaxing in my cabin. No one has ever said anything about it.
  5. Mine came in very handy this past May when my suitcase was over 50lbs. I just took out the heaviest packing cube and put it in my carry on so my suitcase now weighed less. I love my packing cubes and wouldn't travel without them.
  6. I didn't have any side effects at all. The patch uses all natural ingredients.
  7. That is the patch that I used. I bought it on Amazon and it was pretty cheap. I will always use this product whenever I know that I will be drinking a lot.
  8. I was on a 15 day TA in May and I have to say that I drank ALOT! I never really got drunk but I did notice that sitting on a bar stool all day does make your ankles swell. I have been on 25 cruises and this is the very first time I had an issue with my ankle (as it was only the right one). NCL doesn't cut you off as Carnival does after 15 drinks so that is a good thing at least for me on a TA. Also since I knew that I would be drinking more than usual I bought some hangover patches that seemed to work. You just put the patch on your arm a couple of hours before you drink and no hangover. I also made sure that I drank water before I went to bed and that I had coffee when I woke up. Thank goodness for the coffee maker in my mini suite as that thing saved my life.
  9. Same thing happened to me on The Epic for my 15 day TA. I noticed that the mini suite was cheaper than what I paid for my balcony so they upgraded me for free to a gty mini suite. I didn't like the idea of them assigning the cabin to me but I knew that the mini suites were in good locations on the ship. Turns out that it was a fantastic location and it was a great cabin.
  10. You can't bid if you are in a studio cabin. That is another reason not to book one if you think you would want a bigger cabin.
  11. Um, I am speaking for myself WickedRed!! I'm just stating that if I booked a inside cabin then frigging give me an inside cabin. If I wanted to book a studio then I would have booked it. I'm glad that you would be happy with a studio if you had booked an interior but most of the people that were discussing this issue in another forum were not. And yes someone at NCL should contact the person that they are deceiving but they won't as most people would tell them no thank you I want what I paid for.
  12. Yep, Priscilla was right around 90 minutes long while Burn the Floor was 50 minutes. Both shows were really good but I really liked Priscilla a lot better. BTW, try to get a seat close to the front as the costumes were incredible!!
  13. You are the third person I have heard about getting a studio when they booked an inside sail away rate!! If they did this to me I would have reacted the same way as you as I am not a big fan of the studio cabins. I have sailed in them twice and to me they are like a big closet. As for the studio lounge I used it on cruise but not the other. I'm glad to hear that they changed your cabin but it makes me mad that they are doing this to their solo guests who booked an inside cabin and getting a studio. And please don't insult my intelligence and tell me that a studio cabin is an upgrade from an inside cabin. That is what they were telling the other people and most everyone disagreed with NCL. I guess it comes down to if I wanted a studio cabin I would have booked a studio cabin. NCL are you hearing this???
  14. And this is why I didn't do the 250 minutes and paid for the social media package. It worked out quite well for me as I even got to talk to my friend in Paris France from the middle of the Atlantic ocean for free via the WhatsApp.
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