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  1. There are a lot of us sailing in November and December who are waiting to see if Celebrity extends its COVID Assistance beyond Oct 31.
  2. When I tried to sign into the app it generated a new Princess member number for me. I wrote to Princess over 2 weeks ago and only got an automated response that they are busier than usual. Now my cruise doesn’t show, I can plan anything, and I no one has reached out to assist.
  3. I agree with Jim. I would book my own multi city flight schedule. You can search the itinerary online or with your preferred air carriers. And as always, when time and conditions permit always arrive a day early. Iceland is lovely in August. You could arrive early and enjoy the sights and cool air!
  4. Hi Terry, Thanks for all the great info. We will be in the same cabin on the other side in Nov and have a couple of questions. Is there any noise from above, or from the adjoining suite? Is there only one reclining chair and ottoman on the balcony? Just wondering Lorenzo would bring another if asked, and if it would fit? Glad to hear the food, service, and wine is great! We can’t wait to stare at the wake. Happy cruising 😀
  5. We share your hope foe better quality included wine. But, Azamara is not alone. The included wine on Ponant was equally lackluster. We figured sailing on a French ship would equal nice French wine, or at least great reds from our departure port in Argentina. We were disappointed on both accounts. Hopefully they have cleared out anything hanging around from before the shutdowns.
  6. We haven’t sailed Princess in 7 years. I got an email from them touting the Medallion App and was encouraged to sign in. First it didn’t recognize my booking number. Then it told me my birthday was incorrect. I was told to update my profile. Finally, the app generated a new CC number for me. Now I don’t have to worry about exploring my cruise planning options because I am locked out of my original account. I hope booking dinner reservations isnt this difficult.
  7. The slippers are not reused. I usually take my pair home as they work great on long haul flights. On some lines and cabin categories you only get a robe to use during your cruise. If you wish to keep it you can buy one. If you inadvertently pack it you will be charged.
  8. Hi Luckybecky, appreciate the updates and the pics. These look like the pre revolutionized chairs and foot stools that we love. We thought they were removed during the Revolution. So happy to see them back! Do you know if the reclining chairs and foot stools are in all balcony and suite categories on the Equinox?
  9. Equinox back to cruising! 7/25/2021is being posted by Luckybecky. Check out that thread. She posted two pics of her balcony with chairs that recline and foot stools. I believe it is an SV. Smaller table but “un-revolutionized” chairs and foot stools. Maybe she can elaborate on the other balcony and suite categories.
  10. We have always enjoyed following your blog and all the helpful hints! Just wondering how you managed the updated CV-19 testing requirements as you change ships and cruise lines?
  11. That explains it. It’s a UK perk. Thank you!
  12. This is the first I have seen about a free parking offer. Is this offered by Celebrity at all ports?
  13. Where did you find the information about the requirements being instituted by the islands regarding cruise ships?
  14. Could anyone comment on how to upgrade from the signature to the elite drink package and the cost? We have done it numerous times on Celebrity,, but have never had a drink package on HAL. Thanks!
  15. In Jan 2020 we had just moved and wanted total relaxation. We booked HAL knowing it would be quiet. It was and we had a chance to unwind. However, it was even more sedate than we remembered. The cruise director staff consisted of about 2 people plus the child care staff. There was no live music at the pool or during sail away. There wasn’t a band at any of the shows, just recorded music and a light show with a handful of dancers. We are not night owls, but the bars were vacant long before 10 pm. And, there is no place except room service to get a cookie, ice cream, or anything sweet after 8pm because the buffet closes. HAL has some lovely itineraries and the crew is great, but the line needs an infusion of energy.
  16. We are waiting as well. Princess itineraries came out last week.
  17. Yes, we are fortunate to have rebooked in mid 2020 and got in before the big price hikes. However, it reads like there is a 10% bonus to CC members regardless of fare. Just wondering???
  18. We booked well over a year ago and our fare is significantly lower than the going rate. Our Nov cruise is listed in the offer. Are we eligible for the 10% discount? I’d be happy with it as OBC.
  19. We had the same issue when we had to cancel and rebook. After going round and round with my TA we learned that Celebrity “audited” their FCCs at some point last year. They didn’t advise the passengers or TAs. In our case we received some random credits back to our credit card with no explanation. Celebrity mysteriously deducted that amount and a random amount from our FCC. Thankfully I had all the invoices and emails with our FCCs. When I produced those the discrepancy became $200, down from ~600. Finally figured out they had refunded our onboard booking deposits. A little transparency would be nice. Our TA told us we were lucky we had plenty of time to figure it out and didn’t have am imminent final payment deadline.
  20. They will look lovely on gala nights in the photos! No need to bring any bracelets when you can show off your tracelet 🤣🤣🤣 I can only imagine the new poses to try to cover them up! I have very tiny wrists. It would actually fit better on my ankle. COVID has changed the look of “modern luxury “.
  21. In the CNBC interview he said there were 2 unvaccinated adults and 26 unvaccinated children.
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