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  1. We stayed in the Financial District pre cruise in November, walked to the ferry, and took it to Red Hook -- so easy, so cheap, so fast! Made the mistake of ordering a car to pick us up at the port post cruise. Never want to do the port pick up again if I can help it!
  2. This is absolutely the way to go — pick up area is sooooooo congested! You would get wet on the 3 minute walk and while waiting for the ferry, but would be our choice if the skies were clear!
  3. We were on Mera for the Nov 19 sailing, and it hadn’t changed.
  4. YES! YES! This is the way Celebrity did it years ago.
  5. Wonder if this has been implemented on Seashore? From poster on Seascape “MUSTER DRILL - new format, go at any time after boarding to have card scanned, watch video in room at any time, dial 881 from cabin phone and done.”
  6. Does the Seashore have a separate dining room for Aurea guests?
  7. Sad to hear! Love all the small thoughtful things we got in YC.
  8. I use Space Coast Launches app to watch. Great streaming commentary. Or the NASA Space Flight on YouTube.
  9. Great news for those who are scheduled to sail on the Seashore this afternoon from Port Canaveral. There’s a rocket launch scheduled at 4:35 PM — should have an amazing view from the ship!
  10. Haven’t done it on MSC, but fought a bouquet on Celebrity. Our room steward got a vase for them.
  11. Hope they do some sailings to the ABC islands!
  12. Thanks — fingers crossed — downtown would be great!
  13. Sailing in a couple of weeks and trying to plan our day. What pier does Seashore use in Cozumel?
  14. This is exactly the way I feel when I have to get off the ship!
  15. We’re with you in YC. Fourth MSC and 2nd time on Meraviglia.
  16. You CAN’T go wrong with Quenton!
  17. This is GREAT news! Appreciate you letting me know.
  18. Thank you. I’ll reach out to him.
  19. Several years ago, we toured with Mr. Bean, and it was one of the best private tours we have EVER done. Headed back to Bermuda in November and would love to use his services again. Does anyone have contact info or know if he is still offering his services. Thanks!
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