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  1. Thanks for.all the Daily news, photos and humour. We have been to Fremantle by ship, and stayed in Perth a few times, the photos bring back good memories thanks. @cat shepard grest news that you have full movement of your knee. @JazzyVthanks for sharing photos of your amazing cactus.....beautiful flower. @dfishwelcome home. We have a lovely sunny spring day, temperature 13 C. This morning there has been a 5.8 earthquake in Melbourne Australia, which was felt as far away as Canberra and Sydney. Photos show damage to some buildings and fallen debris. Stay safe, Take care everyone.
  2. The big beautiful moon has now battled it's way through the clouds.
  3. Am pleased that the drain was removed, and that you are feeling good.
  4. We had a beautiful full moon last night, but cloudy tonight, after rain.
  5. Thank you for posting the link.
  6. Thanks to Rich @richwmnfor the Daily and to Roy @rafinmdfor the Care and Celebration Lists. Thanks for the Lerwick photos, appreciate seeing them as it's another port we have not visited. @kazuthanks for posting the photo of Carol and Sam,...... I was another who could not see it on her post. @Cruising-alongBon Voyage, travel safely. @Seasick Sailor hope you will soon be well again. @Quartzsite Cruiser your neighbours are very irresponsible with their attitude to the Delta variant. At the neighbourhood supermarket this morning everyone was wearing masks and trying to social distance. Another grey day here, looks like rain will be here soon. Temperature 11 C. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  7. Thanks for all the daily news, appreciate the photos of today's port, which we have not visited. Like the idea of paying for someone else, have not done that for a while, need to start that again. @smitty34877so sorry you and Tana experienced such rude behaviour, totally uncalled for. @mamaofami Congratulations on your 62 nd Anniversary, beautiful flowers. @rafinmd Roy, thanks for letting us know that you are safely home again. Pleased that you were able to attend the reunion. It's a lovely sunny day more spring flowers appearing. Temperature 16 C. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  8. This is such good news, thanks for the update. Hope that this continues and she will only need the 8 treatments. How many hours is each of the chemo treatments?
  9. Thanks for your live reports, but so much pre cruise stress, Hope the rest of the cruise is stress free. Bon Voyage!
  10. Thanks for your update, you will feel more comfortable once the drain is removed. Best wishes for the radiation treatment.
  11. Pleased that you have a diagnosis and now at home, hope the antibiotic works well for you.
  12. Sharon, Yesterday, getting the whole page of previous posts in the reply box was quite peculiar. Hope the CC site soon gets back to "normal".
  13. Thanks for all the daily information, photos and humour. @rafinmd Roy, thanks for reporting on your reunion. Safe travelling home. @smitty34877sorry you had a hard day, hope tomorrow will be easier. @mamaofamiCongratulations to you and Sam on your 62nd Anniversary. @ger_77 lovely photos, you had a long day driving. Yesterday CC would not allow me to respond to posts, or to post on the Daily thread. Kept getting messages that NOT Logged On, even though I was logged on. Pleased that the gremlins of yesterday are not here today. It's a gray Sunday here, have had some rain, expected high temperature 13 C. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  14. Bon Voyage, wishing you safe travelling, and a fabulous cruise.
  15. Thanks to Rich @richwmnfor the Daily, to @rafinmd Roy, for the care and celebration lists, and to everyone contributing to make this daily thread such a friendly place to visit. I am very fond of Whitebait fritters, but DH is not a fan. One day when we stopped for lunch in Oamaru, Whitebait sandwiches were available, an easy decision for my lunch! We have been to Cairns, the photos bring back good memories, thankyou. @rafinmd Roy, how long will your journey be tomorrow, and for your return on Sunday? Safe travelling, enjoy your reunion. Rain while I was out for my walk this morning, occasional showers since.Our temperature today is 7 C . Stay safe, take care everyone.
  16. So sorry to read that you are in hospital, hope you will soon have a diagnosis, very best wishes for a quick recovery.
  17. Sorry that I am so very late posting today, thanks for all the daily news, so disappointing that the Trans Atlantic voyages are cancelled for non USA cruisers. Thanks for the photos and information about Fanning Island, the comment about the lack of an ATM machine, reminded me of our Maasdam visit to Niue Island when a fellow passenger loudly complained that it was a waste of time visiting the island as there was nothing to see and no high rise 5 star hotels. @rafinmd Roy, wishing you safe travelling, enjoy the reunion. @Horizon chaser 1957your Banana Plant is quite magnificent. @smitty34877thanks for the news of Camilla she is doing so well. @irishjimthanks for your update, sorry that you have lost the ear, what followup is planned? Stay safe, take care everyone.
  18. Thanks for all the daily information, and the port of the day photos. @kplady thanks for the update, hope you will soon have recovered sufficiently to go home. @JAM37 hope you will be feeling better by tomorrow. @smitty34877thanks for sharing the photo of Camilla, wht is her weight now? It's a pleasant sunny day, temperature high of 12 C. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  19. Thanks for all the daily news. Have not been to the port , so appreciate seeing the photos. The crustless quiche reminds me of a recipe for "Impossible Quiche", which I have not made for a while..... .ingredients are shaken together then poured into a Quiche dish and cooked. We went to the neighbourhood supermarket this morning, as we arrived home a heavy shower of hail. There was enough hail to give a white ground cover. Have since had some feeble sun, then rain. Temperature 7 C. The cases of Delta continue in Auckland. None in the rest of the country. The PM is encouraging everyone to get vaccinated. Stay safe, take care everyone.
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