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  1. Thanks for posting the video, our first cruise was on the Volendam, then several more on her, could see "our" big balcony. Felt sad, thinking will we ever cruise again.
  2. Thanks for sharing these photos, are you still creating works of art?
  3. Thanks for all the interesting reports and photos. Yesterday we had a beautiful sunny day 29 degrees C, today wet and 11 degrees C. Stay well and safe everyone.
  4. We had lamb shanks for dinner the other night. Congratulations on your 29th Anniversary.
  5. Thanks for the reports and photos. @Overhead Fred wishing you a very happy 39 again birthday. @TheKingD and @Live4cruises Congratulation on your Anniversaries.
  6. Thanks for all the updates and photos. @Vict0riann great that the cats understand social distancing. We have a warm sunny Saturday here.
  7. Thanks for the daily reports, super photos. Beautiful autumn colours. @Ichiban Nekko Happy Birthday, hope you are having a great day, really like the idea of being 39 again!!
  8. Rich and Roy, thanks for the daily updates, and thanks for all the information and photos. Roy, can only wish we were on board a HAL ship, with chilled Apricot soup and Blueberry Crisp available on the dinner menu this evening. It's a warm sunny spring day here. Stay safe everyone, wear your masks.
  9. Thanks for all the reports and photos. @dfish that's really good news.
  10. Denise, Pleased to see that you are back, you have been missed. We send you our condolences, and cyber hugs. Yes, always make the most of every day.
  11. Had not thought of shipping! Not sure if that vintage will still be readily available.
  12. Thanks for all the reports and photos. Rich, thanks for mentioning the NZ wine.
  13. Thanks for all the reports and photos. Seasick Sailor, wishing you a very happy and special birthday.
  14. Had hoped to cruise again on the Maasdam, our 2 weeks on board at the end of January/February becoming a distant memory.
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