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  1. Hydrangeas dry quite well, at one stage had a large vase of blooms that I had dried, they even moved house with us.
  2. Thanks for the daily report. A cool wet 4 th day of winter here.
  3. Beautiful hydrangea, will you dry the bloom then keep it in a vase?
  4. Thank you for the daily report. First day of June, a lovely sunny start to winter. It's a holiday weekend to celebrate the Queens birthday, Domestic .tourism has re-started.
  5. Thanks for sharing the videos of the chick being fed. Another beautiful autumn day in Dunedin.
  6. Thank you for sharing the photo of the lovely Hydrangea.
  7. Rich, Thank you for the daily report. Today is the 7th consecutive day with no new cases of the virus, only one "active" case in the country.
  8. Thank you for the daily report. Here we have a lovely sunny autumn day.
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