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  1. Any of the cold fruit "soups" (tastes like a milk shake!), recently they brought back my favorite entree, Beef Wellington, and (you could probably tell from my "handle") chocolate melting cake!
  2. In the past it was pier 39 near Fisherman's Wharf (according to Google). Let's hope we're back to semi-normal cruise conditions by then!
  3. We also will be going in May and have checked out shuttles, Uber, taxis, etc. They give time estimates from 25 to 40 minutes. A noon flight SHOULD be doable if the ship is not delayed. Just be sure to let the ship's desk know you are booked on an "early" flight to get an early check out time---unless you can take off your own luggage and be in the first group out.
  4. Latest from Carnival-----most importantly "Cross out your account number" We can now accept shareholder proof via email at shareholders@carnival.com for those with over 100 shares looking for their extra onboard credits. After the reservation has been made, the shareholder must provide their legal name, reservation number, ship and sailing date, along with proof of ownership of Carnival Corporation or Carnival plc shares (for example: photocopy of shareholder proxy card, a dividend tax voucher or a current brokerage or nominee statement with the brokerage account number black
  5. We've been lucky enough to sail on several Journey cruises---we look forward to the Throwback Day, with frog races and other games played back in the 90's. If you (or anyone) is interested in seeing an album of a journey cruise which started in Tampa, went to the Panama Canal and ended in Baltimore onboard the Pride -- kind of the opposite of our October cruise -- I'll leave a link below, just click on it. Feel free to skip over the pix of us and click on the pix of the ship, Canal, etc. to enlarge them. Hope to see you onboard! 2017 Pride Journey Cruise
  6. Actually we're booked on the last cruise from Baltimore-----October 31. The cruise is a 14 day "repositioning" cruise going to Grand Turk, Amber Cove, Santa Marta (Columbia), Cartagena (Columbia), Panama Canal (partial transit), Costa Rica, Roatan, Cozumel---and ending in Tampa! They no longer have it showing on line---hopefully the CDC's edict of no longer than a 7 day cruise won't be in effect by then! We're also booked on a 7 day out of Baltimore on August 29, 2021 and so far that is still scheduled to go. It would be nice if our luck (6 cruises canceled up to now) is changing.
  7. Carnival Festivale, 1990, given the cruise as a 25th anniversary present.
  8. I checked the actual wording of the offer "You may maintain your existing reservation and a US$100, per stateroom, onboard credit (OBC) will be automatically applied to your booking should the cruise operate." The important words for those concerned are the last four SHOULD THE CRUISE OPERATE ! They had this situation in mind when drafting the offer------no cruise no additional $100.
  9. We stayed in one once and were less than impressed with the heat from the windows and the "slant" of the room. However they are unique!
  10. People swim in the pool and relax in the hot tubs. Here's what it looked like on Miracle's sister ship, the Spirit. By the way, we'll see you onboard!
  11. Don't discount the pool area! If Carnival continues to use Spirit class ships there is a "sliding roof" over one of the pools and, though not Caribbean warmth, it's OK!
  12. Agree with all---older crowd (us) a lot of plat/diam (us). A few years ago we were lucky enough to sail on the Spirit to Australia-that 18 days plus another 12 between flights and a stay in Hawaii to rest from the Australian flight meant a month in the Vet's kennel for our 16 year old dog--amounting to close to $2,000. As far as port or starboard--today it's just luck. However, the "story" is that in the early days of European cruising the ships stayed close to the coast of Europe and Africa on a sail to the east. Therefore it was more expensive to book a Port room on the cruise to t
  13. Ken Byrne is the singing Maitre De on the Carnival Pride in Baltimore. He is the "senior" Carnival Maitre De and normally took the new ships from the ports they were constructed (used to be Civitelli near Rome--now Finnland) to the USA, training the kitchen and wait staff. He has written on Facebook he'll be back onboard the Pride. We're booked in August (I give it a 25% chance of sailing) and October (15%-because it's a 14 day). The October cruise is to bring the Pride from Baltimore--its home port for MANY years--to Tampa Bay. I'm not sure if Ken plans to stay on the Pride---or if Carnival h
  14. Actually we did book an MSC cruise. Couldn't pass up the "WE WILL MATCH YOUR STATUS" come-on. They did match our diamond level and we boarded as their top level. Some of the things they did (preregister for shows - so never overbooked, free steakhouse dinner, beautiful halls with Swavorski crystal stairways, etc) were nice, BUT the dining room food did not interest us or our Italian companions at all. It really wasn't Italian food---but European cuisine. When we ordered the shrimp dinner and it came with the heads, eyes and antenna attached we vowed never again to cruise MSC.
  15. Just found one----"CARNIVAL CRUISE LINES---FASCINATION WEEKLY DIARY, No. 9 07/22/95 -- 07/29/95" I'll try to hook up my old VCR and watch it later!
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