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  1. I'd agree with mackenzie80, for a faster speed I always wait to go ashore and use free wifi. Starbucks, McDonalds, Burger King, etc. all have wifi for free worldwide (although I usually buy a cup of coffee out of guilt). I've used their service in Australia, Alaska, Hawaii, etc. with no problems--as far as privacy, however I can't say. If there is no nearby freebie, many ports have internet cafes, I'm pictured at my computer at one in Bora Bora that charged $4 per hour. If it helps, I'll leave a link to a site which lists most places to get free wifi throughout the world---just scroll past the USA and click on the area you'd like. Enjoy! FREE WIFI SPOTS
  2. Hi Jamman----haven't cruised with you for awhile. Thanks for the info. We have an MSC cruise leaving (supposedly port 90) on Oct. 18. I'll call them and ask about it------perhaps even make them aware of it! We've done 2 MSC cruises because they gave us the Diamond equivalency -- lots of nice perks, however, no matter what others may say about Carnival service, courtesy, and knowledge there is NO COMPARISON. Carnival has it together and generally knows what they're doing. MSC is still trying to get their attitudes changed from the European model!
  3. I'd call Carnival and ask----if not, bring the extra wine anyway, it would be confiscated and held for you till you disembark. We're doing a (side to back?) in January. We get off the Panorama, walk to the next "dock" and board the Queen Mary (now a hotel), stay overnight, next morning we'll walk back to the Carnival dock and board the Imagination!
  4. Eight years ago, on a Mexican cruise we saw this couple renew their vows at a beach. They brought the brides maids, etc. and probably had to throw out the tux and gown afterward------but it was picturesque!
  5. Thanks for pointing that out-----I have used the shareholder's OBC towards gratuities at least 4 times in the past, which is why I wrote what I did. I will also check once onboard in the future.
  6. You can definitely use the share holder's credit-------and usually the rest is OK, but call and check.
  7. They should have a party on deck, with wings, etc. We STARTED to watch the 2014 game---gave up early (the Seahawks 48 to 3 over the Broncos).
  8. The Panorama will miss your requested dates by two weeks. I believe it will premiere in mid December of 2019.
  9. We have Super Shuttle booked for Jan. 2020. Round trip with tip included was $46.
  10. In 2015 we booked a room on the Queen while awaiting our ship. The rooms are unique----wood paneling, portholes, etc. One item they left as is is the faucet area for the tub/shower-----4 faucets by the tub state "cold salt, hot fresh, cold fresh and hot salt!". The walls are paper thin and we heard our neighbors clearly. For a one night experience it can't be beat, and I'm NOT talking about the neighbors antics. If you'd like to see what a typical stateroom looks like (they aren't shown in the tours) I'll leave a link to our cruise album, just click on it-the Queen pictures are #007 - 054 to see them larger click on them. We enjoyed it so much that we booked her again for Jan. 18, 2019, we'll be disembarking the Panorama on the 18 and embarking the Imagination the 19. OUR HAWAIIAN CRUISE + THE QUEEN MARY
  11. There is no form-----just write to Carnival, include the data they require in the sheet below and you're set. They want proof you own the 100 shares, so I just download my latest sheet from my broker and include it WITH YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER AND ANYTHING PRIVATE BLACKED OUT. Any questions, just call the number on the sheet.
  12. As one CD told us, "You're actually receiving four trophies in one! When upright it is the ship whose name appears on the base--hold it at a downward angle and you have a model of the Titanic--held upside down it is now the Poseidon---tip it on its side and it represents the Costa Concordia."
  13. OK--I apologize in advance for all the pictures---but this topic is my cup of tea. From the first tux (2004 on a Holland America ship which had a useless escalator for show) till today I have enjoyed getting odd tuxes, suits and bow ties---I have 5 neon or sparkly bow ties. I've never paid more than $35 for any of my 6 tuxes, getting them on ebay from rental places selling off stock, usually in August after the weddings, proms, etc. 3 of the shops measured them to my size! My wife was positive I'd never dare to wear the St Patrick's day suit with light up green bow tie----that Target couldn't sell and had reduced to a LOW price!
  14. It varies from ship to ship, ---and as to the number of veterans onboard, but it is open to all. We'll often go to the balcony and observe. It's always a moving ceremony, here are some pix from the last we saw.
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