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  1. If the ship arrives at the planned time, yes it's doable. However, Baltimore is notorious for the ship's late arrival. I've been on 5 cruises from Baltimore----one arrived and departed on schedule. The other 4 arrived anywhere from 2 to 6 hours late. The winds and tides really create havoc.
  2. Oops -- sorry, you're right, just the Spirit, Pride, Legend, Miracle and two Costa ships!
  3. The Pride is our favorite ship, we've sailed on her 6 times. She's a ship in the Spirit class, so if you've been on the Spirit, Miracle Legend or Freedom (I think that's all) you know what she's like. The itinerary is soso---but it's what you make out of it. If you'd like an idea of the ship and ports are like, here's an album we made of a similar cruise (click the link, then check out the pix, if you want to see anything larger just click on it)---Half Moon Cay is Carnival's other island and almost the same except the beach is sandy on HMC and "pebbly" on Princess Cay. We've never gotten the wrap around suite before---but since we took our 12 year old granddaughter it was nice to have a separate bedroom for her. Enjoy your cruise! CARNIVAL PRIDE CRUISE
  4. If you'd like an idea of a Vista Suite - aft wrap cabin, here is an "album" we made when taking our granddaughter on a cruise in 2017. The aft wrap was ideal in that she had her own bedroom. We chose the 7th floor for ours. The room pictures are # 014-026, but feel free to scan the rest to get an idea of the cruise life on the Pride. If you want to see a picture larger, just click on it. OUR AFT WRAP CABIN
  5. This is what I found in another thread, but they are usually accurate. Riviera Deck 1 - across from cabin 1357 and 1359 Main Deck 2 - across from cabin 2365 and 2367 Upper Deck 6 - across from cabin 6385 and 6387 Empress Deck 7 -*across from cabin 7337 and 7339 Verandah Deck 8 - across from cabin 8349 and 8351 Lido Deck 9 - across from cabin 9268 and 9270
  6. No, you'd only get 50% off on your 50th Carnival cruise. We became diamond years ago and there was no 50% off benefit at that time either. The closest comp to that would be no charge for a 3rd or 4th guest accompanying you.
  7. If you Google SAS transportation Florida it will bring you to the correct site.
  8. We did it last year-----SAS transportation was excellent for us. I hate recommending anything, but I remember they were right on time and very knowledgeable about scenic items and knowing how to avoid delays.
  9. I've done that several times. Hopefully you did not prepay your gratuities.
  10. Yes, deck 2 would be very slightly less side to side motion----however deck 6 of a 15 deck ship would still be quite calm. We've found the top decks (9 and above) let you feel the motion a little more, but we happen to like that. With young children I think I'd be more concerned with the fact that on deck 2 your cabin might be under the dining room (kind of noisy through about 10:00-10:30) or the kitchen which may be noisy very late and very early. I realize deck 6 is above the prominade, but most stores are not too noisy----if you would be directly above the piano bar or the smokehouse I'd reconsider.
  11. As far as I know-----ANYONE can leave early through self assist. If you and your daughter can manage to bring your luggage off yourselves, there would be no problem. Self assist is always the first off.
  12. Ten years ago we stopped at Pike Place Market the day before the cruise, we were awed by the many bouquets. My wife got one and our friends got another---no problem bringing them onboard.
  13. My friends (and I!) are getting a BIT older. I bought some dice at a dollar store and glued on the appropriate L,C,Rs!!
  14. We've been lucky enough to do this type of cruise 4 times and have liked it so much that we're leaving from San Diego (first time out of there) on Nov. 28 on the Miracle. If any of you are curious about seeing an extended Hawaiian cruise on the Miracle---here is the "album" of our 2015 Hawaiian cruise on the Miracle out of Long Beach. Feel free to skip over many of the pix, any you'd like to see larger just click on. OUR 2015 Hawaiian cruise
  15. We started cruising more several years ago and decided to get this 16" PVC door hanger from ETSY
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