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  1. We had this made on Etsy and have used it for several cruises.
  2. Hope this chart helps--click on it to make it more readable
  3. Most -- Jamaica, although years ago we went to the Blue Grotto from the Isle of Capri and climbed into rowboats from our shuttle to row into the cave (where we had to lie down in the rowboat to clear the wall at the entrance). As we got into the rowboat we were surrounded by small boats try to sell us souvenirs! Least--Aruba, living up to its nickname, The Friendly Island.
  4. We are among those few who still dress for elegant night with a tux and cocktail dress, etc. However, if time permits we'll change into comfortable clothes for the rest of the evening. So, no, it doesn't bother us.
  5. If you enjoy it, like the pictures, it's your cruise-----enjoy! Have to admit to being a nonconformist formal night dresser. I own 4 tuxedos purchased on Ebay, non of which cost more than $35. Of course they are sold from rental shops and are normally what many will not rent! I have a "western tux", a silver with black velvet, a regular version and a white tux with blue "Yankee pinstripes". You may recognize me on a cruise because I'll be wearing one of two bow ties (also purchased on Ebay) black with either a red or white neon outline (you might also recognize me if you see a man in a white tux pulling an embarrassed wife along), If you like it go for it!
  6. No tuxedo/formal rentals, no large florist area, no fresh flowers on the tablecloths (which are also gone) in the dining room.
  7. I'm fairly certain that the Ecstasy has not gone digital. There should be no problem purchasing a picture of others----I've often said that if we can't find a good picture of ourselves I'd just buy a nice picture of another couple!
  8. Ken is head Matre' D of the Carnival line. He prefers the Pride----but whenever carnival brings out a new ship they send Ken to train the waitstaff. Years ago he mentioned his birthday---6 years later we were on the Horizon's TA cruise my wife remembered his birthday, so we set up a display----he loved it!
  9. I absolutely agree---however at this point, because of the OBC benefit a large percentage of the shareholders are cruisers who want this!
  10. Whenever I have my wife with me, she insists we go up one flight as we approach the casino--and then down to get where we were heading. On the other hand, when alone I, who gave up smoking 25 years ago, walk slowly through the casino taking deep breaths!
  11. Until the ships upgrade we have given up on the ship's wifi. When we get to a port, whether in Australia, Fiji, Mexico, Alaska or anywhere world wide we take our tablets and stop into a McDonalds, Burger King, Starbucks, etc. These all have free wifi (we'll get a coffee ). You'll also see groups of people sitting around certain areas with tablets & laptops----normally a free wifi area. Finally you'll see signs for wifi at a reasonable rate---In Tahiti we found this one for $5 an hour.
  12. As mdsgu wrote, don't bother switching unless the offering is worthwhile. We usually stay with our Carnival booking, but when one TA offered 10% 0f your fare back as onboard credit, we switched. We found that most TAs can only take over from Carnival for 30 days, but some national ones (like the "big box" store) can do it up to 90 days after booking.
  13. As long as you can buy items like these on Amazon, Ebay, etc. you'll have people trying.
  14. CRocks, you shamed us into making sure there will be a few buckets left after our Jan. 11th cruise!
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