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  1. Cyber Kat, Did you write a review for your West Indies trip? Where can I find it - love to read it to get ready for our trip, thanks. Ruimin
  2. Thanks to all the comments, we decided to get the stateroom in back. Ruimin
  3. Can anyone comment on deck 4 stateroom was better in front or in back? ruimin
  4. nancyevans, How much does the city pass cost? and where did you purchase the pass? Thanks for the info. Ruimin Sent from my iPad using Forums
  5. What about ( Epipen ) in 2013 it cost me $300.00 for 2 I didn't use it, now it is 600.00, Should I get them while I'm there ? Thanks for the suggestion. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. For a number of reasons we've decided to postpone our Mediterranean cruise for a year. Sorry we won't be able to give you tips but we hope to be able to in the not-too-distant future. We wish you happy cruising. Dave
  7. We'll be on 9/28/2011 Light of the Greece (first time on V2A), maybe we'll have more info for you then, or other who had been on this itinerary can give us tips & info. Dave
  8. We are book on Voyages to Antiquity(The Light of Greece 9/28/2011)great itinerary, good deal, it include every thing. Talk to Pat at Cruise Adventure 4 u, She'll give you the detail. http://www.cruiseadventure4u.com
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