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  1. Thanks everyone for all the great info, has anyone stayed in a hotel in Reykjavik? Any recommendations? Thanks so much! ruimin
  2. Can you use it for anything? Thanks !
  3. Can you tell me how much the Cost on taxi or other form of transportation from Stadsgarden port to Sheraton hotel near Gamla? Thanks so much. ruimin
  4. There are 16 of us on this cruise also, and we are disappointed That we’re not stopping at Gdańsk, but I’m sure we’ll enjoy Bornholm. I intend to start a roll call for this cruise. Dave
  5. Thanks so much for the information!
  6. Hi SoccerMom#3, We are doing the Homelands cruise Fall 2020 and are wondering if you did a review of your cruise last May. If so, where can we find it? We are also interested in the airline(s) you used for the trip, since we are also in Colorado. Any other advice, including clothing for the climate, will also be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. That’s too bad, I Was so appreciate and excited to have your walking tour info, I’m sorry this happened, hopefully you can recover the information with out too much work.
  8. ruimin

    Kota Kinabalu tour

    We ended up joining a local cooking class. It was set up by someone else on our cruise.
  9. It is so great of you to share your information, may I have a copy, my email is mingr at Comcast dot net Thanks so much!
  10. Can you tell us the best way get to the terminal from Long Beach airport? Thanks! Ming
  11. Thanks for the info, we’ll check it out. Were you able to pay the day of? CC, local currency or USD? Is there any place you visited that we shouldn’t miss? Thank you so much! ming
  12. Need advice on shore excursion in Phu My port and Kota Kinabalu port , 7hr in each port or less. Thanks so much!
  13. ruimin

    Kota Kinabalu tour

    Looking for shore excursion in Kota Kinabalu, we only have 6hr. Thanks!
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