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  1. Thanks. I appreciate your suggestions.
  2. Hi, I would like ideas for touring the port of Gythion. We probably will walk around and explore the town unless someone has an interesting place to visit. I appreciate any thoughts. 😎🌊
  3. In our experience unopened packages of non meats, fruits and vegetables were not on the prohibited lists. I definitely would ask either Oceania or search on an Official Japanese website. Good luck
  4. Hi, We are only going to visit one museum on our excursion in Athens. We would like advice in deciding between The Acropolis Museum OR The Archeological Museum. I would appreciate any input. Thanks 😎
  5. Hi Patty, We should have had some experience using Japan's public transportation system by the time we get to Kyoto. Hopefully it will be a bit easier to navigate by then. I honestly considered asking to book a taxi from Kobe port into Kyoto. A taxi costs over $200 (4 passengers) as opposed to less than $20 pp. on the train. We would have spent the extra $$ for a taxi but I think the train ride might be an interesting experience and you only save 15 minutes going by car. Would like to know if others who went from Kobe to Kyoto have feedback. Been reading 24/ for nearly a week. Overwhelming but fascinating. πŸ’₯πŸŽ‰ Cannot wait to explore Japan. Thanks, Felice 😎
  6. We never had to use public transportation on any Oceania excursion. I noticed that in Japan just about every private tour said the guide will use public transportation. I understand that in Tokyo, traffic is crazy and like in New York, there's no place for driver to leave vehicle in order to escort the tourists.
  7. We will didn't enjoy anything about Ember except for the fireplace. Even though there's no Jacques, they served yummy escargot in GDR once or twice. You're going to be impressed by Vista but except for the awesome staterooms, we really prefer the other Oceania ships.
  8. Wow. We enjoyed two pizza dinners at Waves on Vista. I didn't know that Waves on Riviera offers them as well. Looking forward to that in addition to the lobsters, fresh tuna, filet mignon and Sea Bass in Red Ginger.
  9. Hi, On our 9th O cruise, Regatta Feb 2024, we had not one problem with the food. We felt everything was up to Oceania's high level of quality. Since there's no Jacques on Regatta, we enjoyed Polo's French Onion soup immensely. Yes, it was salt heavenπŸ˜„
  10. Oops. You're definitely cirrect. Thank you.
  11. Hi, Thanks for the quick reply and the wonderful information. We will check out those guides. This will be our 11th O cruise but only our 2nd SM. We just booked 3 ship excursions because we wanted to use the credits. We have plenty of flexibility to book private tours with 7 more places to visit. We had already decided that a drive to the Peace Park wasn't going to be on our agenda. We heard the tour by ferry from Hiroshima to the island of Miyajima is wonderful. We felt that if we did it on our own, we might have travel delays so we booked that with O for peace of mind. We cannot wait to explore Japan. So happy to hear that it's awesome. Regards Felice 😎
  12. Any thoughts on which ship excursions are special enough to book immediately? We are just beginning to research. Can't figure out where to find good private tours. Any suggestions would really be appreciated. Thanks, Felice 😎
  13. Looking forward to hearing about your excursion experiences. Would like feedback on both Private and O tours. Thanks, Felice 😎
  14. Seriously? Never heard a "band" in Martinis it's a piano Bar .
  15. Martinis is usually quite quiet. Most Oceania cruisers aren't partners. The Piano bar in Martinis wraps up by 10ish. You're going to be fine.
  16. Hi, We are on this itinerary next April. Please let me know which ports you took private excursions and how I can contact those guides. Which cities did you go on the O tours? Were they worthwhile even though the guides rushed you through the sights? It's so difficult to plan a trip to a place where we have no idea how to proceed without guidance from people who have been there. I appreciate your help. Thanks,Felice 😎
  17. Thanks I appreciate the kind advice. I think we'll go for the art because there are works we've never seen.πŸ’₯
  18. Hi, We will have a port day to relax in Rome. We cannot decide between visiting the Borghese Galleries or the Medici Villa. Would like input as to which is more interesting. My husband and I have stayed in Rome many times but haven't visited either museum. I really would appreciate advice. Thanks 😎
  19. Standard is what Oceania always sends out. I was just trying to be creative.
  20. Thanks. No problem. It's ok. I know standard but was trying to be creative. There are over 60 people who expressed interest in this M&G. On other Oceania cruises we never had enough participants to really have an "event". This should be fun. That's why I volunteered to help. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Felice 😎
  21. They do it but offered for me to make up something a but different. Just looking for ideas. Thanks
  22. The invitation will be printed by Oceania. I am able to request something non-standard. No planning to be silly.
  23. Hi, Any ideas for interesting wording on a Meet and Greet invitation would be helpful. I would like to send out something different. Thanks πŸ˜ŽπŸŽ‰
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