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  1. The cakes, pastries, tarts and pies are fabulous. It's your call.πŸ™ƒπŸ’₯
  2. I appreciate your kind words. Saw many complaints but have to assume the Butlers work hard and try to please just like the cabin attendants. πŸŒŠπŸŒ»πŸ˜ŽπŸ’
  3. Honestly, we have never met a worker on Oceania who said "no" to our requests. They've all been extra attentive and willing to find a solution to any problem.
  4. We haven't had a butler and will on our Vista 2024. Thanks for this insightful post. We definitely will ask to get fresh ice in the afternoon. 😎🌻
  5. Everyone is speculating about what will be. Can't we wait until July 1st and make more informed decision?
  6. Hi, On our 10th Oceania cruise we booked a PH on Vista. We would like to know what the Butler does to help. I don't want anyone unpacking my suitcases because then I won't know where to find everything. Thanks 🌻🌊😎
  7. β˜•οΈ Enjoy Baristas and don't bother with those other cookies.πŸͺ Hopefully the sticky buns at Terrace Cafe were great. Someone mentioned they weren't sticky enough last time. 😎
  8. It's strange because the croissants and other baked items are always fresh and delicious. They're wonderful and high quality. 😍
  9. All of the details are going to be disclosed on July 1. Too much guessing without facts folks. 😒
  10. I have no idea but am wondering as well. We are booked Japan for 2025 Tokyo-Tokyo.
  11. Sorry. We always book our own air. We choose our own seats and often use miles for flights. We remove the air from Oceania and get credit. That reduces our total fare.
  12. I agree. There are so many different exciting desserts on Oceania. I don't choose to waste my daily allotment of calories on those awful cookies. πŸͺ😎
  13. That's a crazy amount $60x16= $960 for dinner wine drinkers like us. I buy great wines in port and pay $25 corkage. There are also a number of parties where they serve alcohol.
  14. I used to think they overbaked them. Then I realized that they served the same awful cookies on every Oceania ship. Did anyone ever tell you why they are awful? It's really OK with me. I love the cheesecakes, keylime pies, sticky buns and those awesome mini cakes in Baristas. πŸŽ‚β˜•οΈβš°οΈ It's better for me not to be tempted by delicious cookies.πŸͺ
  15. I used to think they overbaked them. Then I realized that they served the same awful cookies on every Oceania ship. Did anyone ever tell you why they are awful? It's really OK with me. I love the cheesecakes, keylime pies, sticky buns and those tiny cakes at Barista's. πŸŽ‚I really don't need wonderful cookies.πŸͺ
  16. As an Oceania cruiser we tried Celebrity Edge Aquaclass and will never cruise with them again. Price was low but it wasn't worth anything because the dining wasn't special. Wines were not good and the upgraded wines were just as bad. The food was of a poor quality, poorly prepared and there weren't enough waitstaff in restaurants, aside from Blu. Even Luminae was poorly run.
  17. Hi, I'm happy to know our plans for before our Vista Panama Canal cruise aren't ruined. We always look forward to buying some great wines to bring aboard. We already booked some California winery visits for October. We are looking forward to buying some really nice ones to enjoy on the ship. Glad to hear the wines will be the same basic low end ones they have offered in the past. We never choose a package because it doesn't suit our taste. Everyone looks for different things when traveling. That's why Carnival is still in business 😜
  18. Let's add Lunch at Waves or at the new Aquamar kitchen!
  19. Not an accurate assessment. The water, sparkling water and sodas are always included on Oceania. They have added new non-alcoholic drinks to the bar menus. I read it as "The 30 are in addition to the beer, champagne, reds and whites. "
  20. The initial paperwork says beer, wine and a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. My question remains, "will we be able to take it with us?"
  21. Yes. I believe it has the same rules as the old alcohol package. I have a question. Does anyone think you could order a Pina Colada "at lunch" and take it to the pool deck? That's really the only place where I indulge in a daytime beverage. πŸ˜„
  22. Hi, It's interesting. So many of us are worried and are speculating about how to handle the upcoming changes. Let's wait the 2 weeks and see how it plays out. We love Oceania and never use their air. We don't drink at lunch, actually we hardly ever eat lunch. Either we are on an excursion or I save my appetite for Horizons High Tea. A poolside drink is fun and wine with dinner is great. I definitely don't want a drink package and hope " cruise only" option will be available. If not, we'll see what happens. I cannot fathom looking for a new favorite cruiseline. We experimented with Princess once, a horrible experience. Poor quality food, noisy pool deck and common areas, too crowded in general. We experimented with Celebrity Edge last Fall. Food was horrible. Poorly prepared and restaurants were awful. We hated the class system. Couldn't dine with our new friends because we were Aquaclass and they weren't. Nice experience otherwise because we met lovely people. Hope Oceania will still be the one for us. Felice
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