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  1. Hi, I would like to know if it's a good idea for a woman to walk from the dock tonthe shopping area of Cabo San Lucas during the day? I have never been concerned in other ports but heard that extra caution should be taken in Mexico. I really would appreciate some feedback. Thanks 😎
  2. I read that Allianz is offering an Annual Travel Insurance policy. It sounds like a good idea for cruisers who go on more than one trip per year. I would like to know if anyone has purchased a similar plan. Would you recommend that insurance company? I appreciate all and any input. Thanks 😎
  3. Ok. Thanks. πŸ€ͺI didn't know it couldn't be halted. I certainly received enough good feedback.
  4. Thanks. I have been reading about Aqua di Parma and can't wait. My question has been answered.πŸ˜ŽπŸŽ‰πŸŒŠπŸ’₯ Does anyone know how to turn off this post?
  5. Awesome πŸŽ‰ Hope we get ours shortly. 😎
  6. Thanks. 🌊🌊 Enjoy. Oceania might be switching brands slowly. A passenger on Vista PH commented on having something different.
  7. Hi, I read that on the Vista the soap products are not from Bulgari. Someone ment Aqua di Palma. If it's correct, like feedback from people who have been on Vista. We enjoy Bvlgari, especially the soap. A different luxury brand should also be wonderful Thanks 😎🌊
  8. What does Azmara's wine list have to do with Oceania? Cross referencing with other cruiseines give us misinformation.
  9. I definitely would buy nice wines before boarding the ship. You'll probably enjoy yours better than what they offer.
  10. I appreciate your help. We are staying a week in Manly Beach pre-cruise. We have stayed there before and are looking forward to a wonderful trip. This next cruise is to New Zealand. Will definitely pick up wines, both on tour and in Liquorland. 😎
  11. Thanks. So happy to hear that. It sounds wonderful. We did find Jimmy and booked this amazing tour. 😎
  12. I heard that on Vista the staterooms opposite the crew pantries are noisy. Someone commented that 8121 heard lots of noise and clattering dishes on Deck 8. Does anyone know where pantry is located on Deck 7? Any suggestion as to how I can find out from O since it's not designated on Deck plan? Thanks 😎
  13. HaπŸ˜„ If they're selling that swill for $36, it must cost about $8. Anyone remember Thunderbird wine??
  14. We do get a bottle in our stateroom and don't drink it. So I was just agreeing with your assessment of it. Whatever we do, we will enjoy the cruises. 😎🌊
  15. πŸ˜„ I agree. I hope "That wine" isn't what they're serving with the SM beverage package. We still plan to bring on bottles of good wine 🍷. Then drink on our Veranda and pay corkage at dinner. 😎
  16. No problem. Not planning to pay. Just hanging tight now. The nvoice is correct. So we are set.πŸ₯‚πŸŽ‰πŸŒŠβ€οΈ
  17. Yes. The Summer Sale on the website shows Veranda B $8499. We already had the Memorial Day Sale OLife Veranda B $6499 Now SM is $4399. I think Oceania has done something absurd with this particular cruise. 😜 On the website it says we haveto pay $539 pp for the House Beverage package. The House Beverage package is included with the SM according to my new official invoice. I'm not complaining. 🌻 I would have taken the extra refund and upgraded to a PH but they're not on sale. Figures.πŸ™ƒ This PH on a 14 day cruise costs more than we paid for our Vista 24 night PH2 Felice 😎
  18. Maybe because this particular cruise on Summer Sale was $1800 pp more than we paid with Memorial Day Sale, they either made an error or changed their minds.
  19. Yikes! She saw the new prices for the cruise. Because we already paid for 7 excursions each and there were discounts on some of them, she could not see the exact final until we switched. I trusted that she knew we would be saving money by switching. We just didn't know the exact dollar amount.
  20. Hi, I agree with calling O about excursions. Their O reps are always helpful. Since we are booked with a TA, the O reps do not or cannot answer pricing questions. At this point, our TA switched us to SM and we saved a nice amount of money. πŸŽΆπŸŽ‰πŸŒ»πŸŒŠπŸ˜Ž
  21. No!!!!! My TA is very up to date. We also had Summer Sale but this particular cruise and a few others had NEW RED Summer Sale prices.
  22. Hi Everyone, Check the new low offers on the Summer Sale with Oceania or your TA. If you look at the Summer Sale online the prices are $2000 higher. They're doing something that's difficult to comprehend. Our TA said she cannot SEE the actual final cost until after she makes the switch.😒 Our January 2024 on Regatta will drop over $800 pp to switch to SM. Good luck & Enjoy 🌻🌊🎢 Felice 😎
  23. Hi, We love good wines and would like recommendations for a Hunter Valley wine tour from Sydney. We are there for a few days before our Oceania cruise. I looked at Viatour but nothing sounded special. I appreciate your input. Thanks 😎🌊🍷
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