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  1. No reason to judge other people's choices. They might have many friends.😎🎉
  2. I really appreciate your help. 😎 Most people guessed about Vista by telling me about the other Oceania ships. I've been on all of them and I know Vista is different.
  3. Ok I know but most people are guessing based on other Oceania ships. I was hoping that people who experienced Vista would give first hand opinions.
  4. Hi, I am an Oceania lover but have never dined in one of the private dining rooms. I don't understand the how Vista's new private dinner spaces work. Please let me know about Privee and the other small dining rooms. On Vista, not on the other ships because it's different. Does anyone know the additional costs? How they're booked? Any other details. Thanks
  5. That sounds absurd. In January when our Oceania ship was unable to dock in 2 South African ports we received our money back for our missed tours immediately. I don't think those passengers asked the right questions before accepting the new excursions.
  6. Wow. ðŸĪŠ Sounds like our one and only Princess cruise. We had to pay advance for a bottled water package. And then again for lattes.
  7. Thanks. I assumed that would be the case. A case of wine sounds great. 🍷 We brought one on in Buenos Aires many years ago.😎
  8. Hi Mike & Janet, We are on that cruise as well. Are you on the Roll Call? There's a spreadsheet. We are spending 4 days in San Luis Obispo and have booked visits to wineries in Paso Robles. They're supposed to have wonderful reds.🍷 The major reason we decided to explore that area was to buy wines for the cruise. Last year we picked up some Brunellos from Montalcino before boarding in Civitavecchia. Looking forward to meeting you. Felice & Ivan 🌊😎
  9. 6 and they are lenient. We enjoy going to wineries and buying fine or just local wines.
  10. A staff member at the entrance to the ship told us that we were permitted to bring alcohol so my husband went back into the terminal and bought a bottle. We weren't "pushing the envelope " .
  11. Hi, We are on Vista Nov 3 as well. I agree the Roll Call is kind of slow. We Looking forward to a wonderful trip. Felice & Ivan
  12. A bit of sidetracking. I that I was told eating at Waves also " counts " as included lunch. Us as well.
  13. I definitely agree that these selections don't make me smile. We will continue to bring awesome local wines onboard.
  14. Hi, We have been thinking about this dilemma for a while. We do not want to spend $800 for the alcohol package. We do not drink wine nor beer at lunch. We enjoy fine wine at dinner and enjoy pre-dinner drinks on our Veranda. We are happy to bring our own bottle from a local winery and pay the $25 corkage. We have no idea if the wines they're offering are run of the mill $10 -15 bottles. That we will wait to find out when others have experienced SM. My opinion about the excursions isn't clear yet. We probably will stay with our 4 or 6 "free" at least for our next 2 cruises. We have chosen many and booked everything already. They appear to fit our needs. Some are OE & OS. With the 25% discount they were reasonably priced. We interspersed private tours when we thought it warranted. We are older and have traveled extensively and always independently. Now, we are happy enough to let Oceania do the legwork. Looking forward to hearing more about people's opinions. Felice & Ivan
  15. Hi, Sounds like a great plan. We retired 20 years ago and even before Airbnb, we rented apartments in cities around the world. We traveled to small towns by train or bus and used our apt. as a base. A few times we rented a car for a month and traveled around a country. We sprinkled cruises into our lives. Many were trans Oceanic. We found Oceania and fell in love. We will never do a bus tour. The thought of sitting in a bus with the same complaining 40 people for even 3 days would drive us both crazy. I definitely don't want to pack and unpack daily. Nor do I want to wake up when someone decides I need to be a "breakfast ". We tried and were dissatisfied with both Princess and Celebrity. Now that we are older, we appreciate the ease of booking some ship excursions. The OE and OS have been good. We aren't sure if we'll try another cruiseline after our 4 already booked Oceania without the SM. Time will tell. Good luck to everyone. Enjoy whatever you choose to do. 😎🎉ðŸŒŧ🌊
  16. I would assume that Economy Plus might be another airlines word for Premium Economy. Look at the schematics of the specific airline's airplane and check the seat measurements as well as the pitch.
  17. Please call Oceania to verify what you are assuming here. Too many opinions without experience since SM is new. I believe there's a 25% discount but it's under a different name. Also, for our 2024 Vista cruise I see major problems in tbe website. Just trying to help you figure this out.
  18. I agree. It's interesting to see that others have similar ideas about excursions. In South Africa we stuck with Oceania excursions because the places we wanted to visit were 90 minute drives from the ports. Only 1 out of 7 was extremely disappointing. On our upcoming trip to New Zealand we only found a few private tours that look exciting. We booked mostly OS and OE excursions and at 25% off they're quite reasonably priced Again, everyone needs to do homework and decide what to choose. We are staying with Olife minus air. 😎🌊🎉
  19. Hi, I found 2 of our 4 upcoming Oceania cruises. I may be repeating myself but SM appears to be absurd for us. Regatta 14 day B2 is $1950 more pp. No comment needed. ðŸĪŠ Vista 16 day B3 is only $400 more pp. We don't believe we would EVER spend $800 for wine or beer at lunch or dinner. We don't drink at lunch and never have beer. I understand everyone likes different things. I am not judging, just stating our personal facts. 😎
  20. Even if you compete the transaction, you can call them and someone knowledgeable will fix errors snd updste pricing. ( I'm not sure you're going to get through to an agent for at least a week ðŸĪŠ) Enjoy 😎🌊
  21. If you're paying, see if you can book Comfort Plus or whatever your chosen airline calls it. It's a little more spacious than sardine Economy and most airlines have 2 across unless it's Domestic.
  22. Even if you compete the transaction, you can call them and someone knowledgeable will fix errors snd updste pricing. ( I'm not sure you're going to get through to an agent for at least a week ðŸĪŠ) Enjoy 😎🌊
  23. I believe so. At this time I would not do anything online. Wait to speak directly to an Oceania Representative. Obviously,unless you're leaving within the next few weeks, wait a while. The phone lines will be jammed. F Good luck 😎🌊
  24. Hi Hank, Our Trip to Japan has been rescheduled for 2025. I would appreciate you emailing the Osaka guide's info. Rainbow3fe at hotmail dot com Thanks, Felice ðŸŒŧ😎🌊
  25. Not true. If you want to get rid of the $199 limit you're going to have to switch to SM and you will 1. Pay a different price for the cruise. 2. Lose your free/ included excursions. 3. Get the "free" beverage package . If you choose to use your excursion $$ allowance and book 5 excursions or more pp, you'll get a 25% discount on the excursions. Good luck
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