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  1. Hi, We were on an O cruise where they didn't offer the YWYW discount. We finally figured out the best way to use our 4 "free". It may have saved us $125 pp in total on the trip. You never know. We chose to go on only Oceania excursions on that cruise because it was South Africa and we weren't sure about local vendors. In Europe we usually book privately. Oceania passengers don't always join the CC groups so it's difficult to find others to go on private excursions.
  2. I hear you if you lare comfortable with so many people. But were the pool decks noisy? Did the buffet look like a Cafeteria?
  3. You also can transfer the booking to a Travel Agrnt. Many get you additional perks. Ours oftrn gets us prepaid gratuities.
  4. Wow. It's great here. We moved from Brooklyn 5 years ago. We are on the beach block on 125. I hope you enjoy Oceania. 🌊😎🎢lo Felice
  5. Hi, We also enjoy independent travel and love wine tasting experiences. Oceania permits you to bring wine aboard. They may post a "limited of number of bottles" but never say anything. When we board in Europe we usually bring at least 6 bottles. At every port you can pick up more. They permit drinking it in your stateroom/veranda. If you bring one to a restaurant there's a corkage fee. They'll save the open bottle for another day. Enjoy 😎🎢🌊 Oceania. We have Vista coming up as well. Cannot wait. Make sure you get to experience High Tea. It's quite special.πŸ₯‚ Felice
  6. Wow. You definitely have lots of cruising experience. We can only say that if you are looking for a laid back adventure, try Oceania. Great lecturers, talented String Quartet, intimate Piano Bar, no children's activities, no formal nights, no photographers, no art auctions and no charge for great restaurants. Felice
  7. Hi, We love the ambience on Oceania. It's got a relaxed atmosphere. I know the shows aren't extravaganzas but it's fine with us. We've met others who enjoy the String Quartet and Piano Bar as much as we do. I agree about the menus getting tiresome. Maybe Vista will have a new menu. Yes, you have a larger stateroom for less money but I will take the smaller room if I can enjoy quality, well prepared food. It's all personal choice. We couldn't stand the loud noise on the pool deck.on Princess with the huge screen blasting all day long. We paid for cabanas when we wanted to relax by a pool. I hate being nickel and dimed for "better" food by paying for a restaurant on a shio. Celebrity charged extra for certain ice cream *****???? This is an interesting thread. Felice
  8. Wow. That is certainly a different History from ours. We are Oceania lovers who avoided cruising until we discovered that we could combine fine dining, meeting people of similar interests and going on cruises with exceptional itineraries. For years we avoided cruises. If you want to stay on a Caribbean Island Beach, then go there and reksx. We only cruised on tbe cheap 3 or 4 night trips from Florida on NCL, just to get away. Our main traveling experiences were flying to a country and exploring for a month. We spent time in Italy, Israel, Spain and France. We would take trains or rent a car and visit 3 or 4 different regions. Then we realized that we didn't have to fly back home. We began taking Oceania Trans Atlantic cruises. My husband loves sea days. Now we combine port intensive trips and ones with sea days. We were in Argentina and had a fabulous cruise up the Eastern Coast of South America before heading to Europe. Another time we cruised Oceania from Papette to Sydney and remained in Australia for a month. A few years ago we decided to try other cruiselines to compare them with Oceania. The prices were so tempting but it turned out that saving money isn't worth it for us. Princess 2018 was disappointing and Celebrity Edge 2022 was worse. Yes, the staterooms are nice and the service is good. The dining was never really enjoyable. The buffet food was awful and we felt we were eating in cafeterias. The fine dining lacked the quality that we have become used to. We were grateful that we had Aquaclass on The Edge because we were able to dine in Blu. The room is OK and the service was attentive.The menu sounded nice but the food was awful. Poor quality products make tasteless fish and yucky vegetables Oceania's food and restaurants are head and shoulders above the others. The service is wonderful. The staff takes time to get to know you. I believe you're going to love Vista, although nobody has sailed on her yet. We are looking forward to our upcoming cruises, 3 Vista's, 1 Regatta and 1 Riviera. Felice
  9. Hi, I understand. I'm sorry the trip won't be what you anticipated but you're sure to have a wonderful celebration. You're lucky you booked O air. Others are in an awful bind. We canceled our Nautica HK to Tokyo due to those concerns. Was planning to stay in HK for a week before the cruise. We rebooked for 2025. Enjoy
  10. Hi, Thanks so much for your feedback. Sadly, we canceled our Oceania Nautica cruise for March 2023. It was going from Hong-Kong to Tokyo with a stop in Shanghai. We were also hoping to return to Hong-Kong. We lived visiting there 15 years ago. I was concerned that it wouldn't be the same since China has put restrictions over the years and now with Covid protocols. Hope your able to do your cruise. Stay safe
  11. Thanks for the recommendation. Please let me know about how long it takes to walk up the bridge to the town.
  12. Thanks. We definitely appreciate your recommendations.
  13. Awesome. Thanks for the insightful advice. Wonder if the wines are more expensive than in US because they're from small vineyards instead of larger ones who export. We definitely plan to explore both Montepulciano and Orvieto. Will check with TripAdvisor.
  14. Thanks I appreciate your kind advice. We love the Tuscan reds as well. 🌻🍷πŸ’₯
  15. Hi, We are considering changing our stateroom on our upcoming Nautica cruise. When we booked there weren't any B2 towards rear of ship. We will be in 6018. Now 2 have opened but they're above GDR. I don't think it's noisy but would like advice from someone who knows. Thanks
  16. Hi We have time to visit a winery near either Montepulciano or Orvieto before heading to Civitavecchia. Anyone have a recommendation for a fabulous experience. We would love an opinion from this group of knowledgeable travelers. Our time is limited and we don't want to be mislead by advertisers. Thanks πŸ·πŸŒ»πŸŽ‰
  17. Hi It appears that our Celebrity Edge cruise is stopping at Ponta Delgada, Azores. Does anyone have a recommendation for a wonderful day trip. The island looks amazing. Thanks in advance, Felice
  18. Thanks. I read many insightful opinions and we are staying in the airport. Pre-Covid I never would have thought twice aboutleavingthe airport. Different circumstances these days. Regards, Felice
  19. Wow. Sorry you had an awful experience. Thanks for the heads up. Yes, we decided to remain in the airport. I'm sure we'll find something to occupy our time.
  20. LOL. Definitely option #2. We visited a few times with our London cousins and explored the city. Thanks for the advice.
  21. Thanks. I read so much advice and have decided that leaving would be a mistake. We'll walk around and stay in the Virgin Atlantic lounge.
  22. Thanks Nice suggestion. We need to get to Capetown the next day.Maybe another time.
  23. Thanks. I really appreciate your insightful comments. Yes, unexciting airport but we won't have to worry about missing our connection.
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