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  1. Hi, I apologize in advance if this was addressed earlier. We never had a drink package on Oceania. Is there a Service Charge/Tip added to each drink if you are on the Basic Drink Package through SM or even if you paid for it? Thanks. I appreciate your help. Felice 😎
  2. Yes. My TA did it today. No problem. 😎🌊
  3. Yes. My TA was able to change the OBC to excursions on an Olife that was booked 6 months ago, without any problem. Good luck 😎🌊🌻
  4. As O lovers we tried Celebrity Edge last Fall and raced to book 4 additional future Oceania cruises. Hopefully you'll enjoy Oceania as much as we do. Enjoy 🎢🌻😎🌊
  5. I plan to do the same on our 2025 booking. Will be discussing this today with our TA. You might call your TA or Oceania directly. Please don't try to do any changes online. I think it would result in a messy situation.
  6. No. I made a huge mistake. The fare we paid still included the Oceania airfare. We don't remove air until we have actually booked our flights. Since it's for April 2025, the air is still in our reservation. If we remove the cost of air, the Simply More price is $200 pp higher than we booked. We might decide to switch anyway but not now.😎
  7. Yes, that's true but many of us get lots of SBC. The Excursion Credit is a new separate entity.😎
  8. He's knowledgeable and was being helpful. No need to get nasty.
  9. Hi Everyone, Thanks for continuing to post about SM. I just learned that we will save $3,400 on our April 2025 Riviera by switching to SM. That's a huge difference. 🎢🌻🌊😎πŸ’₯πŸ’πŸŽ‰
  10. I wish everyone would stop moaning and groaning about Oceania's Excursions. We had some wonderful experiences using ship tours in South Africa in January. There were terrible storms with high seas. We sadly had some issues. We had booked an OS excursion to Tala Game Preserve in Durbin and it was canceled. We were angry because other passengers had booked a private tour and went anyway. It turned out that the flooding there was so bad that the vehicles couldn't get through to view the animals. They had a dreadful experience and were upset at spending all that money. Sometimes it's better to book through the cruiseline. We explore both private and ship options. It also depends on the country we are visiting. In Europe and The Caribbean we don't take ship excursions. In other placed we weigh our options. Not sure if this was helpful to people deciding about Simply More.
  11. True . No thanks SM. πŸ™ƒ I wouldn't pay $1,000 for some average wine with dinner.
  12. We got a huge discount with the Memorial Day sale and O life, no air. Summer sale has higher prices and since we don't need Wine package we didn't want to pay more. The other isn't on sale list and it's $400 more pp. We don't use 2 electronics.
  13. Hi, Wow. Glad to hear many Oceania passengers are saving money. I researched our next 2 and the cost was higher. I guess it depends on which cruise you booked and which category stateroom.
  14. Is this your 1st Oceania cruise? They always have added gratuities to the stateroom bill. If you have used up your Shipboard credits, then it goes on your Credit Card. You aren't forced to get SM but can switch if you feel you'll get a better price.
  15. That's true. Our Oceania cruises are quiet. We land travel with our grandchildren during school holidays. We know other cruiselines have camps, watersides, video gamerooms and children's activities.
  16. Great to hear. 2 Vista and 1 Regatta before our Riviera. We snagged a extended Veranda.πŸŽ‰πŸŒŠβ€οΈπŸ˜Ž
  17. What do you mean kids everywhere? I have never seen more than 2 on an Oceania cruise.
  18. I don't need to argue. Think about what you said. It was NOT a real question but your personal judgment of how much wine they plan to bring aboard.
  19. No reason to judge other people's choices. They might have many friends.πŸ˜ŽπŸŽ‰
  20. I really appreciate your help. 😎 Most people guessed about Vista by telling me about the other Oceania ships. I've been on all of them and I know Vista is different.
  21. Ok I know but most people are guessing based on other Oceania ships. I was hoping that people who experienced Vista would give first hand opinions.
  22. Hi, I am an Oceania lover but have never dined in one of the private dining rooms. I don't understand the how Vista's new private dinner spaces work. Please let me know about Privee and the other small dining rooms. On Vista, not on the other ships because it's different. Does anyone know the additional costs? How they're booked? Any other details. Thanks
  23. That sounds absurd. In January when our Oceania ship was unable to dock in 2 South African ports we received our money back for our missed tours immediately. I don't think those passengers asked the right questions before accepting the new excursions.
  24. Wow. πŸ€ͺ Sounds like our one and only Princess cruise. We had to pay advance for a bottled water package. And then again for lattes.
  25. Thanks. I assumed that would be the case. A case of wine sounds great. 🍷 We brought one on in Buenos Aires many years ago.😎
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