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  1. Yep, I knew it was a while ago... back when people took responsibility for what they did. We did the overnight thing and they loved it! Carnival was both laid back and "fancy" back then. Wore a tux to dinner but shorts/flip flops during the day and late evening.
  2. On Carnival ships in the past (10-15 years ago) there were some offers to go on an excursion (thru the ship) that included the kids staying onboard while the adults go on an "adult" themed excursion... usually involving drinking. It was always booked full... I guess they were pretty sure the excursion would get all the adults back on time.
  3. Well dang, we have a Haven Spa Suite on the Escape in Feb 2021 because of the wonderful Thermal Spa. I would look at a different suite (like an aft haven suite) if the spa is closed.
  4. Checks (or cheques) are nice, Cash is King!
  5. I am paid in checks all the time, no fee for me or the client.
  6. Ewww! Hold it til you get back on? No partying for you! That's one place a mask should be required!
  7. Fla seems like a place to start, those are 2 of the busiest cruise ports with CCL, NCL and RCCL all homeporting there. I was hoping that CCL would include Charleston as it has exactly one ship homeported there, Sunshine. The way the embarkation is done in Charleston would be perfect for a safe embark/debark. You don't enter the actual building to get on til going thru everything else at a different building.
  8. LOL well yes but sometimes I think beating the dead horse even has to stop...
  9. Soooo tip what you want, when you want and not worry about what other people think... Got it! 5 pages and wow what a bunch of ... well nuff said.
  10. That's the spirit! Positive begats positive...
  11. Sad that this is your view of the world... When the Titanic went under the 1918 pandemic was just a few short years away, do you think the sinking caused it? Wow that would be strange...
  12. Yes... The charter flights I am talking about is 80-90% over 60 and from Monday-Thursday so you can guess the ages. If we can do that going all over the place, seeing people from all over the place in confined area (the casino) what exactly is the difference... some go from home to plane to bus to hotel/casino and stay there til they go back home. Sounds like a cruise to me!
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