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  1. bobsfamily

    Breeze casino and spirit

    3 card draw and blackjack (several versions) are on all Carnival ships.... In Jan I will know more!
  2. bobsfamily

    Seafood Shack on the Dream?

    This is on the Sunshine and the fried shrimp were OK... the problem I had was they offered "steam" options but would not steam the oysters, raw only. (and it costs)
  3. bobsfamily

    Boarding pass

    Actually I would cruise RCL, I just would not wear the dang thing or request a card....
  4. bobsfamily

    Boarding pass

    A wristband has an RFID (radio-frequency Identification chip) which means the ship thru the wristband can monitor everywhere you go on the ship.... not just when you make a purchase or swipe to go in your room with a card. It extends off the ship while on a private island.
  5. bobsfamily

    Is a passport card sufficient?

    WOW! A passport card WILL work for the Carib on a ship.... no one asked about in a car or Canada. Again if you already have one (I do like the reason you got one for the kids) by all means use it. We carry a passport with us everywhere but I rarely get in the water at a beach unless snorkeling (which would be on a boat), always am very aware of where I am. I would suggest once the kids are 16 to get them a passport, that age is when it's good for 10 years...
  6. bobsfamily

    Boarding pass

    One of the reasons I do not cruise RCL... I do not want anyone to know my every move on the ship - or off. I know they have cameras everywhere and the SS card can have a chip in it but no thanks to something I have to "wear".
  7. bobsfamily

    Is a passport card sufficient?

    Completely agree, why would anyone get a "card"? If you already have one then use but a Passport is good for all sort of things... we carry ours even if flying within the US, everyone accepts them.
  8. bobsfamily

    Jeans on "elegant" nights

    By the "smiley" at the end of you statement I hope that is in jest.... the pure mockery of people not living on the coast is insufferable to say the least.
  9. bobsfamily

    Grand suite perks

    I was on the SAME cruise and went to their cabin pretty much every day (we had a balcony), they did not want the bubbly so I got it. Saw the strawberries and the cheese tray. They had a great time meeting the captain at dinner. This was their first Carnival cruise as they were taking daughter/grand children. It happen, if you don't think it happens great, just letting others know that Carnival seems to be stepping up their game for suites....
  10. bobsfamily

    Grand suite perks

    A couple I know had the grand suite this past May and got bubbly, something basically every day, invite to a dinner with the Captain, etc.
  11. bobsfamily

    Priority rooms ready at 130 today....

    Personally I cruise Carnival because of the "perks" I have. We usually get to the port early and on as early as we can... if the cabin would not be ready for us it would affect our choice. I "might" still cruise Carnival if the cruise was one I wanted out of Charleston but I would not drive to anywhere else to cruise on Carnival. We do NCL and Celebrity and are getting up there on points. Just another PITA, why piss off people who have spent lots of money with you over 20+ years?
  12. bobsfamily

    Jetpack use while in ports

    Again if you have cell tower connections you should be able to use the JetPack... again I would find out what the data cost is for each country, it could be very expensive. Years ago I had client that was in Canada right over the border and used a hotspot on their phone to use their laptop. Let's just say they turned off all roaming and hotspot the next time in Canada...
  13. bobsfamily

    Jetpack use while in ports

    Jetpacks (Verizon?) will work if there is a cell tower to connect to, not sure what your rate for MB/GB's would be in another country, some do actually charge by the MB of data... could be costly! Good luck, every time I go cruising I have to let my clients I am gone as I am it... I fix homeowners computers/networks/etc.
  14. bobsfamily

    15 Drink Limit

    Cheers and DOU (drink on us thru the casino) will include the 15 drink limit. If you have neither then no limit except for bartenders that feel you are unsafe (for you or others). Once a bartender cuts you off you cannot get a drink anywhere til 6am the next day.... well there is one way, both for being "drunk" or the 15 drink limit. BUY a couple of bottles thru Carnival on the website. I usually get one bottle of rum and one of vodka, about $180 with mixers included. They are quart bottles ( I think, not sure what we got last time) or 1000 ml bottles. You can make you a drink (or 2) in the cabin. We usually do this, have our DOU card and either never hit 15 or make a trip to the cabin if somehow we do. Oh and tips at the bar DO help!
  15. bobsfamily

    Behavior on Carnival ships ?

    We live close to Charleston port as well (15-20 minute drive), I think he must take every cruise out of Chas! Last cruise out of Chas was on the Sunshine in Nov 2017 and I swear either he or his brother was on there. Speaking of the Sunshine, she comes to Charleston next May to replace the Ecstasy! So ready, love the Sunshine (been on here 3 times)