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  1. I know is a bit old but wanted to say we were on the Sun and ended up in New Orleans on the 3rd. Flew out on the 4th to home and a glancing blow from Dorian in Charleston, SC. Great cruise after all was said and done...
  2. We spent 3k for a suite and it was wonderful! Would I do it again? Well this was a special occasion with a great deal so not sure... BUT if I could get a suite again for that price I would jump on it. Not Haven (ship did not have Haven) but still what an experience. Butler was so nice and did so many things. Bedroom, living room and large bathroom with an aft balcony.
  3. Not exactly on topic but I will say i was very happy with booking the airfare with NCL... not because of the flights (they were fine) but due to Hurricane Dorian we left from PC but came back to New Orleans. NCL took care of the new flight arraignments and we got home just in time for Dorian to hit the island we live on! But thankfully no real damage and we had time to get everything put up in the yard. So even though it can be a bit of a hassle dealing with NCL air the great part is they do take care of you if something happens!
  4. Have fun! I guess (for those of us still going on the Sun) we will be coming back sometime next week... not sure if it will be Monday. I guess you had insurance?
  5. Getting ready in a couple of hours to head to airport for flight to Orlando. I wonder if we are going to Coz? I doubt we are coming back on the Monday.... at least to PC!
  6. Well the track changed and is below PC and looks like a direct Orlando airport hit... wonder how much further south it will now go? Actually worse for PC...
  7. Thanks! I wonder if I should book a car for Tuesday morning hoping the ship ports a day late? Just in case, 7 hours home...
  8. We have a suite, I called the concierge for suites and the comment was - "There has been no change to the schedule and for now expect to go to the ports shown..." I doubt we are headed to GCS and Freeport...
  9. Yes we have NCL insurance so hopefully that will cover it. Thankfully work can wait til Wednesday... here I am worried about a vacation when others might have a very bad few days. Hopefully the dang thing ends up out to sea and the damage done is all that happens!
  10. We leave early in the morning flying into Orlando with NCL bus to port... Embarkation should be no problem. We leave at 1:45pm from Orlando back to CHS on Monday... I wonder if that will happen. I guess NCL (we booked airfare with them) will "help" us with different flights if they cannot get into port?
  11. Do you think the Sun will actually go to Nassau and Freeport? Maybe KW and Nassau?
  12. Sometimes cruise lines have a 1 night "cruise to nowhere" and that's what happens, they go out, cruise around for the night and return the next day. No ports at all. Where the Jone's act comes in is with a port (I think, no lawyer). A cruise can for example go to Key West but must hit a foreign port prior to the home port. In states of emergencies I don't know if that is lifted....
  13. We are in the same boat. 🤣 Hoping they come up with some sort of alternative as I have been looking forward to some R&R Jet and Nola, It's looking like the Villa excursion to GSC will be an onboard credit! With the Bahamas basically under a TS the entire we are at sea I wonder if we are just going to be a cruise to one of the Bahama islands and then cruise nowhere for the rest of the time. PC should be fine both for 8/29 and 9/2. We fly in 8/29 early... at least we have a suite for a 4 night cruise to nowhere!
  14. I am starting to really wonder where the NCL SUN is going. We are supposed to board 8/29 in PC which I think will happen but be in Nassau 8/30, GSC 8/31 and Freeport 9/1 returning to PC 9/2.... I am wondering where in the heck the ship will go? Nothing north, is either Coz or Grand Cayman Island doable from Port C on a 4 night cruise? About the only thing I can think of....
  15. Every ship and cruise can be different for the last or next one... Have a wonderful cruise!
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