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  1. Whoever named that gas station has the same sense of humor as my DH. This is what he named the model sailboat he built...
  2. That's pretty much what Maine looked like when we were there... it was July and cold!
  3. That's so beautiful. We just drove around Watch Hill a few hours ago before heading to the airport in Providence to go home. Had a nice visit with our son and grandkids. It's so good to be traveling and visiting again.
  4. Around this time of year, we have to be prepared to come to a sudden stop when driving anywhere...
  5. I love that the fiancé's shirt matches the table centerpieces. 🙂
  6. I snapped a picture of the recipe when on the ship tour, Liberty of the Seas 2011.
  7. That chocolate fruit in the first row speaks to me
  8. Me too, and each location has a specific pair of glasses that I use there: computer, kitchen, piano, tv/ipad, etc. I still don't understand how people can have one pair of glasses that works for everything.
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