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  1. FYI. We had booked the Summitt for Feb 27th non-refundable. Balance was due this past Sunday November 30th. I did not want to pay the balance and have to wait for the full refund, so I waited it out. I figured they had to cancel, no way was it sailing and I wouldn’t go anyway. I just contacted my travel agent and we will be receiving the deposit back. I’m glad they did that, I suppose they could have given me FCC or lift and shift. Going by their contract rules, they didn’t have to do this. Kudos to Celebrity, hope to sail in the future, just not sure when 😢
  2. Thank you Ian. That is what I thought. Haven’t been in the ship for a year and thought I would just ask. We have more obc than we needed so was just a thought for something that I wanted instead of wasting on the casino 😆
  3. Wondering if anyone recently had noticed if there are apple watches for sale.I have on board credit I was considering using for a new watch. Thanks
  4. Looking forward to your newest adventure. Have a wonderful time and safe travels
  5. Yes, they still have the ouch machines that accept quarters. Usually by casino entrance
  6. Happy Birthday. I hope you enjoyed your day. Pictures are great, someday I hope to visit Aruba
  7. Gorgeous photos as always! Enjoying this review as this is a bucket list item
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