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  1. Thank you Ian. That is what I thought. Haven’t been in the ship for a year and thought I would just ask. We have more obc than we needed so was just a thought for something that I wanted instead of wasting on the casino 😆
  2. Wondering if anyone recently had noticed if there are apple watches for sale.I have on board credit I was considering using for a new watch. Thanks
  3. Looking forward to your newest adventure. Have a wonderful time and safe travels
  4. Yes, they still have the ouch machines that accept quarters. Usually by casino entrance
  5. Happy Birthday. I hope you enjoyed your day. Pictures are great, someday I hope to visit Aruba
  6. Gorgeous photos as always! Enjoying this review as this is a bucket list item
  7. Thank you for your review. We will be doing the same cruise in February
  8. I did the same...no brained for me🧐
  9. Looks like the website is back up. Cruises have returned
  10. I booked onboard last week on the Equinox for February 2020. It is also missing. I sure hope they will fix this soon or give us more information asap😕
  11. Thank you for your live review. Very informative and enjoyable. In regards to cruise director Simon. His names is Simon Akerwolere and is currently on the Equinox. I just returned last week, he was fun, energetic and around everywhere. Enjoy!
  12. Yes we missed the port. Tried for quite a while but the swells were too high to safely launch the life boats for tendering
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