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  1. We just stayed at the Mandarin in early Feb. this year. Fabulous hotel....and not demolished!
  2. I could be wrong but we were in a G cabin (bottom of the boat) on the Splendor. We only had a shower, although it was the biggest shower EVER. I'm quite sure we had a clothes line in there.
  3. We also love and appreciate the tub with shower AND stand alone shower. We use both. I too love that leisurely soak with all that good water and nice products sloshing around.....a real treat! The stand alone shower is perfect for a quickie cool down and clean up after a hot day ashore.... But that's just us....!
  4. Those poor little lamb chops.....all dressed up in their pretty coats and......well, what happened to their buds? (giggle!) Must agree presentation is poor.......
  5. Cadillac Margarita….with or without salt! Meridian bar has endless suggestions on delicious sounding cocktails!
  6. I'm pretty sure there are only ladders
  7. If you are using a (pre) hotel that Regent includes, your transport is from the airport to the hotel and then on to the ship. If you're using Regent air at the conclusion of your trip, the ship to airport transport is also included.
  8. Some good points above. However after all of the add ons with the premium lines (port taxes, service charges/tips, specialty restaurants, shore excursions, and last but not least, drink packages) you come pretty close to what a "bottom of the boat" fare is for Regent. Oh, and I almost forgot above, air fare. So are far as we're concerned, Regent is actually a bargain .... And as a lazy so and so, it's all done for you.......
  9. There must be even a little Italian in you!
  10. We go in a month.....still nothing. Would really, really like to know where we are!
  11. I’m enjoying this “balcony cleaning “ segment! I realize that the crew will do a thorough job of it maybe once a week, but I do my own thing… I sacrifice one wash cloth to be put aside and every morning I wipe down our teak rail and our table. Simple, takes 5 minutes tops. Clean table to enjoy adult treats on later in the day. Also no salty forearms when by the rail. Sometimes it’s just easier to take things under your own control!!
  12. I'm hoping that you've left a few "treats" in the bars for us, as we board on Friday! Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know what's happening onboard. I've read all of your posts and you've done a wonderful job.....enjoyed every bit. Have a wonderful holiday season!
  13. I've often done this with great success. A soup, salad, and a few starters often work for me, rather than a complete main. Oh, and dessert too! Servers have no problem with this. Just ask!
  14. Two years ago, to my horror I tested positive while on the QM2. John was negative. I was packed off to the "naughty room" but John could stay in our cabin. He was allowed to go and do whatever he wanted, anywhere on the ship. All of my meals were bought to my "cell" on deck 4, sheltered balcony. I could order from our usual Princess grill menus and could have basically any alcohol I wanted (good thing!) After 4 days, I tested neg, two days in a row and was allowed to return to humanity, although for some odd reason, they said I could go anywhere I wanted, but not the dining room. Made absolutely no sense to me. When checking with our Maitre'd, he basically said..."baloney....come to dinner...". Bless him! I have no idea if any of the above would still be in effect, but have a feeling, once you're negative, you can do as you please.....
  15. I came, I saw and watched (most of it). Unfortunately, I was not too impressed. I, like others had hoped for a few more visuals on the ship itself. Not thrilled with the caned champagne smash....kinda loses it's appeal in the show lounge. Speeches were long and longer and at risk of being totally flamed, I thought Andrea's breast cancer spiel was out of place. I think that it's a very important message, but not at that time. Just my thoughts. "The Egg" is interesting and it's production was probably the high point for me, although I can think of a lot of more important places to put that expenditure......maybe a donation to breast cancer.....?
  16. Same with us....we've been a gazillion cruises before, but this is the first time with a guarantee. Like you, hoping we have an assignment before actual check in at the ship!
  17. Not really worried about the cabin per se, but if we don't hear where we're assigned before boarding time, what do we do with luggage tags if we haven't been previously assigned? I know it's a relatively small ship, but would sure like to see our luggage again. Hoping we'll know before boarding, but I also know it's possible to be assigned at check in.........
  18. I like the way you think! Ship of Fools is another favorite "boaty" flick!
  19. I kinda doubt they put anything "special" on the tables, maybe a small pointsettia? My only comment would be to keep it really small, as the tables are generally LOADED with place settings, silver, glass ware, etc. Some of it is removed if not needed but heaven forbid if you order a couple of sides to go with your meal.....table tops get loaded.
  20. But for the most part, that's why we like it! We'll be off on the QM2 in a couple of weeks. Talk about a cross section of clothing....Thank God we don't have to fly. We've got formal stuff weighing a ton, sort of dressy, dressy, shorts, bathing suits, and the beat goes on.....On that ship, we'll see everything from the "Royal look" to truck driver garb...
  21. I think you're probably right, but our bathroom was hardly luxurious....didn't really expect it to be, but a clean, useable tub would've been good. I guess I could've complained, but for only 1 night, didn't seem worth the hassle. However, as I mentioned above, service was basically non existent. For a highly rated hotel, I would've expected more. Your milage may vary.......
  22. For what it's worth, Now Voyager, is my favorite Bette Davis movie! Great reference!
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