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  1. Sounding wonderful! We're not fussy travelers at all....If the beds are comfy, the toilet flushes and the food is good, I'm a happy camper!
  2. Thank you for the upbeat comments. I just read a absolutely scathing review of the SB in the review section. I've been around long enough to know to take reviews down the middle and not to let one terrible one spoil the fun! As my step dad used to say "some people are not having fun, unless they're not having fun". He was right.
  3. These were postcards, right?.....haha! Most glorious photos! Thank you for sending them! Looks like your weather has been "picture" perfect! Enjoy every minute!
  4. In another week or so, we're off to do the Star Breeze around Iceland. Very excited about it! My only experience on Windstar was years ago on the WindSurf We've never been on the little yachts. Since we know nothing of the ship or Iceland other than a few snippets from CC, if anyone can tell us a little about the ship, what to expect, anything special not to miss, we'd appreciate it. Thank you in advance, Linda
  5. Thank you taking us along, Flossie! We've considered a Navigator cruise for next year, so will be watching and listening to your reports! Must agree that the Navigator has the best itineraries...at least the ones that appeal to us most.
  6. We did as well....since this cruise appears to be pretty much sold out, I'm not expecting any upgrade. A little OBC credit would've been nice since this cruise price was reduced after we booked, but that was not to be. We were under the dread 90 day booking circumstance. See you on board!
  7. We did it! Looking forward to a great trip!
  8. I have no issue with prosecco being offered instead of champagne, but if I had a choice, I'd go with champagne any day. It is, of course, fitting that an Italian line will go with prosecco. I can most certainly deal with either....first world problem! Aren't we fortunate to have that problem....
  9. Happy 4th and welcome home! So looking forward to your next adventure! Where are we going again? Forgot! J&L
  10. Thanks, Milepig. Looks like we'll be skipping the wifi.......
  11. Looks like you've had glorious weather! Geez, what a great pub crawl! Continue to have fun!
  12. I'm assuming that wifi isn't included on Windstar. We're doing the "round Iceland" itinerary. Any idea of cost for a week? Is it worth it?
  13. Thank you all....I think I've got it as far as clothing goes. Elizabeth and I did Regent to Alaska a few years ago and I think we can survive with what we've got for the most part. Although my daughter is a Millinium, she still like to dress a little for dinner (God bless her!) No fight on dressing up a little. I appreciate the shore excursion review....will help! I'm hoping that A3Zmom will give us an update after their cruise!
  14. I know I'm sounding like a broken record here, but please know that we've all enjoyed your blog so much....almost like being there....well, maybe not as I can't taste those bloodies and margaritas! Guess that means we need to find out where you two are going next, so we can organize a proper M&BM Society meeting! Envious of that Guinness excursion! Keep calm and enjoy the rest of your trip! L&J
  15. My daughter and I will be on the Aug. departure of the Sea Breeze doing the same itinerary. You're questions are mine, exactly....basically what do ladies wear for dinner? We'd also be interested in what shore excursions are good ones......and where we can just cruise around on our own. Thanks for asking, A2Z...!!!
  16. That steak looked AWESOME! Kuddos to TB for picking it up....I'm with her!!!
  17. Although I haven't commented recently, we're enjoying your travels very much! Thanks again for taking the time to take us all along! Questions....Did TB get to choose a bauble after the modeling gig? Best bar?( if one suits you more than an another.....dumb question, figuring if they're serving alcohol, it's the best bar.....giggle!) Any experience with margaritas on this trip? carry on.....!
  18. I've had to put this problem into the "stuff happens" category. I, like everyone else whom this has happened to, am not happy about the 200$ loss, but it's nothing compared to what some folks have lost. I'm a grown up....I can deal. Don't like it much, but will happily look forward to enjoying a great itinerary and lots of fun in Iceland!
  19. OMG! Too funny.....and we haven't even gotten to the M&BM Society meetings yet........ I think we're missing a really good time........ Carry on..... L&J
  20. " not literally..." Are you kidding...can you spell murder? dismemberment? 5 hours of the shopping channel? (giggle!)? It sounds like you kids are having a wonderful time...most beautiful weather! Looking forward to all the details of the Navigator....she seems to have itineraries that appeal to us for next year....or your basic route around GB on the Explorer.... Keep us posted on your adventures...so enjoying the read!!
  21. Maybe I missed it, but can you tell us what hotel you're staying at in London? Sounds like the good times are rolling! Keep calm (haha!) and carry on!
  22. Did you get pajamas on your flight? Was kinda hoping to catch a shot of you in your pjs! TB looked adorable as usual and totally relaxed. Need to see one of you now....(giggle!)
  23. Ready to hear your London adventures before boarding. We'll be following along and sailing with you! Fair winds and following seas....... J&L
  24. Phew....! I had just sent TC an email asking about your cruise. I was afraid I missed it! Looking forward to a great report. Keep us posted on good watering holes on the little Navigator! May be considering her in the future. In the meantime think of us during the first meetings of the Blood Mary and Margarita Society! Have fun! L&J
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