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  1. That news outlet are a bunch of idiots. St. Vincent only received their first batch of covid vaccines 4 days ago. Most of these passengers are probably from the more rural area of the island plus the small towns near the volcano. Maybe, one or two are vaccinated?? If ash is raining down on you, covid is the least of your worries. Heck, the cruise lines, Royal Carribean, Celebrity, & Carnival can test their covid protocols on real live people, but I doubt any of these ships are sufficiently staffed to do a proper job. Just glad there were apparently sufficient number of empty cruise
  2. Always - any cruise line with the right itinerary at an affordable price and has a passing CDC sanitation score. We sailed Costa for the Norwegian Fjords because they were the only cruise line that had sufficient time in Stavanger for us to hike the Pulpit Rock. Never - any cruise line which requires formal or semi-formal wear for dinner It is funny to see all those "never", especially for Carnival and Costa. We have sailed both Carnival and Costa - they weren't the best cruises that we have been on, nor were they the worst cruises that we have been on. Every cruis
  3. The Medalliion will probably be on all cruise lines. They will have different names, but all it is is a tracking device. This enables the cruise line to determine if any sick person has interacted with another passenger long enough that might require quarantine.
  4. More likely the information of where, what, and when the vaccination had taken place with a name or number assigned to it. If it is a number, a number and name will be stored in a different database along with vaccination information. It could contain the lot number of the vaccination so in case of problems, it can be easily traced.
  5. I think in June we would have an idea if vaccines are helping us reach herd immunity. There is talk already of easing of travel restrictions between USA & UK, but that is if vaccine plans are succeeding. Like I said, I can't see EU getting their people vaccinated by the end of summer. If they don't do that, Ireland is unlikely to be available.
  6. I'm just not optimistic that EU can get it's citizens all vaccinated by the end of summer. UK may be able to by start of summer. I hope I'm wrong. I just don't like the idea that my Nov. 11th, Bridgetown to Bridgetown cruise might be the re-start of Oceania cruising. The London to Miami cruise might be the easiest to modifed - add two days at sea so it lands in Miami on Nov. 1st and shorten the Miami to Bridgetown cruise by two days. I noticed that the Nautica cruises that are entirely within the EU, but American tourists might still be banned from the EU so can Oceania fill the the Nauti
  7. Not sure they can do a gradual restart with all of their ships in European or Alaskan itineraries over the summer and 1st half of fall. First itinerary that you can start is, maybe, the Oct. 15 London to Miami aboard the Sirena. All the other itineraries you may have to deal with the CDC or the EU or Australia. Any suggestions as to what current itinerary to begin the restart?
  8. Oceania should be doing what other cruise lines are doing. Just one ship for testing protocols and new procedures and equipment. You have to walk before you could run. To start the 4th quarter with all ships is asking for trouble.
  9. Can't find the original article of the 30,000,000 vaccines, but here is a link were they are referencing it: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/11/us/politics/coronavirus-astrazeneca-united-states.html The 7,000,000 releaseable vaccines is referenced in this article: https://nypost.com/2021/03/18/us-to-send-millions-of-covid-vaccine-doses-to-canada-mexico/ As for the shelf life, a small boo-boo on my part. I was mixing up the remaining shelf-line of an article that I had been reading on AZ vaccines in South Africa. AZ has a shelf-line of 6 months
  10. Well, we do have 30,000,000 doses of AZ vaccines which have not been approved, at least, given an EUA. They have a 3 month storage limitation. I read somewhere the EU and other countries have been asking for them. If there are only 7 million releaseable vaccines, what is the other 23,000,000 vaccines for, a strategic reserve?? Give them all away as this may be the vaccine that most Americans will try to avoid. The reporter should have asked the FDA official when does the AZ vaccine in storage starts expiring.
  11. Problem is we have about 30,000,000 doses of AZ vaccines sitting in a warehouse in Ohio and it has a shelf-line of 3 months, hope it wasn't shipped to us in January, but since they said they only had 7,000,000 releasable AZ vaccines, I think they are having a problem with inventory control. When AZ and Novavax gets approved, their contracts kicks in and, theoretically, we can vaccinated 500,000,000 adult Americans (a little less since we may have to throw away some AZ vaccines). We have 330,000,000 Americans of all ages and kids can't take this vaccine. You do the math.
  12. The odds of it going somewhere is good, but don't plan on visiting many of the ports in the intinerary. Not quite a cruise to nowhere, but there will likely be a port or two that will be open.
  13. You are making a strange assumption. Those efficacies of those vaccines are based on normal behavior, exposure to the general public. A cruise ship with 100% of the people sailing having been vaccinated will not produce those figures you are spitting out. It is one thing to be exposed to the general public where you don't know who is vaccinated or not while on a cruise ship where everyone will be vaccinated, you are inferring the same risk. On the other hand, when you are at a port, you can be exposed to that "normal behavior". Don't be surprised that getting off the ship will only be all
  14. Your experience is from a year ago. I think everyone has advanced in their knowledge of this disease. Cruise lines will not be sailing cruises with foreign destinations until protocols are in place and agreements with destination ports on how to handle the virus if it does occur. They do not want a repeat of another March 2020. If the risk is deem too great to you, you do have the option of not going.
  15. Are you saying if you take the J&J vaccine, Crystal requires you to take it twice?
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