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  1. Well, it appears that Chile has re-opened, sort of. You have to be vaccinated and have medical insurance for covid in excess of 30K. Most of the South American cruises require Chile and Argentina, even Uruguay can be excluded. If any more cruises gets cancelled, I suspect it will be because they can't fill the ships with enough people to make it worth their while.
  2. Apparently, NCL will have a ship sailing from Buenos Aires on Jan. 16th. So, they may be the only North American mass-market cruise line left to sail South America this season. Don't forget there are dozens of expedition ships visiting Antarctica from South America.
  3. Right now, there are probably 8 cruise ships going to South America where their passengers have already made their final payments, 6 MSC ships, 1 Costa ship, & 1 Viking ship. Just because the North American mass market cruise lines have backed off, doesn't mean that others will. Oceania is still scheduled to go, along with Saga and Silversea. Unless a new variant starts spreading in South America like a wildfire before their summer months, I think a few ships will make it down there.
  4. Argentina is allowing cruise ships effective 10/20/21. Uruguay and Chile are in much better shape than Argentina so it is likely that they will re-open for the summer season down there too. MSC is scheduled to send 6 ships towards South America this winter. Costa is also sending a ship in November. You can always cancel your cruise and book it again when you feel comfortable. It is unlikely that any cruise ships will be full especially MSC as they have so many ships in South America. If you have airfare that is not refundable or changeable, then you have a problem. The MSC Preziosa is leaving Barcelona on 10/21/21 for South America. I assume all those passengers have made their final payment. MSC hasn't modified any of their South America cruises that I know of, not even their World Cruise. As for covid testing, I can't help you there. Don't be surprised that the only way of getting off the ship in any port is through a ship's excursion.
  5. Susiesan, The canary in the coal mine is MSC. They have 5 ships scheduled for South America, 6 if you count their World Cruise ship. The MSC Preziosa leaves Barcelona on 10/21. If they are using 60 day final payment like other cruiselines, it looks like it is set to go. The Costa Fascinosa leaves Barcelona on 11/4 for South America. The Viking Jupiter leaves Barcelona on 11/14 for South America. The MSC Preziosa will be sailing only Brazilian ports for the month of November - let's see how well it turns out. I'm on the Rio-Miami leg on the Marina, but I may have to cancel due to personal reasons, nothing to do with covid. Unless things gets worst in Chile or Argentina, I think most cruiselines are going, even Oceania.
  6. Think the only cruiselines with 2 or more ocean going ships that have ships that are qualified to visit Venice under the new rules are Windstar, Sea Dream, Phoenix Reisen, and Star Clippers. I'm not sure if any of them have sailings from Venice. The ban is pretty much 100% at this moment. Even Seabourn who have the smallest ships in the luxury segment have ships that are all too big for Venice (they had sold all their older smaller ships to Windstar back in 2015.)
  7. Thanks for the info. We just use the swimming pool to just cool off. Problem with the itinerary that we may be interested in, usually the only cruise lines that does something like this are luxury lines. Do Windstar suffer from chair hogs like all other lines?
  8. Currently, we are booked on an Oceania cruise to the Amazon for Feb. 2022. There's a 50/50 chance it will be canceled or modified so much that it will not be worth it. So, we are looking around for other options that may interest us. We have sailed many cruiselines though lately we have been sailing Oceania. The itinerary always take 1st place so even going on a Costa ship is no problem for us - we actually like them. We are looking at the 24 night Noumea to Papeete cruise departing on March 14, 2022 aboard the Wind Spirit as an alternative if our Oceania cruise gets canceled or modified too much. One of the questions I had was the condition of the ship but supposedly it is coming out of drydock in Feb. 2022 in Singapore. I am quite aware of the lack of entertainment and activities aboard the Wind Spirit (it appears to be just a tad quieter than an Oceania ship). On sea days, my wife and I spend most of the day on the top deck, relaxing in the shade, drinking cold drinks, scanning the Internet, jumping into the pool to cool off. Question: is there much shade on the top deck (there doesn't seemed to very much except in the areas where they are serving food)? My wife burns easily so shade may be a necessary requirement as we do not like the idea of being below deck most of our sea days. Is the Internet on Wind Spirit been upgraded so it doesn't feel like dial-up? For those who have sailed Oceania, how do the food compared? How much movement is there on Windstar Spirit in the open ocean? Thanks for any help.
  9. Unless you get the "exception policy" in writing, Oceania could ding you at check-in and your wife could be denied boarding, but at least you have some kind of evidence for financial restitution. I would assume an antibody test report taken two weeks before embarkation would suffice as evidence of anti-bodies. You are literally at the mercy of Oceania. Good Luck!
  10. I don't think so. Spot-checking on certain categories and it appears to be 20-40% full. I don't think a November cruise will be capacity controlled, maybe the 1st few cruises of a ship returning to service will be capacity controlled. Maybe people are just waiting how the 1st few cruises of a cruiseline is working out before committing their money to a cruise. Think positive, it may be possible to social-distance on the LIdo and Sun deck on a sea day while allowing all passengers to have a lounger. There is one other thing, maybe people don't want to socialize, even in CC, until they feel it is really safe.
  11. With vaccination demand dropping I don't think anyone cares if we give away the AZ vaccine. Just tell the complainers, what should we do with the AZ vaccine? Give them away or throw them away? Right now those are the only realistic options. Right now, with a little work, you can literally choose which of the 3 vaccines as your choice of vaccination, at least, in large urban areas.
  12. Here are some odds and ends - illy crema at the Baristas, basically a coffee milkshake in a shot glass form - get a big cup of it for a milkshake feel. Waygu hamburger if you wan to try Waygu at Waves, but the Black Angus burger is much better tasting. Red Ginger is our favorite specialty restaurant along with 4 others from our party when we were on the Marina, 2 from China and 2 from Hong Kong - they all love the food from the Red Ginger. We had always love the miso-glazed Chilean Seabass in the R-class GDR when it was available, but were surprised at how good the rest of the menu was at Red Ginger.
  13. Isn't dying from an auto accident is around 1/10,000 (and that is on annual basis)?
  14. Even in San Francisco, most people who are jogging have their masks covering their chins or around their neck. Maybe, 1 in 4 jog with a mask over their nose & mouth. I guess very few people are actually jogging, at least, not within city limits.
  15. I could see wearing a mask when you are lining up for a chair, but skiing downhill with a mask is a bit silly. Don't tell me the joggers in Aspen are required to wear masks too.
  16. Curious, did they require masks even when you are skiing down the mountain?
  17. Look at comment #3 and do the math. Unless you expect Oceania to restart in 2022, it can be 100% (they still have to sell out their ship).
  18. It sounds like the reduced capacity allows Oceania to go through new protocols and procedures without being overwhelmed. Basically, they will slowly ramp up to full capacity by 2-3 months after first sailing provided they only allow fully vaccinated passengers aboard the ships.
  19. That's true if you are bought your cruise in Europe. If you bought it in the USA, tap water is included. Pizza is extra. Ice cream for dinner is still included, but not sure elsewhere. Costa makes good ice cream or should I say gelato.
  20. If the blood clot is occurring at a rate of 1 in a million (I think it is much higher), it is unlikely to show up in Phase III trials. There were about 45,000 participants in the J&J Phase III trials. Even a rate of 1 in a 100,000 may not show up in Phase III trials as the probability is slightly less than 50%. I read somewhere the AZ clotting occurred primarily in under-30 category while J&J occurs in females, 16-48. It is a rare problem but because social media amplifies it to where people become scared of it, instead of being cautious and weighing the risks.
  21. If the anti-vaxxer are standing up on principle and if cruise line requires vaccination, they will not be going on cruises. It's those people with low moral character that you have to worry about. I suspect that there will be a national database with the same information you will find on your vaccination card. This database will used primarily for international travel (mostly because other countries may require it.) We are in a evolving situation. Let's see how it plays out.
  22. You are projecting. I think of these people who are waiting for more history as people who are at the end of the queue which, at this stage, is still long and we may not even get there until June or July with J&J production problems. Don't mix people who want a little more history in a vaccine with people who are of a very low moral character.
  23. How do you explain medical people who wish to hold off taking the vaccine until there is more history? They are probably thinking the vaccine is more of a danger (at this point) than the consequences of catching covid19. I wouldn't call these people ignorant. They are assessing risk as they see them. Perhaps, in their situation, you may have the same view.
  24. 1) There are your anti-vaxxers who do not take any kind of vaccine (usually they think it causes autism in kids). 2) There are people who are not anti-vaxxers, but want a longer history of a vaccine's side effects. Remember almost all vaccines take 5-10 years from start to finish. All of the approved covid vaccines (at least with an EUA) had less than a year from start to finish. It seems that many medical people who have not received their first dose are probably under this category. I can't see too many medical people being in the first group. What is ironic is that people who call these people idiots are viewed by these "idiots" as idiots. Isn't it about how you assess risk? As long as you are willing to accept the consequences of your actions, you are perfectly within your rights to make the choices which you deem best for you and your family.
  25. Wouldn't one simple solution to this expected problem is that any fraudulent use of a vaccine card would make the user liable for all costs incurred because of such actions? If you could be liable for possible millions, this would scare away most people. The cruise line only have to make an example of the first person who gets caught. If someone with fraudulent vaccine card gets covid on a ship, I would think the cruise line will probably contact the CDC to check if their passenger was really vaccinated or not.
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