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  1. If you are going on the Sun Princess or Star Princess, they have the "American Strip Steak" in the MDR - American Diner (deck 8). So, it is likely, you can get that steak on MDR - Traditional (deck 6) or MDR - Anytime (deck 7). It is sounds like a striploin so it may be a little tough and has more gristle. They also have the Country Fried Steak on deck 8 if you like that.
  2. The plus package didn't work for me. Even with paying for premier wines by the glass less the $15 base price, I was never happy with the wines offered. I ended up buying wines by the bottle for I think a 20% discount. It just didn't work for us. However, I do support other people getting the plus/premier package. There's a lot more drinking on the ships since the package came out. The ships are a lot livelier especially towards the end of the evening. Before the plus packages were offered, the ships were becoming quite quiet after 9pm.
  3. The title says " Currents List of Wine on Board", but so far I've only seen wine list by the glass, doesn't anyone have a current wine list?? Will be aboard the Pursuit in September. Have alot of OBC so deciding to whether to spend it on overpriced wine or overpriced excursions. The overpriced excursions are losing as I've seen all the excursions offered. Will be in Croatia so I may just buy wine on land and pay the corkage.
  4. Yes you will receive a discount, 20-25%, but it is a bit of a rip-off. The only reason I bought bottles was because I really didn't like many of selections that were offered. The bottles that I bought were ones I really like from a wine tasting on the Emerald Princess. I would only buy bottles unless I discover the wines by the glass that were offered on the ship were ones you would normally would not drink.
  5. They are better than the Plus selections. However, even with the plus package I ended up buying a couple of bottles of white wine from Sabatini - they gave me a 20% discount which was quite inadequate. For my next cruise with Princess in April, I do not have the plus package - plan to bring 2-3 bottles of wine with me aboard and, maybe, buy another bottle from the paid venues which seem to have a different wine list.
  6. Wine by the glass is limited. Unless you like to drink 2 or more glasses of Caymus Cabernet a day, I would recommend the plus package and pay the difference on the premier list of wines (you pay the difference between the price of the glass of wine less $15). We found that many of whites on the plus were not very good and reds were just a touch better, though the cabernet & camenere were quite drinkable.
  7. To Padua, it is possible. However, Google Maps says you have a much greater chance of hitting the rush hour traffic jams in Padua. It is possible that you could miss your scheduled train. Going to Venezia Mestre may have just a slowdown in traffic. The additional cost for leaving from Venezia Mestre is quite minimal. Check it out yourself for Google Maps, just make sure you depart at 8am on a Tuesday. The ship appears to be arriving at 7am instead of 6am. Might be difficult to set an earlier departure. My wife and I are going to Innsbruck, then Salzburg, and finally to Munich for Oktoberfest. We had visit Milan back in 2019 when we traveled to Venice for Carnevale.
  8. Most trains for Milan from Venezia Mestre stops at Padua 11-12 minutes later. During my research Google Maps shows a longer taxi ride to Padua due to the rush hour. So, logistically, it is about the same. Getting a taxi might not be as easy as you think, you will probably have to reserve one and hope he doesn't cancel last minute. Going through Azamara and Viking forums about Chioggia, there doesn't seem to be too many taxis except for reserved ones. Right now, I put you down as sharing my van for 2, so we have a total of 4. Also, have a confirmed reservation for the van for 6. It is unlikely we will go to 6 as luggage always seem to be a problem. Best to contact me at jameshom1003 @ comcast.net (no spacing). Have a good time at Uganda!
  9. Hi Susiesan, We have to be at the Venezia Mestre Train Station for a 10:10am train. What time is your train? Do you want to share a van to the train station? The problem with Tronchetto is that it is a distance to the Venezia Santa Lucia even if using the people-mover. I booked a van for an 8am departure (can change it to 8:30am). The total cost is just over 140 euros (though it is not confirmed, still processing). Are you interested? Jim
  10. There is no "medallions waiting in the rooms" option for Princess. You have to pick them up at check-in else you don't board.
  11. Try La Plage Tours. If you rent their Champagne Boat, it comes with a driver/guide. It can be pricey for 2, but it can hold up to 12. We had 6 in our boat, but 8 would still be very comfortable. It ended up to be the best tour we ever did in Bora Bora (or anywhere else with the exception of visiting Coron Island in the Philippines). Because it is a private tour, you set the itinerary. Most people just go around the island and let the driver/guide set the itinerary.
  12. Transpacific. Excluding the Alaska/Japan route, most transpacifics tend to go through tropical waters so they are much warmer than transatlantics unless you do the Europe to South America repositioning cruises.
  13. In the past they start letting people into the terminal around 11am. People queue up next to building, but there are benches nearby where the elderly and the young could sit while you stand in line. However, if it is sunny, it might get a little warm sitting on the benches while people queuing will be in the shade.
  14. Granted, Azamara is not geared for kids - if you pick a very port intensive itinerary, like in Europe, the kids will really don't have much free time. Sort of like a cross country travel by car - how much time do your kids will interact with other kids, especially if every day is a new day to explore? If there is alot of sea days, pick a different line.
  15. No such animal as "Ipanema Street Party". She may be referring to Banda de Ipanema - that gay group bloco which is the biggest bloco in Ipanema - you can buy one of their t-shirts and join the parade group, we were there in 2017 and we still have their t-shirts. However, they move at a snail's pace, like many popular blocos in Rio. Problem with many popular blocos, they are crowded like a Tokyo subway during rush hour. Amazing atmosphere is right, but crowded. If you are covid-shy, don't bother with Carnival.
  16. Running into "gale strength winds or heavy swells" in French Polynesia would be a very, very small probability. Don't talk yourself out of something just because you think you are most unlucky person in the world.
  17. There is really no advantage to either hotel as to how close it is to the metro. The area around both hotels is flat (just go to Google Maps and look at the exterior/360 option and see how flat the area is around them). I wouldn't be surprised if both are build on landfill. One major recommendation is that since both of you are in your mid-80's and you will be quite near the equator, I recommend taking a taxi to the Gardens. It is a somewhat of a long walk from the metro station to the entrance of the Gardens. The temperature will be in 80's, but it is the humidity that will exhaust you. Stay at the Bliss Hotel so you can easily afford taxis, LOL.
  18. I believe they still do plus they are planning to eat at 8 or later when walk ups are more easily available, but this is all academic since they are a party of 12 and will require two tables, at least, so some booking ahead will be required.
  19. If you like to eat late, like 8pm or later, and you are more than willing to share tables, you should be able to eat at most specialty restaurants each night by just walking up to the restaurant without reservations (that's how they filled those tables with 6 to 8 diners, usually). You may have a good chance of reserving a table for 6 or 8 on the same day. Most reservations are made for 2 to 4 people and at an early time. Unless there are big groups who happen to be on your cruise, those larger tables are usually available.
  20. Please elaborate. We will be on the Sirena in December.
  21. Those solo cabins are the oceanviews from 6030-39. These are those 143 sq ft oceanviews with door entry from the side. If they left the original double bed in there, it may be adequate. If they reduce the size of the original bed to a twin. It will be more than adequate in terms of space. Also these rooms never had a couch, if I recall. Have you considered calling Oceania?
  22. In 2016, we visited Tetiaroa (Marlon Brando's former Tahitian island that he owned), it was quite interesting and enjoyable. When you are in Bora-Bora, I would get a few couples and chartered a pontoon boat and just sailed around the island of Bora-Bora - you will see how beautiful Bora-Bora really is and you will be able to visit the north part of the atoll where all those over-the-water hotels are.
  23. Your itinerary requires alot of tendering. With 2650 passengers on the Konigsdam, it may take awhile to get ashore, not a pleasant option. Just remember, the passengers on longer cruises tend to be older, but even older if it is a round-trip cruise. With a larger ship, you have more activities though this could be offset a little bit by an older less active fellow passengers. My biggest strike against the Konigsdam is that when you think of Tahiti, you are really thinking of Bora-Bora - the Konigsdam doesn't go there - it is too big. Food is much better on Oceania though the entertainment is better on Holland America. So, Oceania would be the better choice unless you like to be on a really long cruise or you hate flying or entertainment is very important to you.
  24. I think they are running at about 70-75% capacity. Remember, they usually have one side of a deck reserved for quarantine/isolation. My trip aboard the Ruby Princess last April had the port side of Aloha Deck blocked off as well as 100/200-numbered rooms of the Starboard side of the Aloha Deck.
  25. Costa is really just an European Carnival for their 7-14 day cruises. Once you go beyond a two week cruise the clientele is older because they have more time to travel and tend to be more sedate even on Carnival or Costa. So, my recommendation is to try a Costa cruise that is longer than 14 days or a transatlantic before making that final payment on Costa.
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