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  1. The town of Girdwood has several good restaurants. Double Muskie is my favorite ( Cajun) for dinner, and the bake shop for lunch are just a few. There are others which I have not visited. Whittier is not too far away but you need a car. You could go fishing or do a marine tour. Seward is a possible trip from Girdwood also. Plenty to do there. Fishing, glacier tours, shopping, restaurants, Sealife center, etc. The drive from Anchorage to Girdwood is the most beautiful trip ever. Have done it dozens of times but still is great. Good luck with your decision.
  2. I agree with it being very cold up there in March. 40+ yrs. ago I snowmachined along the Iditarod race for 10 days. Temps got down to -50f. Also have in the past done some ice fishing at Crosswinds where it was -30f. Have seen the lights and an unreal amount of stars in the sky. Haven't been up there lately in the winter as I am now on bloodthinners. Cold never bothered me but now I start shaking when I open the fridge!!! LOL
  3. Am planning a similar trip to Arctic Circle next summer. Will pull our camper to Fairbanks and spend the night at a campground, Next day will drive to AC (w/o camper),spend the day (possibly do some fishing), and return to Fairbanks. Been wanting to get up there for a while.
  4. A friend of mine in AK whom works for a communication co. up there claims when they do go to 5k some 4k phones will not work as well. I guess we will wait and see.
  5. That's funny because I still have a flip phone. My nephew up there asks to use my phone sometimes when we are fishing because his I phone has no service. He still continues to make fun of my phone but I tell him my time on this earth is limited and I do not want to spend half of the rest of my life on an I phone. After all when I got this phone 10+ years ago it only cost me 59 cents. I'm still trying to get my moneys worth out of it ! LOL
  6. I have Verizon service and it works just fine.
  7. About 3 weeks ago Eagle river had 3" of snow. Last week they had 6"+ of heavy wet snow. Caused a lot of tree damage and power outages. Anchorage just had a dusting.
  8. We were to go to Eastern Europe last month on a land tour which was cancelled. Hope to get there some day. When we went to Thailand we were to stop in Shangai but changed and went the opposite direction and stopped in Munich. Coming home we stopped in Vienna. Breaking up that long flight really helps. 5 years ago when I went to China it was nonstop both ways. Going wasn't bad as I was excited to get there but when I arrived home I didn't know if I should eat, sleep, or wind my watch! After E. Europe I want to hit Hong Kong, Singapore, and maybe Macau. We'll see.
  9. I did a 14 day trip to Thailand in Feb. 2020. The timing couldn't have been better. Covid was just starting to raise its ugly head so Chinese were banned resulting in no crowds. Spent 4 days in Bangkok which still wasn't enough. Traveled to Northern cities and also went to Mynnamar ( Burma}. Have done a fair amount of travel and this is on the top of my Best Trips list. Can't wait for things to settle down to travel again!!!
  10. I recently flew n/s from Anchorage to Chicago in a little over 5 hrs on American. Must have had one hell of a tailwind!!
  11. I have done some interesting travels on the Alaska Marine Highway in the past r/t Homer to Kodiak Island, r/t Whittier to Valdez and Cordova. The most interesting was to Cordova with a whistle stop to Chenega Island. Resident was bringing supplies to island( p/u truck full of Miller Lite beer) and got a very happy welcome! On Cordova drove to Childs Glacier and Million Dollar Bridge. Very interesting. The trip to Kodiak was overnite in 16' seas. Was so bad passengers headed to Dutch Harbor got off at Kodiak to return to Homer. Got fogged in on Kodiak for 3 days! Each ferry had a ranger on board pointing out places of interest. Great trips. Just got back from 7 weeks in Alaska and miss it already!!!!!
  12. Just left Alaska a week ago and the weather was great. My nephew who lives up there texted me that they were expecting a dusting of snow in the mountains last night. Looks like summer is over!
  13. I used to notify CC when I traveled but they informed me that I didn't need to because of the chip card. I have a Visa and Discover card. Discover told me it would be accepted where ever a Diners Club card is accepted. That is not the case overseas. Don't have a debit card and won't because of easy access into your bank account! Am notified of any purchase over $300 on CC's.
  14. Actually almost 7 weeks. Have been doing it for 20+ yrs. More tourists up here than last year. Hope it continues.
  15. Have been up here since June 21 and the weather has been great. First couple of days was a little rain but otherwise 70f+. The thing with Alaska is you can drive 10 miles and get completely different weather. Only complaint is am going home tonite! (boo-hoo)
  16. I have been following some of your problems with MSC. Why on earth do you continue to do business with them??? I did one cruise with them and had so many problems during the cruise that I am one and done. Granted the new ships are beautiful but it ends there. Have done many cruise with Royal and Celebrity and never have any major problems. If I do have a small problem they remedy it. Might not be the lowest price but well worth the small price .Good luck with your problems with them!!!
  17. When available get the Shark kabobs. Outstanding!
  18. In Alaska now, the weather is great. 70's and sunny.
  19. Been up here in Oct. -50F but no mosquitoes!!!!!
  20. I have been going to Alaska for over 25 years. The first time I snowmachined (snowmobiled) along the Iditarod race for 10 days. Loved it!(-50 F) Next summer went up there fishing. Found out that some distant relatives had a place up there. Been flying up there at first for 2 wks. weeks a year and now go for 6-7 wks . Have traveled quite a bit up there and still manage to see something new every year. Have never cruised up here but have done some ferry trips. Am up here now for 7 wks.( 3 wks. left) and am just loving it. Was planning to drive up one way from Oregon last year but Covid hit. Still on my bucket list. If you do plan on coming up here alot as much time as possible as there is much to see.
  21. Have done 4 land tours with Gate 1. Had an Eastern European tour scheduled for last Aug. with them but was cancelled. Am waiting to see how this virus shakes out as I can't wait to start traveling again. Have done enough cruises. Am very satisfied with Gate 1 and I'm sure you will be too.
  22. Not to mention all the junk in the snail mail!!
  23. Went to "Car Launch" at Glacier View (near Sutton) yesterday and there must have been over 4k+ people there. What a hoot! Google glacier view car launch and check it out.
  24. Sorry, meant not many masks being worn in town. Delta flight was fully masked and being enforced.
  25. Went to downtown Anchorage and it was very comforting to see so many tourists mingling around. Evidently more people are doing land tours up here. Only 1 reindeer sausage stand and the Ulu factory trolley was not running. Still a vast improvement!
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