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  1. I would allow plenty of time to drive between Anchorage and Whittier. That is part of the most traveled road in Alaska during the summer mostly on the weekends especially when the Salmon are running. . I travel that numerous times during the summer. Don't mean to scare you but in the past I have sat on that hiway for hours for an accident to be cleared. Allow extra time for the drive and enjoy your trip.
  2. iI am lucky that there is a consulate in Chicago. I got on their website and downloaded app. form and read what was required.when applying. Basically you are required to make 2 trips to consulate.First to apply and next,usually 3-4 days later, to pay for and pick up Visa. You can have someone else to do this for you as the applicant is not required to do it as long as they have the right info. Basically to apply you need passport photo ( check requirements), copy of your travel plans, passport valid 6 months after trip, copy of the photo page of valid passport, and after receipt of these they will give you receipt and tell you when to pick up Visa. Only 10 yr. visas are issued. Private services charge 2-$300 to do it for you. Good luck and enjoy China.
  3. I would like to thank everyone for their sympathetic replies and well wishes during this sorrowful time. I was impressed that X responded the next day with a phone call to me. She was very kind and understanding of the situation. This is a rarity in Corporate America. We intend to get thru this horrific incident and look forward to cruising again. Thanks again. PS When typing the original post for some reason I stipulated the Equinox instead of the Silhouette.
  4. After reading all the rants and raves about Celebrity I would like to share a personal experience with them. Late Feb. we were on our 4th day on a wonderful 9 nt. Southern Caribbean Cruise on the Equinox. While in Aruba we got a phone message in our room from our son to call home immediately. When we did we were informed with the unimaginable that our Son-in-Law had passed away that morning. In shock, we decided to return home to comfort and support our daughter and 3 small Grandchildren. We went to Guest Services for help and they went above and beyond their duties. They checked for available flights home ,booked our flight, and checked us in. They also assisted us with getting us to the airport on time. We are very thankful for their efforts and contacted X to be sure to thank and commend them. The amount of their sympathy and kindness doesn't end there. I sent a e-mail to Lisa Lutoff -Perlo explaining the incident. Her assistant responded the next day with a generous compensation for not completing the cruise and most of our OBC refunded to our credit card. This was a very nice gesture on their part to say the least. In the past we have always cruised on X or RCCL and will continue to. In our eyes, they are THE BEST!
  5. Thanks for the reply. We will have a guide most of the time but when we have some free time we like to roam around. Our guide in China would rate the bathrooms 1-10 star for us so we are expecting the same. We are staying at 4 and 5 star hotels that look amazing.
  6. How about western toilets and is English spoken there?
  7. We just booked Gate 1Thailand 15 day Kaleidoscope tour for Feb. Have done 2 tours in China and 1 in Italy with them. No complaints or problems with them and the prices are great. iancal: do they have western toilets in Thailand and are shorts (men) permitted to be worn? Also is it possible to find people who speak English?.Please be patient with me as I might be asking questions from time to time. Thanks in advance.
  8. What I loved most on the Seaside: 1. Asking for help or directions on the ship and being told" I don't know! " 2.When booking being told what was included and after boarding was told" no, that is not included" or being charged for it. 3.Basically being called a liar or being lied to by GS or told " You must have misunderstood!" 4. Waiting forever for a drink 5. Waiting forever for your dinner to be served and when it did arrive was cool or cold! 6. Couldn't substitute any side dishes during dinner and when they did was wrong side dish. 7. Loved the great sewer smell in our room and taking 6+ trips to GS to straighten out. 8. Waiting in line for a minimum of 1/2 hr. to talk to GS. 9. 3 trips to GS to receive my Black Card perks.(Never did get them all) 10. Going to buffet and seeing the same high school cafeteria food selection everyday. 11.Erroneus charges being added to my account and having to argue forever with GS to have them removed. 12. Going to specialty restaurants and finding out they were nothing special. There are probably more things I loved but other than this the whole cruise was terrible!!!!!!
  9. Thanks for the response. This will be a fully guided tour. We are very excited to compare to China!
  10. I drive the Turnagain Arm at least 4 times r/t each year for the past 20 years and still am amazed. It is the most scenic US highway. Just give yourself plenty of time and stop once in a while and absorb the scenery. Will be back up there in June for 6 weeks. Can't wait!!!
  11. Agree with iancal. Have done 2 land tours in China. First one included 6 cities with flights connecting some of them. The second one was similar but also included 4 day Yangtze river cruise. Am booking Thailand/Viet Nam 16 day land tour for next Feb. Is that a good time of year to go iancal?
  12. Barrachinas Rest. in Old San Juan has the best Pina Colada and their food is good also. If you get in early you can visit the Cigar store in town. Biggest cigar shop I have been in! Very interesting.
  13. Went on the Freedom about a year ago with daughter, son-in-law , 3 grand children and had a wonderful time. Our GC stated they had a better time than on Disney cruise the year before, which cost almost double the price. The price they are putting on their "Magic" is getting crazy.
  14. This happened a couple years ago and I can't remember which ship but one night I walked out of the buffet to the rear rail and looked down. A couple was having a romantic moment on their balcony. I called my buddy over and after observing we agreed it was better than going to the show that night. We were just wondering who was more disappointed, him or her!LOL
  15. That's not hard to figure out at all. How can they give an award for value when you don't know what you are going to get? Take for instance the Black Card Benefits. When I booked cruise was told I would get a dinner for 2 for each person in room. When making res. on ship was told the same. Before eating in rest.was told the same. When was charged for on my account and disputed with GS was told "There must have been some misunderstanding"! Would not remove charge. Was given certificate for free specialty dinner because of having to change rooms because of sickly sewer smell. When used was charged again and when disputed with GS the person who actually gave me cert. denied giving it to me and would not remove the charge. And how about this confusion with the drink packages. And you think they should get an award for this? Are you kidding me!!
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