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  1. diesel1973

    Tide Clock

    Seems like everyone in Alaska has a tide schedule book handy. They have them available at stores,banks,etc. Used one when I was up there fishing for 6 weeks this summer. Used it to determine when to go fishing. My nephew up there uses his cell phone.
  2. We are 3 couples on the Equinox booked in veranda rooms. Was wondering if the dividers between balconies can be opened.
  3. diesel1973


    Yes,hidden cameras were my concern! Who would want to be in the room watching me take a shower and playing with my rubber ducky?????LOL
  4. diesel1973


    Have been to China twice and made an observation which has me puzzled. In the Hotels I stayed in one wall in the bathroom shower is clear glass with a closable shade open view to the rest of the room. What is the purpose of this?
  5. Sorry,didn't realize there was more than 1 airport in Shangai. Yes it is PVG and flying China Eastern Airlines.
  6. Can anyone recommend any places to eat lunch in the Shangai airport as we have a 3 hr. layover on way to Bangkok. Googled it and seems like there is not much choice! Was originally scheduled to layover in Seoul which seems to have a nicer airport but Rocketman has me a little worried. Thanks in advance.
  7. I would think that the Alaskan cruises would be offering fish as the fishing up here has been fantastic this year. I will be heading home next week with 100-150# of fish. Love my fish!
  8. I would think that the Alaskan cruises would be offering fish as the fishing up here has been fantastic this year. I will be heading home next week with 100-150# of fish.
  9. That's funny you ask about mosquitos as I sit here putting cortisone cream on my many mosquito bites. Have been up here 4 wks. and have never seen the bugs this bad. It could be because of the unusually warm weather. They aren't too bad in the populated areas but elsewhere they are bad news. Just use more bug spray!
  10. MSC has been changing everything the past year. Black card benefits, status match,drink packages,menus, on and on. I found on my one and last cruise on the Seaside is not to expect what they say you will get, but to accept what they decide to give you,be it right or wrong. Going to GS to dispute anything is a waste of time. I don't believe in paying up front for anything of which you do not know what you are getting, be it cheap or not!
  11. I also did a cruise on the Seaside. Usually cruise RC or X and was excited to try something new. Boy was I mistaken. Food quality and service, customer service, size of room, and entertainment was terrible. Have done many cruises and have been to Europe many times and this was far from what I experienced there. Couldn't wait to get off that ship and get on a RC cruise the next day. What a joke that was!
  12. diesel1973


    Been in Eagle River for 3 weeks and has been hot. Should be cooling down. Smoke hasn't been too bad. depends on the winds and where you are are.
  13. diesel1973


  14. Been up here over 3 weeks and it is hottest in over 20 yrs. Went North to Paxston (Tangle Lakes) over weekend and was still hot. Will be cooling down this weekend(70s). Hope so, have 3 weeks to go.
  15. I thought I read a posting where one of the cruise lines will cook your fish for you. Would be an alternative to enjoying the fish you caught without the expense of shipping it home. Have never done a cruise up here but have done various ferry trips. Just a reminder of how expensive it is to ship your fish home. In fact I have been offered a cruisers catch of fish after some charters after they find out the expense of shipping it home. A very pricey situation.
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