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  1. When available get the Shark kabobs. Outstanding!
  2. In Alaska now, the weather is great. 70's and sunny.
  3. Been up here in Oct. -50F but no mosquitoes!!!!!
  4. I have been going to Alaska for over 25 years. The first time I snowmachined (snowmobiled) along the Iditarod race for 10 days. Loved it!(-50 F) Next summer went up there fishing. Found out that some distant relatives had a place up there. Been flying up there at first for 2 wks. weeks a year and now go for 6-7 wks . Have traveled quite a bit up there and still manage to see something new every year. Have never cruised up here but have done some ferry trips. Am up here now for 7 wks.( 3 wks. left) and am just loving it. Was planning to drive up one way from Oregon last year but Covid hit. Stil
  5. Have done 4 land tours with Gate 1. Had an Eastern European tour scheduled for last Aug. with them but was cancelled. Am waiting to see how this virus shakes out as I can't wait to start traveling again. Have done enough cruises. Am very satisfied with Gate 1 and I'm sure you will be too.
  6. Not to mention all the junk in the snail mail!!
  7. Went to "Car Launch" at Glacier View (near Sutton) yesterday and there must have been over 4k+ people there. What a hoot! Google glacier view car launch and check it out.
  8. Sorry, meant not many masks being worn in town. Delta flight was fully masked and being enforced.
  9. Went to downtown Anchorage and it was very comforting to see so many tourists mingling around. Evidently more people are doing land tours up here. Only 1 reindeer sausage stand and the Ulu factory trolley was not running. Still a vast improvement!
  10. And is the AON building still the Standard Oil building???
  11. The reason I did not pursue it when I got home was each time I would present a problem to GS they would disappear behind closed doors and reappear with their decision. Evidently Corporate made all decisions and thus the official decision was made. Those were just 2 of my many problems and was so happy to get on a RCCL cruise afterwards. Buyer beware!!
  12. Evidently it was deleted because it was quite a while ago.. We went on the Seaside about 3 mo. after it started sailing. Our room smelled like sewer gas. They wouldn't believe me and after 3 Suits visited the room finally agreed. All the while claiming cruise was full and no other room avail. Told them it was an unhealthy situation and would get off at first port and they will reimburse me for cruise and travel expense. They magically found a room for me. Took 6 trips waiting in GS for that problem. They gave me a certificate for a free meal in any specialty rest. When using at rest. the waite
  13. If you check my previous posts I went into detail about all the problems I had on board. Mainly it was charges to my account that were assured to me before hand would be free. Their only response was "there must have been some misunderstanding". Would rather pay a little more on another line and get to enjoy myself!
  14. Sorry. but standing in line at GS for most of the cruise was definitely part of my "onboard experience"!!
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